February is upon us and you know what that means: there’s gonna be plenty of love and hearts going around.

For sure, many are looking for the famous romantic places to go in Manila for couples. On the other hand, others are looking for unique date places in Manila. We get it. This day is special and planning how you will be spending Valentine’s day gives you a headstart in experiencing a very romantic day with your significant other.

If you’ve already got a plan or you’re still in the planning stage, you’ll need more than just articles about fun date ideas in Manila. You need to account for places that are either too crowded, too stiff, or too boring that your date wouldn’t work out.

Shake things up and go on dates you have never been to before! To plan that memorable date, here are 14 date ideas that you might want to avoid as well as ideas you should go for this coming Valentine’s day.

1: Stay away from malls

Valentine’s day should be a very special and romantic day for you and your significant other. What is one of the most unromantic places you could go to? The mall.

On February 14, for sure many couples have planned their day to be spent at the mall. This means more people will be walking around, more people will be dining at the establishments inside the mall, more people will be making your day less special. Besides, nothing is as stressful as walking in a sea of people inside a mall.

Malls have their charm sure, but not for a day that should be magical and memorable. For this Valentine’s day, make sure to remove malls in your list of places to go in Manila for couples.

2: Skip the city scene

Plan your day outside of the city instead of in it. Skip the hustle and bustle of the metro and go on an adventure for Valentine’s day this year!

Hiking is a good way to explore the wonders of nature since you are with your significant other. In fact, your Valentine’s day adventure doesn’t have to be far! Masungi Georeserve offers majestic views of rock formations and lush greeneries just after being a couple of hours away from Manila. 

Don’t worry about not being as glamorous or as pretty after the date. The experience of being one with nature and your significant other is worth all the hot and messy moments.

3: Avoid lining up at popular restaurants

You’ve done it before: struggle to book a reservation at a fancy restaurant, wait in line, and eat dinner along with many other couples. There are many other places you can get that magical moment with your significant other.

Hole-in-the-walls are unique date places in Manila that are worth giving a shot! There are a lot of great ones scattered around the Metro. If you are looking for some Chinese food, Wai Ying Fastfood in Binondo is a must-try. If it’s Thai food you’re craving for then go visit Krung Thai in Marikina. These joints may not be as popular or as glitzy as fancy restaurants but they sure will give you and your significant other a gastronomic experience fit for Valentine’s day.

4: Switch up dinner places with breakfast joints

Speaking of shaking things up, instead of having a date at night why not go on a breakfast date?

This year why not try swapping out the steaks and wine for some pancakes, bacon, and eggs for Valentine’s day? Think about it: you’ll be starting the day right by spending your morning with your significant other at a cute breakfast date.

Since you will be dating early in the day, you can still plan other activities after to really up the romance of Valentine’s day. In fact, what makes breakfast dates special is that they’re  perfect ideas for condo living couples. For those staying at any DMCI Homes condo, you’re in luck to be in a place perfect for home date ideas be it breakfast in bed or a tropical first meal by the pool.

5: Going to a spa? Try an at-home spa!

A trip to the spa on Valentine’s day is a surefire way to get rid of the body’s negative jujus so that you and your special other can get some lovin’. From stress to body pain, you’ll be refreshed and feel like you have been reborn. Hold on. Getting the benefits of going to the spa doesn’t mean you and your significant other should actually go to a spa.

That’s right. You can have a spa couples retreat in the comfort of your own home! Bring in the candles, the essential oils, and the hot towels along with the perfect soothing music and you guys are good to go. If you’ll still be looking for professionals to give the massage then it would be better to look up home massage services you could give a call to.

6: Stay away from the crowd — go somewhere remote

No we aren’t just advising you to go on a hike. This time, you and your significant other could consider getting off the grid. It’s a date that is not just away from the crowds, it’s also away from the reception, data, and other comforts of the metro.

A trip to not-so famous beaches can do the trick. When you’re off the grid, all of your attention will be dedicated to your significant other and the opposite is true. It’s going to be the sun, the sand, and the undisturbed love you guys have for each other. Sounds like the perfect Valentine’s day to us.

7: Steer clear of hotels

Hotels are one of the usual places to go in Manila for couples during Valentine’s day. While there are a lot of great hotels you can choose from, if you are planning to have an even more memorable Valentine’s day this year then you may want to consider leaving out hotels from you list of date ideas.

Besides, you can definitely recreate the hotel experience at your own home! If you are staying at a DMCI Homes condo, you will see why condo living is not so far from the hotel experience. From eating in bed, the ambiance, and relaxing by the pool, all of these are available to you for a perfect Valentine’s day without the cost!

8: Bars? You might want to pass

For all our bar junkies out there, Valentine’s day should be a day where you shouldn’t be found in your favorite drinking place.

Aside from the usual scene that’s still going to be noisy and crowded, going to a bar for your Valentine’s date won’t be enough to deliver a magical time with your significant other. Why not try and explore something new? Wine tasting is a good alternative for those still looking for an alcohol buzz.

9: Cinema galore, home-theater style

It is a given that people like watching films and during February, one thing is certain: Rom-coms will be filling up cinemas. That’s why this Valentine’s day, it’s best to skip the lines and the full cinemas in malls.

So how do you watch? Home. Theater.

Not only can you do this at the comfort of your own home, you get to have all the popcorn you want plus you can pause the movie for a much-needed bathroom break. Watch  classic romantic comedies or some heart-tugging romantic indie film. An added bonus of having a Valentine’s movie date at home is that you can watch films non-stop!

10: Avoid parks

A nice and relaxing day at the park is definitely a great way to spend your afternoon. But for Valentine’s day? It isn’t. You’ll be at the park with families, fitness rats, kids, and elderly couples who want to have a nice stroll around the park.

Luckily, there is one thing you can try going to for that perfect picnic date. You wouldn’t believe what the most important part of this idea is: your car. Drive off into a quiet place just outside of the city and you can enjoy delicious snacks with your significant other on top of your car’s hood covered with a blanket. A quiet, accessible, and easy date idea that is perfect this Valentine’s day.

11: Skip public museums

Let’s face it. You’ve been to a museum at one point in your life and most likely you’ve been there because of a date. With the opening of the National Anthropology Museum in Manila, a lot of couples will include going to the museum as one of their Valentine’s date ideas in Manila.

That only means one thing: crowds. There is a huge chance that you and your significant other will be waiting in long lines just to be able to go inside. Skip public museums and go to private museums instead. There are a lot of great private museums such as the Ayala Museum or the Mind Museum in BGC that’s a good place for your Valentine’s day date.

12: Pass up on amusement parks

Yes amusement parks are fun and crazy but they aren’t meant for romantic walks or lovely conversations. The environment is going to be hectic for couples since you’ll be in an amusement park with families and a lot of kids. Emphasis on a lot. So try to reconsider amusement parks out of your list of places to go in Manila for couples.

If you and your significant other really want the thrill and adrenaline brought by park rides and games, your local carnival or perya will definitely do the trick. It has less people and you’ll definitely spend less. Plus, peryas are full of nostalgic rides and games that you and your significant other will definitely appreciate.

13: Celebrate on a different date

Looking for a surefire way of having a Valentine’s day date that is one of a kind? Celebrate it on a different date.

A day before or a week after, it will totally be up to you and your significant other. The best part is you get all the love and magic of Valentine’s day without the hassle brought by the crowds you’ll be dealing with if you celebrate it on February 14. You’ll definitely enjoy being a unique couple.

14: Valentine’s day who?

Another very unique date idea for Valentine’s day is to not spend it at all. Yes you’ve heard it right: no dates on February 14.

But to be clear: we aren’t saying you shouldn’t show your love and appreciation towards your partner. We’re saying that you should do it even if it isn’t February 14. Go on a date today, look for a nice picnic spot later, have a quick getaway at the end of the week. You have all the time in the world to plan out the perfect date outside of Valentine’s day.

In fact, you can always have the perfect time together even while you are at home. Order Chinese takeout, setup your favorite movies, and spend time with your significant other in the comfort of your own condo. Remember: love isn’t about the moon or the stars. It’s about the little things you do everyday that’s done with the greatness of love.