Who’s got time to manage rowdy tenants? In an ideal scenario, a tenant should be responsible and observes proper behavior at all times. However, the reality is that it’s not always the case. Tenants are not immune to shortcomings, and this can push busy landlords to the edge.

Receiving complaints from neighbors and the building administrator about your noisy tenant can be frustrating. It’s the same thing when it’s your tenant complaining to you about other renters and unit issues. But failing to address the problem is bad for your business. Don’t worry, there are quick and easy ways to deal with difficult renters. Sustain a thriving condo for rent investment and smoothly manage problematic tenants with these 9 helpful tips.

1. Identify if there’s a merit in the complaint first

Managing Rowdy Tenant Indentify Merit

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Even great condos like Tivoli Garden Residences encounter tenant problems. With your busy schedule, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when an issue arises. Before anything else, clearly identify the problem and the merit of the complaint first. The last thing you want is to jump to conclusions. Understanding the problem is the first requirement for a focused and quick resolution. So make sure that you are always updated on the goings-on in your property.

Once you have a good grasp of the problem, come up with a few possible solutions. It would be helpful to have more than one option so you can evaluate each solution carefully.

2. Act quickly and avoid procrastination

Managing Rowdy Tenants Act Quickly

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Filipinos are sometimes complemented for being very polite and non-confrontational. These attitudes can be a problem, however, when they get in the way of a quick resolution. If possible, try to resolve the problem at once. Procrastinating can hurt your property investment and can only make the problem worse. To avoid tempers from flaring, one of the best ways to handle noisy renters is to directly talk to them as soon as possible. You can also call the attention of the building administration, so they can personally address the issue if you’re not around. This way, the problem doesn’t have to wait for you and can be dealt with immediately. Of course, there are some problems that require your expertise or decision-making, so always try to make yourself available when needed.

3. Approach the tenant calmly and with confidence

It’s understandable that the last thing you want after a busy day is handling noisy tenants. It’s tempting to get angry at rowdy tenants. But for everyone’s benefit, keep your emotions in check. Anger and negative attitudes can aggravate a problem and make it more difficult to resolve. Try your best to be calm and be confident when negotiating with tenants.

When presenting a solution, being reasonable can more likely make them respond to your propositions positively. If you need them to sign a new contract with revised conditions, state your reasons and offer them a fair solution. You can also show them a list of other possible penalties for breaking the rules so they’ll be more conscious of their actions.

4. Observe proper timing

Managing Rowdy Tenants Observe Proper Timing

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High-value condos like the Tivoli Garden Residences receive glowing testimonials and have their own administrators that can address noise and minor tenant problems on the spot. For more serious concerns, however, it’s important that you observe proper timing aligned to the severity of the problem.

If you’re addressing a noise problem, do you think it’s helpful if you issue an eviction notice without speaking and meeting with your tenant first? In the same way, issuing a “legal” communication every time a tenant problem arises can derail you from arriving at a swift and amicable resolution.

5. Warn the tenant with a copy of rules and lease agreement

Managing Rowdy Tenants Warm the Tenant

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While not exclusive to Filipino mentality, resorting to legal threats is often seen as a quick way to warn and discipline wrongdoers. But when it comes to managing rowdy tenants, it is best to resolve the problem by simply discussing with them the existing lease rules.

Avoid communicating too much legalese with renters. When warning a tenant, it’s smarter to bring a copy of the rules and agreement with you along with your reminder. Having some form of documentation when you speak with your tenant can also be very useful. This can help in avoiding any misunderstanding and potential conflict in the future.

6. Seek help through mediation

Photo courtesy of startupstockphotos.com via Pexels

Photo courtesy of startupstockphotos.com via Pexels

Give mediation a try if you feel that you need help in addressing a tenant problem. Take prime condo places like Tivoli Garden Residences, a condo for rent in Mandaluyong City have capable condo administration to help you resolve an issue. Remember that you always have DMCI Leasing Services to help you with your problem

You and the concerned party can sit down with an administrator to smoothly come up with the best possible solution. Such an arrangement can serve as an enabling venue for you and the concerned party to voice your complaints and cordially resolve the problem.

7. Allow your tenant to deal with noise problems

Managing Rowdy Tenants Deal with Noise Problem

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In many cases, the problem of noisy tenants can be resolved without your intervention. Allowing your tenant to resolve noise and other disputes with their neighbor gives them the opportunity to create their own living arrangement in your property. This not only saves you time, but can also encourage your tenant to resolve disputes in their own way.

However, bear in mind that your intervention is necessary when the tenants cannot resolve the matter amongst themselves. Remember that as the landlord, you are still responsible for the well-being of your tenants. Make it a habit to check in on your tenants from time to time to see how they’re doing. You can nip any problem in the bud before it gets out of hand.

8. Create a structure with your tenant

Managing Rowdy Tenants Create a Structure

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There are many great ways to manage a noisy tenant. One is to create some sort of “noise schedule” with your renter. You can base this on the existing rules of the condo management. This way, your tenant knows when it is and isn’t okay to make noise. You can also talk to your tenant about their hobbies and see if there are any ways to work around them.

Since most complaints are about noises at night, you can suggest to your renter to reschedule music playing in the morning or early evening. Establishing quiet and noisy hours will allow your tenant to form a schedule that allows unavoidably noisy activities like vacuum cleaning and house parties.

9. Get your property insured

Managing Rowdy Tenants Get your Propery Ensured

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Unfortunately, some tenant problems can’t be fixed. If you’ve tried everything and the problem persists, then it might be time to let them go. Sometimes the problem with rowdy tenants extends beyond noise. Rowdy tenants can cause physical damage to your property. You’ll realize the problem only after they have moved out. In this case, having your property insured is an effective safety net against problematic tenants. Tenants come and go, but safeguarding your property investment with an insurance is a wise decision with lasting benefits.

It’s not uncommon for landlords to feel frustrated when dealing with noisy tenants. But remember that you’re not alone in this. There are many ways to deal with this type of tenant issue. With a little patience and understanding, you can find a way to manage noisy tenants and keep your property in good shape.

Key Takeaways

Dealing with noisy renters can be tricky and challenging. Your ultimate goal is to protect your property investment as your forge good relations with your tenant. Following the quick and effective solutions in this guide can make your job as a landlord so much easier and more rewarding.

  • Keep a cool head when dealing with noisy tenants. This can be a trying and difficult experience, but remember that there are ways to manage the situation effectively.
  • Try to meet halfway. Compromise on schedules and be open to different solutions that can work for both you and the tenant.
  • Take the initiative to check on your tenants from time to time. This can help prevent potential problems from getting out of hand. There will be times when you have to draw the line and take action as the landlord.

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