Life's a journey filled with milestones to celebrate, and every celebration takes careful planning. One important question is where the party should be held.

Traditionally, Filipinos would gather in their houses, but that isn’t always ideal. Most houses aren’t appropriate for corporate functions, for example, and some parties are simply too big for a typical Filipino house. Baptisms and birthdays are commonly celebrated in restaurants.

And of course, some milestones are so much more significant than others that only the best high-rise event venues for rent would be a suitable setting. If you’ve got such an event coming up, here’s a list of prime venues with a view to consider.


Hold an Awesome Post-Graduation Party at Flair Towers

awesome post-graduation party

Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

Graduation is a significant time for practically everyone. It’s a time for students to cross the threshold to another phase of their lives. It’s the point when, after a lot of work, heartache and sacrifice, they taste the sweetness of accomplishment. It is also a time to say good luck to one another as you all embark on new journeys. It may have bittersweet undertones, but graduation is always a cause for celebration.

When you’re in the mood to celebrate, you know that the best places to hold events in Manila are the ones that make you feel like you’re on top of the world. The Flair Towers in Mandaluyong is the perfect place for a penthouse party: new graduates get to celebrate in style as they see Metro Manila’s gorgeous skyline together. Plus, anyone who wants to have a quick after-party has quick access to Greenfield District and Ortigas Center.


Say Sayonara to the Summer at La Verti Residences

say sayonara to summer

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It’s not really a life event, but the last days of summer are a period that many young people cherish. As the time for reports, exams, group projects, and thesis work draws closer, they can’t help but feel like they have to make the most of their free time. Huling hirit na, as many would say. Some would go to the beach, while others would spend entire days going to restaurants, malls, and all the other creature comforts the city has to offer.

Another popular option is to have end-of-summer parties. Returning students can book a venue for rent and spend the last moments of unbridled freedom together. A good option for this occasion is the Sky Lounge at La Verti Residences, situated in Pasay. The space offers ample room for a large group. Food and drinks of choice can be brought in and the room comes with a television where you can view all the pictures, videos, and other memories you’ve managed to accumulate over the past few months. If you come at the right time, you may even consider checking out the view of the sunset from the roof deck.


Bid Loved Ones Bon Voyage at Dansalan Gardens

bid loved ones

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It’s a common enough story: someone has to go abroad for employment. Maybe it’s only for a few months; maybe it’s for several years. The length of time doesn’t matter, because the distance is all it takes for the experience to be a lonely one. Social media can only do so much, and those who are about to go would want to spend their last few precious moments on Philippine soil in the company of loved ones.

The high-rise condo development of Dansalan Gardens offers two options for those who want to rent event venues. The Sky Lounge at Sycamore Tower, which is available to residents, has a small and laid-back ambience, which is perfect for small gatherings. The other is the Sky Lounge at Paloverde Tower, which offers a much more expansive vista and a 270-degree view of Metro Manila that shows the Manila Bay sunset in the west, Makati CBD’s urban elegance in the south, and the verdant hills of Antipolo in the north. One last look at Metro Manila would be a great going-away treat for those who are about to seek their fortunes outside the Philippines.


Celebrate Unions at One Castilla Place

one castilla place

Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

Weddings deserve great jubilation. Marriage is a tradition that crosses borders, as the sacrament of marriage is performed in and honored by different religions. The moment belongs not just to the couple but also to their friends and family—witnesses to a love that was started by fate, and will continue to bloom in faith.

Traditionally, there’s a wedding reception after the ceremony. The venue may be a restaurant or a hotel function room. But one option that more newlyweds should consider is a high-rise event venue for rent. The right venue can offer not just space for intimate gatherings, but also reasonable proximity to the church where the ceremony took place. One Castilla Place in Quezon City is just a few minutes’ drive away from Our Lady of Mount Carmel Parish. On E. Rodriguez Avenue, not too far from the condo, is the Iglesia Ni Cristo Chapel in Cubao. If things are scheduled just right, then the happy couple can get to see a beautiful sunset washing over the Metro Manila landscape.


Reconnect with Loved Ones at Sorrel Residences

reconnect with loved ones

Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

Goodbyes are an important part of life. So are hellos. But there’s a special place in everyone’s heart for kamusta—a word you probably utter in every reunion, whether you’re reconnecting with old school friends or seeing distant relatives once more. Life can take exciting twists and devastating turns, and there’s something comforting about being able to meet loved ones from long ago to talk about the good old days.

Not everyone lives in Quezon City, Makati or Taguig. A lot of people have their roots in old Manila, and many choose to stay there. Many teenagers are also taking up their studies along the University Belt, most probably staying in a dormitory or condo nearby for convenience. If you’ve got plenty of friends or relatives in the area with whom you want to catch up with, a convenient way to connect would be to rent a venue in Manila, where the Sky Lounge at Sorrel Residences is located. It’s a cozy space for intimate gatherings, and with the right catering and planning, it can be the perfect place for reminiscing.


Say Cheers to Success at Cypress Towers

says cheers to success

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A lot of people say “it’s not personal; it’s just business.” But that doesn’t mean you can’t be invested in your work. Many Filipinos spend more than eight hours a day at their job, so people can (and in most cases do) have intense feelings about it. When you work hard, it comes with a lot of frustration. When your hard work pays off, it’s a source of vindication and a cause for celebration.

Maybe you got an extremely generous salary adjustment, a promotion, or perhaps your whole team was rewarded with bonuses for an outstanding sales. Most professional success comes not just from personal effort, but from a team effort, and teams who want to toast their victories can consider renting the Sky Lounge at Cypress Towers along C-5. It’s an ideal condo venue not just because it boasts a magnificent view, but also because it’s near Makati CBD and BGC, which many BPO and white-collar workers should find extremely convenient.

They say that celebrations are made happier by the guests around you. That may be true, but there’s one other thing you need to consider: people are affected by their environment. Sometimes, you have to choose a beautiful party venue to get people in a celebratory mood. You don’t need to be an event organizer to realize that there’s a time and a place for everything—and for special times, there are special places.