Remember feeling lost and not getting sufficient, exact answers when doing things for the first time? This may be the same feeling you've got when you bought your own condo and finally moved in to it. Start-up couples, budding families or even independent yuppie wannabes sprucing up for condo living may be likened to a child learning to walk or even to stand up for the first time. To crossover successfully to this new phase in life requires learning to live and coping up with essentially anything under the sun. Definitely, there is a whole list of things you need in your condo, but also a few things that you might just haven't even thought of. Below is a list of things you didn't know you need when downsizing in a condo that could help you get started at the right track as you set off to live on your own.


Kitchen Basics 101

More often when moving in to a new house, first-time homeowners tend most to overlook the basic, important items. Topping off the list especially when you are desperately wanting for food are the kitchen basics. Truly, you wouldn't want to find yourself handicapped with food preparation utensils like the wooden spoon, can opener, and basic kitchen knife during those critical dead-hungry moments. Depending on the needs, you may want to review other items that should be included in your kitchen essentials list.

Mr. Handy Toolbox

Do not expect everything to be A-perfect when you move in to your new condo. Expect some more finishing tasks to be done with the lights, sockets, tubes or even with those tiny hidden wirings. Apartment Therapy lists items bound for the toolbox such as the hammer, screwdriver, wrench, and tape measure.

Power Cleaning Duo

Everyone may just be amazed by the strong cleaning action from the combined ingredients of baking soda and vinegar. This brilliant, home-made solution right from your kitchen pantry can swipe a whole range of household headaches from dirt, stain, mold, to grime. Effective home remedies such as these are hard to do away with, especially when you're heavily busy polishing up your condo to fabulous and can't leave out much for minuscule household errands.

Lovely Mini Bar on Wheels

As condo living offers proximity to work and commercial establishments, you get to save more time for everything such as family bonding or entertaining guests right at your very own home. For this, a tiny lovely bar cart which could be used to serve eating essentials and snacks for the family should come rolling out to the dining area or living room. It also acts as extra table or countertop to hold your munchables when not utilized. Meanwhile for the very busy but ready-to-party singles out there, the mini bar cart could be the key to enjoyable but cozy night-out parties at your place as it displays your favorite social drinks like cocktails, wine or juices alongside stemmed wine glasses and filling side-dishes.

Versatile Bookshelf Space Divider

With more open floor plans for condo living seen in the near future, installing separate divider walls may come as a huge but less worthwhile initiative. It can mask off the space and reduce the total condo unit to a smaller and darker area. The trick to get around this is by producing the ever-dependable bookcase that can serve as space divider at any part of the home. It comes as a smart way to cut through open layouts while setting distinctions among various quarters of the condo. Aside from a bookcase, you may also opt for other options on space dividers.

Well-loved Art Piece

As what it is said in the long run, condo living all boils down to your individuality. Wherever, whatever, and however it may be stylized, it should reflect your personality down to the last square foot. So come on, don't hesitate to grab that well-loved piece of art kept idle for a long time and hang it up the wall to serve as your signature self-icon. Whether it's an authentic masterpiece from overseas, a local work of art or a candid shot from your camera, it should best express your style to seal you as the true owner of the house. Aside from an art piece, a mirror may also be made to become a decor piece for the home.

Piggy Bank For The Rescue

Making way for emergencies is one essential for condo living. Emergencies will always arise in your new home. You never know when suddenly a light bulb dies down, the kitchen faucet leaks or the electric outlet shuts off. Hence, the need to keep emergency money is also called for. Whether locked in a vault or kept in that old sort of childhood piggy coin bank, having funds when you need them truly helps ease the tension when emergencies spring up.

A Dash Of Greenery

With construction projects taking more on vertical expansions due to valuable real-estate prices, high-rise condominiums are becoming more of the trend. But living in a condo may not totally entail living in walled surroundings. Bringing in some greenery into your condo unit can be a refreshing sight and provide some breath of life to an otherwise solid edifice. There could be opportunities to transform your outside patio into a mini garden by putting in some light pottery plants or even your corner dull spaces into lively spots with hanging plants for a cool, green effect. If you're not exactly the green thumb type, succulent plants which require minimal watering may serve well for you.

Mighty Power Cords

There is a high probability that you will require additional power outlets as you try to locate and fit into your condo various furniture, appliances, and personal stuff. Shopping for some extra extension cords or bars will make you prepared than ever in case appliances outnumber the power outlet. With outlet back-up, there will be no more frustrating nights when you couldn't watch your favorite television show just because you're working with the computer, printer, and smart phone all at the same time.

Classic Coffee Table

If you're a new couple or start-up family with budget considerations, the coffee table could be your best stake in your studio or house condominium. It can double as your living room table centerpiece and dining table at the same time. It's also a worthy investment piece of furniture as it will never get out of function when you decide to upgrade and purchase later a separate dining table as your family grows.