Given that most big condos in the Philippines directly exist in conjunction with higher living expenses, most people in the country continuously choose to get a small condo space.
A report from released information that the rental fee for small one bedroom condo unit costs approximately 22,000 pesos per month, as compared to approximately 55,000 pesos per month rental fee for a big condo unit with 3 bedrooms. These figures are applicable to Manila alone.
Accompanying the desire to live a carefully budgeted lifestyle are the challenges which cleaning a small condo present. It is obviously more difficult, to a greater extent, to maintain a condo clean when you have barely enough space to place all of your stuff at home.
Worry no more, though, as there are still ways to maintain a clean small condo environment, just as long as you’ll beat the odds in extending the extra efforts in applying them on a daily basis.

Vinegar For A Scot-Free Clean Microwave

Since most of your food items lurk around your condo kitchen, you must prioritize maintaining its cleanliness before you worry about the cleanliness of the other areas in your condo.
Be vigilant in taking a close look at every corner of your kitchen, even those spots that you may think you don’t need to give any special attention to. Most of the time, you can just conjure up wrong thoughts without even knowing it.

You need to give special attention to, for one, on grooming your microwave, which is something you may constantly fail to do. For a fast clean up process that produces efficient results, let the acidity of vinegar absorb the hidden grime inside your microwave. Let a cup of vinegar stand in the microwave for a few minutes while the microwave is turned on. Afterwards, you’ll be able to wipe all the visible grime in the interior parts of your microwave with a clean cloth.

Goodbye, Scum!

Getting rid of termites and pests starts by doing away with scum in every area of your condo. Put 2 cups of baking soda, one-cup salt, and one cup borax with water. Pour the water solution on the areas affected with scum, and wipe the solution out with a clean cloth. You’ll be amazed to see the scum gone without the accumulation of grease all over your hands and elbows!

The Trouble with Washing Machines

One of the most common condo-cleaning troubles is scrubbing parts of tiny appliances that are hard to get through. Most of these appliances have deep areas within them. And, obviously, buying large appliances is out of the question since you are only maintaining a small living area.

To clean your tiny washing machine thoroughly, pour in a cup of white vinegar in your load of towels readied for wash. Watch as your washing machine emanates a squeaky clean look, without even having your towels smell, either!

Deep Within Your Showerheads

A popular hassle in cleaning your condo is when you take a long time to clean the tiny parts of your small appliances. This takes up your valuable time that you could have spent doing some other stuff that matters, too.

To shortcut the long cleaning process of all the parts in your shower head, pour a cup of vinegar into a Ziploc bag and then hang this Ziploc bag up into your shower head tightly using elastic bands. Afterwards, let the bag’s content absorb the dirt within your showerhead, and just rinse the morning after.

Root For Natural All-Purpose Cleaner

Condo living presents you with options to go grocery shopping for materials for DIY cleaning tools, since many neighborhood stores are just walking distances away from most condos. So, why not take advantage of this opportunity and prepare your very own natural all-purpose cleaner solution?

Mix vinegar and lemon peels in a jar, let the solution sit for two weeks, then take away the lemon peels from the jar. Dilute the remaining solution with water, which in the end will emanate a fresh lemon scent. The acidity of the lemon solution will easily disinfect every spot of your condo, such as the windows and floors, particularly those spots producing certain nasty odors.

The Hidden Purpose of Coffee Filters

Many residents in the real estate industry choose to patronize cheap cleaning materials that still, of course, serve a purpose.

Coffee filters are cheap alternative cleaning tools to paper towels in chasing dirt away from your mirrors and windows. Coffee filters clean just as efficiently as paper towels without leaving fibers behind.

Mind Your Cleaning Clothes

Dressing in comfortable clothes when doing condo chores alerts you that it’s time to get down to business! Dressing in shorts, t-shirt, apron, and sandals rejuvenates you to stop feeling relaxed and start cleaning. Avoid wearing pajamas and slippers, as being in this type of attire may only lull you back to sleep.

One Location for Cleaning Materials Storage

In order to maintain an efficient lifestyle when it comes to cleaning your condo, you need to think out of the box in order to make things trouble-free. Store all your cleaning materials in one location to avoid looking for them one by one when cleaning time comes around. Doing this likewise avoids delay in finishing up your condo-cleaning chore.

Avoid Cleaning Confusion

In order to make sure you have not forgotten to clean some areas in your condo, clean in a logical order, to guarantee a pest-free condo environment. Sometimes, if you clean all the areas of your condo randomly, you tend to overlook cleaning certain areas. To boost your attention and memory, start cleaning in a logical order, from the most inner areas of your condo, bedrooms, guest rooms, bathrooms, then, finally, move the cleaning process towards the kitchen and living room.

These helpful cleaning tips not only save you the hassling experiences in cleaning your condo; they also help you see cleaning as an enjoyable activity instead of a chore. Cleaning your condo because you love doing it, instead of feeling forced that you have to do it, makes the task easier for you to accomplish.