Landlords know a great deal about endings and beginnings. They find a tenant, tenant leaves, and then they look for the next one. Remember that 90s song that became an anthem for a generation? It goes: “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”

So when a chapter closes, better be prepared for the next one. And that involves getting your condo space ready for its next dweller. You see, renting out a condo is not as easy as it seems, and it definitely goes beyond collecting rent every month. The work that a condo landlord puts in is continuous, and refreshing and updating a condo after a tenant leaves is a constant struggle.

Look at it as a brand new beginning, and an opportunity to make things better. This is a way of increasing the value of your condo in the very competitive rental market. Make your space stand out by employing this checklist to make your condo rent-ready.

Start with an inspection

Ideally, an inspection should be done prior to move-out. This is when the landlord and tenant discuss the damages that need to be repaired and the cost that goes with it. If this was not accomplished, the landlord may still charge the cost of repairs from the security deposit. This deposit is also important for when the lease was terminated early.

Either way, after the tenant has moved out, it is paramount for the landlord to carefully inspect the unit once more. Take note of cracks on the walls, leaks from the ceiling, piping and electrical units, door locks, paint, flooring, etc. From here, you can have a better idea of the extent of repairs and upgrading that needed to be done.

Work on your ceiling first

If you find popcorn-like formations in your ceiling, remove those first. Repaint it when necessary. It is wise to start with the ceiling because this is a messy job and requires some time. It is not ideal to change your floor tiles only to mess them up with ceiling upgrades.

Refresh with paint

A can of fresh paint does unimaginable wonders. It will make everything look brand new. It is best to stick with neutral colors, with a statement wall if you wish, to give tenants more flexibility. Purple or red may be Pinterest-worthy, but it could limit the ways your tenant can inject some personality into the space.

If you’re done with the usual white and beige, shades of gray are also pretty neutral and easy to mix and match with furniture and other home accents. Calming colors like lime, ocean blue, and soft bridal pink can also work. You may also explore color combinations when refreshing condo colors.

Upgrade kitchen cabinetry

If you are updating your condo space for rent, know that prioritizing your kitchen is something you’ll never regret. A nice kitchen increases the overall value of a property because it is among those areas with the highest foot traffic.

Always remember style and function when dealing with kitchen or dining areas. And one of the most inexpensive ways to upgrade both style and function is to improve the look of storage cabinets. Repaint them and change the knobs. You may also install a pull-out dish organizer as a space-saving measure.

Add a kitchen counter

Speaking of the kitchen, a major improvement you can do is to add a kitchen counter or an island. This is a good way of dividing the kitchen and the dining area, which are not clearly separated with an open floor layout. Apart from this, the counter can also serve as a second dining table, a breakfast table, and even a bar. If the space does not allow for a counter, a mobile kitchen counter that can serve as additional space for food preparation or one that can be moved around when entertaining guests, is also a good addition.

Look down on your floor

Have you ever been to a house where the floor shines so bright you feel enchanted? Never underestimate your floor because it can mean major points to your condo space. If your floor is hardwood, coat it with a sealing agent to protect it against stains and damage. With tiles, marble or laminate, make sure it is clean and glowing. Repair visible cracks, if any.

Mind your bathroom

Apart from the kitchen, the bathroom is another area that is worth investing on. Repairing a condo bathroom includes checking the sink, shower, and toilet. Replace them if they are too worn out. Update the look of the bathroom by going for stylish faucets, stylish sink, adding a mirror, and installing some storage under the sink or against the wall.

Add built-in storage

One of the challenges of condo living is working with limited space. That is why built-in storage is a good and functional addition to any space. Built-in wardrobes, shoe cabinets, cupboard, etc. would be well-appreciated by your tenants. Think vertical when adding storage to save on precious floor space. You may also use crates or pallets for DIY shelves and racks.

Maximize natural lighting and ventilation

Condo dwellers are often quizzed, mostly unfairly, about “living in a box.” This impression is borne out of the assumption that condos are nothing more than boxes in a building. But most condos nowadays have big windows and balconies that facilitate better lighting and air flow. DMCI condos have generous ventilation that will make the space airy, light, and breathable. If you are renting out a condo with this luxury, make sure to maximize it by using light window treatments without blocking it with furniture.

Make it smart

Smart homes are more than a trend, they are here to stay. In order to increase the value of your condo in the rental market, you can start with smart locks for added security. This will surely impress tenants upon reaching your doorstep. Motion-sensitive lights, provision for CCTV system, and installation of smart thermostat will also modernize the whole experience.

Refreshing your condo may seem like a daunting task, but it really isn’t if you have a plan that will work for you in terms of budget, time, and design. Updating the look and functionality of your space is important because the rental market is cutthroat, and tenants will have many different rentals to choose from. Stay ahead of the game by keeping your space looking fresh and new all the time.