Living in a high-rise condominium is entirely different from living in a single house. You’ll get to meet and live with different kinds of people within the same floor, and the same building. Not only that, you need to also be aware of other duties and responsibilities of living in a condo that is not addressed in a normal house set-up. Because of this, you need to have a good condo etiquette and be a responsible condo dweller in order to make your daily condo living a hassle-free experience. Here are 11 easy ways to become a responsible condo dweller with a good condo etiquette that is sure to make you live in perfect harmony with other condo residents:


1. Watch Over Your Pets

Some of the condo residents are indeed animal lovers. If you’re one of them, it is your primary responsibility to make sure that your pet doesn’t disturb other condo residents, especially your neighbors. Regulate the noise being produced by your condo pet and be sure to keep them in a leash while walking them along the condo corridors. Keep them clean at all times, so that their bad odor would not fill the hallways of the condo. Always bring a handy plastic bag just in case your pet poops in the lobby. Be sure to clean your poop’s pet immediately, especially if it happens in the common areas of the condominium.

2. Follow Garbage Rules at All Times

Nobody wants a place full to trash, right? Be sure to take note of the regular schedule for garbage collection so you’ll always be on time taking the trash out of your unit. This also prevents the possibility of having leftover waste stinking in your unit and spreading to nearby units after a long period of time. Properly dispose of your trash by using the right trash bins and trash bags.

3. Wash Away Bad Habits with Good Laundry Etiquette

When using the common laundry area, be sure not to stop another person’s laundry in order to use the machine for your own laundry. This should be observed to avoid conflicts in the laundry area. Be responsible also in cleaning out any spills from your own laundry before leaving the area, since you don’t want the next person cleaning your own laundry spills and feeling negatively towards you. A responsible condo dweller should also be aware that clothes should be hung only in designated areas and not in the condo’s terraces. Check the assigned areas where clothes can be hung to dry and for terraces not to look messy with hanging clothes.

4. Pay Association Dues On Time

A good condo dweller knows how to pay his association dues on time as part of his condo rights and responsibilities. Among the activities that are possible because of association dues are maintainance of condo amenities and facilities, conducting pest control services in common areas, permit and license fees being paid to the government, among others. Take note of the important payment dates so you will not miss a payment and you’ll avoid landing on the delinquent list of residents in your condo.

5. Keep Noise at a Certain Level

One of the most common complaints of residents in condo in the Philippines is the noise level when loud music is being played especially when there is a karaoke present. Be sensitive to limit the noise level to a minimum, since there are other residents near you who want to take a good night’s rest or are still focused doing their work or school assignments. You’ll be relieved to know that they are also sensitive to your noise needs when you want some “quiet time” inside your condo.

6. Be friendly with Your Neighbors

Part of a good condo etiquette is being friendly with your condo neighbors. Michael Tan, in his article, “The Filipino condo culture”, states that condos have a great potential of fostering close relationships among people since people generally live at a close proximity with each other. A simple smile or “hello” can make you feel at ease with them, and in the future, can help you be more comfortable especially if you have condo concerns in your area.

7. Be Responsible When It Comes to Redecorating

You might have those times where you want to add items as your new condo decor, move furniture and paint just to redecorate your condo. Make sure that your re-decoration plans follow the house rules of the condo, especially with your landlord if you’re just renting the unit. Redecorating your condo can also entail the use of nails, so be sure to use them properly since there are other tenants living next to you.

8. Be Aware of Condo Parking Rules

Be sure to respect parking spaces, especially those that are assigned to specific condo unit owners. Do not double park, and always stay on your own parking space. Follow the condo rules on common parking spaces, especially waiting times for vehicles. This will help you avoid unnecessary conflicts with other condo residents who own a car as well.

9. Smoke Responsibly

If you are smoking in your unit, be aware that the smoke can travel to the other units next to use and cigarette butts will be present. Properly dispose your cigarette butts and do not throw them outside your window, since people don’t want those falling from the units above them. Check the legal smoking area in your condominium complex.

10. Attend Regular Meetings of the Condo Association

As a condo unit owner, you are part of a larger condo community. Whenever you have the time, attend the regular meetings of your condo association so you’ll be in the loop of the latest updates from your condo developer. This also helps you not to miss out on the important things that you might need to address with regards to your condo unit.

11. Use Common Areas Wisely

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Condo living comes with the exclusive use of amenities such as pools and gyms. These areas are for the use of every condo resident so be sure to use them responsibly. For example, if you want to cook barbecue near the pool, keep the grill area clean at all times so that the other residents can use them after you. The key here is to always keep in mind that there are other people who will use these amenities after you.

A responsible condo resident is someone who follows the condo house rules, and keeps in mind the welfare of his neighbors and other condo residents. Be sure to follow these tips and you’re sure to have a harmonious relationship with your neighbors; keeping your everyday condo living peaceful and free from conflicts. What are your personal tips in being a responsible condo dweller?