For small condo owners, the biggest challenge is to maximize what little space they have for their needs. Space-saving ideas are essential to keep small condo living functional and attractive at the same time. The lack of space is not bad, actually. Creating a modern minimalist look for your small condo can actually become a fun challenge for you.

When thinking of great inspirations for your small home, always keep in mind that it’s all about putting multi-functional but good-looking pieces in your interiors. You may need the carpenter for installations but the additional cash and effort is a worthwhile investment for interiors that will stand the test of time. Here are some modern minimalist decorating ideas to give your small condo in the Philippines a clean and simple vibe.

This micro-loft is a perfect execution of design and storage. Colors are basic black, white, and muted beige. It’s the personal items here that will add a pop of color in this austere background. Underneath the stairs are several built-in cabinets that can stash lots of items, from books to linen. The polished wooden floors are kept clean and bare, except for the beige area rug.

condo small space small

Photo from Apartment Therapy, Pinterest

It’s a challenge to keep things minimalistic in the kitchen since most of us use a lot of stuff for dining and cooking. If it’s not possible for you to get rid of the little pieces that you use in the kitchen, what you can just do is to hide them in cupboards and drawers with clean-looking design. You can kick things up a notch by making use of pull-out furniture that will eliminate the need for space-consuming furniture. For example:

Pullout Table Condo

Photo from Cecilia Lindegren via Pinterest

If a black and white kitchen is too stark for your taste, you can opt for another minimalistic staple – Scandinavian wood. The combination of white and blonde wood makes the kitchen look immaculate. The island doubles as a dining table, complete with bar stools that can seat 2-3 people. This is perfect for a small dinner or cocktails.

White For A Wider Small Condo

Photo from Lukasz Lukasz via Pinterest

The work desk is another part of the house that is tough to de-clutter . If you live in a small condo, you must choose a desk that won’t take up much space. A great solution is desk that you can fold and unfold from the wall.

Secret space small condo secret

Photo from Matthew Perkins via Pinterest

This slim desk saves both floor and wall space. The desk has small slats that can hold pencils and other small office supplies. If you want a pop of color in your minimalist office, you can have this desk painted in a bold color.

Having a modern and minimalist home may limit you from putting too much décor that can contribute to clutter. A great trick that minimalist decorators do is to make your personal stuff a decoration pieces. Take a look at this example:

Storage Space in Small Space Condo

Photo from Oluwatimilehin Osunde via Pinterest

The interesting-looking lamp, the chair, the shoes, and the shirts are carefully arranged to make cleanliness as an art. Note how the pieces are chosen to create a subtle color theme that is refreshing to the eyes.

Having a minimalistic bedroom can help immensely in making promoting a feeling of relaxation. If you want to extend your white and wood theme to the bedroom and save space in the process, this is a great inspiration:

Window Condo Ideas Space

Photo from Katrina Portman via Pinterest

One look at this bedroom and you’ll immediately think of fluffy clouds. The plants and the book makes a great contrast to the white interiors. The platform saves a lot of space and makes for a cozy sleeping corner. The cabinets underneath are excellent for generous storage. This is the perfect setup if you prefer to keep most of your stuff hidden from view.

If you have high ceilings in your condo, consider yourself very lucky – there are lots of arrangements you can do with the extra headroom. This can serve you well when creating a kids’ bedroom.

Loft Idea for Small Condos

Photo from decor8 via Pinterest

Nothing beats loft beds when it comes to saving space. You can use the space under the bed as a sitting room or study area for your kids. It can also house closets and shelves. Again, the personal items and the blonde wood stand out from the all-white theme.

A wine collection can take up a lot of space. If giving away your prized wine bottles is not an option, then why not use them as décor?

Small Condo Wine Rack Small

Photo from via Pinterest

If there’s a part of the house that is perfect for the minimalist aesthetic, it would be the bathroom. A black and white theme makes the bathroom look more fresh and clean and makes the area look much bigger.

Small Condo Space Bathroom

Photo from Maria Støten via Pinterest

To make your minimalist interiors pack more punch, try incorporating a rough, industrial look. The easiest and less expensive way to do this is to display your books and knick-knacks using shelves made of pipes. This can be a great DIY modern minimalist project. PVC and steel pipes are very versatile as materials for DIY furniture.

Small Condo Space Wall

Photo from Jonathan Cole via Pinterest

Making the most of your limited condo space is a formidable challenge especially if you plan to live with family or friends. But if you treat it as one big happy project that will test your designing skills, this shouldn’t be much of a problem. There is immense satisfaction involved in making a bare condo unit into a simple showcase that you would be happy to live in and proud to show off to your family and friends.