Are you stuck in your condo because of work and unable to experience the summer fun? Then stop sulking and add some life into your condo. Bring the fun and excitement into your space by using the color and shades of green.

Why green?

With it, you are sure to be reminded of the palm trees in the beaches and the cooling shade it offers. It will also be a refreshing addition to your space. The color can also help you concentrate in any activity you are doing.

But you can’t exactly change your space's interior design like the wall and ceiling paint job. Thus, here is a list of five green furniture inspiration you might want to take a look into.

This couch has an elegant and classic style and color. But you don’t have to buy a new one, you can have your old sofa reupholstered with a green palette fabric. You are sure going to feel like you’re staying in a great resort.

These Casablanca lanterns are sure to accentuate any room it will be placed into. Not only will it bring soft light at night, it will also bring a calming and soothing effect in the morning. But if you’re not the lantern type, you can use lamp shades to lighten the room.

This stand packs both storage space and aesthetic appeal. It is perfect for the interiors of a living and dining area. These type of fixtures are quite the task masters. They can keep your dishes or magazines on one of its shelves for your storage needs. If you want to have its use and worn look, try going to antique shops or thrift stores.

Curtains are a great way to add life into your leased space. If you want to block the rays of the sun, you can use dark-colored curtains. But if you prefer the light and heat of the sun and still have a touch of green on your curtain, you can try a lighter shade of green.

Mirrors are the best. Even more when placed across a window, its green rim complements its ability to reflect the sunlight into the room, adding life and vibrancy into your place.

These are quick and easy tips you can use as focal points when redesigning your condo. Besides green, you can also mix in the colors yellow, blue, and orange for a more summer feel into your condo.