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Fully furnished condos for rent are becoming more popular, especially among those who are eager to settle right away. DMCI Homes Leasing Services offers a wide selection of fully furnished condos that have everything you need. From bedrooms, bathrooms, all through the kitchen, a fully furnished condo will surely give you comfort and peace of mind. With a minimalist condo design, you get to have a unit that is easier to maintain, has a universal appeal, makes a place appear and feel larger, and lasts a long time.

But before delving deeper into the details of securing a furnished unit, it’s essential to have a checklist to consider the best option for you.

Your ultimate fully furnished condo for rent checklist

Now that you’ve finally decided to move out, moving into a new condo property could be stressful. Furnished condos provide a variety of amenities tailored to your preferences, plus you wouldn’t have a hard time settling in.

However, if you’re still not sure which unit is the right one for you, this checklist shows the various condo inclusions that you should consider in choosing a fully furnished unit.


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A fully furnished condominium unit must be able to provide you with a bedroom that caters to a restful sleep. Go over this checklist to make sure that your bedroom offers the utmost solace:

  • Bed frame & mattress – Bed frames and mattresses are key to a good night’s sleep. As such, it is rather important for your condominium unit to have a bed frame and mattress so that your sleep, throughout the night, will be undisturbed.
  • Window curtain and drapes – Curtains allow you to prevent dust from coming into your room as when windows and doors are open, dust will most likely enter your room with the wind. Therefore, It is important that your condominium units are fully furnished with window curtains and drapes.
  • Nightstands – Nightstands, especially those with drawers, are wonderful for storage use if you want to have more space in your condominium unit.
  • Table lamps – Table lamps are great for keeping your room illuminated, they are often placed on top nightstands.


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A fully furnished condo bathroom must allow the person to have some privacy options, hygiene, and even some depth and design of the bathroom. This section of the condo plays a vital role as it allows you to have a space to parade your vanity items, such as your mirror, scented candles, etc. Here are some bathroom essentials a furnished condo should have:

  • Shower curtains – Shower curtains prevent water and spillage from leaving the shower or bath area. It also adds privacy to you while showering.
  • Waste bins – Waste bins are important in making your bathroom sanitary and hygienic. Flushing the toilet causes mist air to evaporate which contains some bacteria. For sanitary purposes, it is necessary that there is a sanitary or waste bin in the bathroom.
  • Storage or shelving – Storage in bathrooms is a great idea that will not only provide character for the bathroom but will also allow you to hide your bathroom knick-knacks such as your toothbrush, creams, etc. Bathroom shelves are also important for displaying those items you want to display, such as your candle jars.


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Whether it's going out to dine or enjoying home-cooked food after a long day at work or school, food always draws people together. That's why you'll want your kitchen to be a welcoming area and functional for everyone to sit, dine, and unwind. You may build a living area that people don't have to use but want to use by planning it with everyone in mind.

A condo for rent with a fully furnished kitchen should have the following furniture to elevate a new experience in preparing meals:

  • Kitchen table - What good is a kitchen without a kitchen table? One of the few times when everyone can socialize and spend quality time at the kitchen table. Additionally, make sure you get a sturdy one made of quality materials.
  • Dining chairs - Dining chairs should ensure the comfort of your family or guests coming over for lunch or dinner.
  • Stools for countertops - Exquisitely made sets of stools for countertops are ideal for any home's kitchen or entertainment space. Whether you’re having a drink of wine or chatting with friends, the stools can ensure dynamic comfort.
  • Trash and recycling bins - To keep the kitchen clean at all times, trash and recycling bins are also provided as a priority.


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Living Area

The living area is where you can get the utmost relaxation from a day’s bustle. As such, renting a condo with a full-packed living area is a must.

The living room should include items that will enable you to decorate your lounge area and make it as pleasant as possible for your friends and family. You will find a variety of highly trendy pieces of furniture to invest in, ranging from sofas to coffee tables.

  • Couch or sofa - A sofa or couch ensures utmost comfort. This piece of workmanship is made with functionality and creativity in mind. What's more, the color of the sofa, as well as the fabric, can be changed to match the general tone of your property.
  • Accent Chairs - Accent chairs offer a variation not just in your comfort, but also in the overall design of your living area. Accent chairs are often provided to give additional relaxation if you want to lounge for a while on a lazy weekend.
  • Coffee table - Coffee tables are great for morning coffees and inviting friends to come over. When you buy a new coffee table for your living room, you can elevate the design of your space and incorporate accent pieces such as potted plants or a stack of books.
  • Standing lamps - Lighting is everything. As such, make sure that your living area has a necessary number of standing lamps that can give you ample illumination.
  • Area rugs - Area rugs are not only for protecting your floor against damage but also offer a touch of color and design in your living space. Area rugs are also known to warm up your space and reduce noise in the living area.


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With the right unit, you can unwind like you’re at home

If you’ve come across condo ads online, you’ll realize that there are overwhelming condo choices out there for you. This is why choosing the best option is challenging. A condo that offers an appeal to your senses when it comes to feeling homey, will always have everything that you need. A completely furnished apartment comes with utmost convenience, plus you won't have to spend a lot of money on furniture and other home items. Choose a fully furnished condo unit that you can easily delight in terms of extra comfort while also cutting down on expenses.

DMCI leasing services provide fully furnished condos with cutting-edge facilities designed to help you get the most out of life and a sense of home.

Key takeaways

So, if you still can’t wrap your head around moving into a new fully furnished condo, make sure that the furnishings and features it offers are fitted to your preferences. Here are a few takeaways that will guide you before you settle in a new place.

  • Take some control over the design of your furnished condo. Even if you choose a fully furnished condo, that does not mean that you don’t have control over the furnishings inside your unit. In fact, landlords are recommended to give their tenants control over some decorating or revamping of a condo space. Because tenants are naturally varied and have distinct demands, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all rental.
  • Know the use and benefits of certain furniture in your condo. Understanding the basics and essence of furnishings in the condo can help you gauge the overall convenience that you’ll be getting no matter how short or long you’ll be staying. With the right information on the furnishings done, you’ll be able to do some revamping on your own according to your style.
  • Make sure the furnishings are working properly. You are responsible for anything you see in the apartment. Check to see if everything is in functioning order. Check the lights, the refrigerator, and the freezer, seat on the couch, and switch on the television, among other things. You are essentially paying for the usage of appliances and furniture in a furnished property, so check sure everything is in good working order.


If you are planning to invest in a condominium unit, we can tell you more about the process right from the start all the way to sealing the deal. Our team at DMCI Homes Properties can guide you in choosing the best fully furnished condo for you. Contact us today for more information.

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