Condominium living is definitely a dream come true, especially if it meets every detail and requirement that you have in mind for your very own condo in the Philippines. But after securing your unit and fixing all the stuff that you have during your move-in phase, you need to be aware of your rights and responsibilities, since you are also living in close proximity with other condo residents. This way, you will be ensured of a hassle-free everyday condo living. So, what do you need to know in order to be a responsible condo dweller?

What are these rights and responsibilities that you are entitled to? Here are 8 condo rights and responsibilities that you should know in order to be a good condo dweller.


RIGHT #1: The Right To Receive Your Monthly And Updated Association Dues

RESPONSIBILITY #1:Paying Association Dues On Time

As a condo dweller, you need to be aware that you need to include in your monthly budget the payment of your association dues. It is collected monthly and covers your share of condominium expenses such as the operational expenses of the condominium corporation, permits and license fees paid to the government, utility expenses for common areas, and salaries and wages of employees of the corporation (such as janitors, security guards, etc). One of your condo rights is to receive your association dues every month. Be sure to check if your payment records are updated to avoid any inconvenience on your part. Be responsible and diligent on paying it monthly so that you can avoid being on their list of delinquent accounts which may result into cutting-off of basic utilities or prohibited use of common condo facilities and amenities.

RIGHT #2: The Right To Be In The Know Of Your Condo Association Updates

RESPONSIBILITY #2: Attend Condo Association Meetings Regularly

Since you are living in a condo right now, you are automatically part of a condo association. Therefore, it is your responsibility to attend its regular meetings in order to be updated of what’s happening in your community. Check the schedule of your condo association meeting and block it off in your calendar. This will also help you to be able to voice out your concerns regarding your everyday condo living that might also affect other condo residents. If you have missed a meeting, it is your right to be informed of whatever was agreed upon or discussed during the said meeting and receive a copy of the minutes so that you still are aware of certain situations and changes, if there are any, within your condo community.

RIGHT #3: It Is Your Right To Have A Quiet And Peaceful Condo Environment

RESPONSIBILITY #3: Maintain A Noise-Free Condo Unit

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One of the common problems of condo residents is the noise level, particularly of their condo neighbors. As a responsible condo dweller, you need to keep your noise at a certain level so that you don’t disturb your neighbors and other unit owners, especially if you have friends or guests inside your unit to celebrate an occasion. Michael Tan’s article, “The Filipino condo culture”, states that since parties and karaoke may run well into the night, residents should be socially responsible to limit noise levels. This is part of the proper condo conduct that you need to observe at all times. Since it is also your right to have a quiet and peaceful living space in your condo, it is just proper and acceptable to have a minimal sound level at all times in your unit in order to do the same for your condo neighbors.


RIGHT #4: The Right To Have A Clean And Safe Condo Amenities And Facilities

RESPONSIBILITY #4: Maintaining A Clean Condo Unit

One of your personal responsibilities as a condo resident is to maintain your unit’s cleanliness. Whether you rent or own your unit, this is a no-brainer since no one wants to live in a place that is dirty and unorganized. Plus, you owe it to yourself and every person staying inside the condo. Schedule a daily or weekly time for your condo clean-up and regular waste disposal to be able to maintain an orderly and inviting dwelling place. Along with this, you also have the right to have a clean and safe condo amenities as a condo resident. Do inform the condo maintenance staff if you see some trash inside the pool or broken gym equipment so that it can be addressed quickly and properly.

RIGHT #5: You Have The Right To Have Pets In Your Condo

RESPONSIBILITY #5: You Need To Watch Over And Take Care Of Your Pet

Some people love pets, and you can take care of them inside your condo. But you need to keep in mind that you have the sole responsibility of feeding, cleaning, and taking care of your condo pet. Especially when you take them out for a walk in the condo halls, be sure that they are on a leash or carry them properly with you. If ever they poop accidentally, clean it in order to maintain cleanliness of the condo facilities. Do inform your neighbors as well if you have pets since some might not be comfortable in having dogs barking loudly at night.

RIGHT #6: The Right To Be Informed Of Condo House Rules

RESPONSIBILITY #6: You Need To Observe Condo House Rules At All Times

Once you have accepted the keys for your new condo unit, make sure that the turnover kit given to you has a resident’s manual which includes the residential law and condo house rules. Take time to sit down and read the rules diligently. Commit to follow every single rule at all times so that you’re assured of a safe, peaceful and orderly everyday condo living.

RIGHT #7: Your Right To Privacy

RESPONSIBILITY #7: Have A Good Relationship With Your Condo Neighbors

Each condo owner has the right to privacy in their condo units. Be sure to close your doors at all times, especially if your unit is located in an area where there are lots of people walking along the halls everyday. As you maintain your privacy, don’t forget to connect with your neighbors. A simple smile or greeting whenever you see or meet them inside the elevator can help you maintain a good relationship with your condo neighbors.

RIGHT #8: You Have The Right To Have Additional Facilities Inside Your Condo

RESPONSIBILITY #8: Settle Your Payments For Your Utilities Regularly

Along with the common utilities in your condo, such as water or electricity, you can have additional facilities or services along with it, such as an internet connection or a cable TV. These will help you to have what you need for your everyday condo living. Do check with the Property Management Office (PMO) for additional facilities or services that you can avail of for your condo. Also be responsible in settling your monthly payments and dues for the facilities or services that you have availed of.

A good and responsible condo resident follows the rules and is aware of his rights and responsibilities, whether you buy a condo or rent a condo. By following and being informed of these rights and responsibilities as a condo dweller, you are sure to achieve your ideal, everyday condo living, while avoiding mishaps and hassles along the way.