Owning a car is like renting a condo in the Philippines: both provide you with the convenience and comfort of modern living. Given the horrendous state of public transportation in the country, having a car saves you from the hassles and dangers of crowded trains, buses and other public transport modes. Ride-sharing apps have grown in popularity, but the surging prices and safety issues are serious matters we can’t ignore.

If you don’t consider proper parking, the risk of your car getting damaged and stolen becomes significantly higher. For condo dwellers, getting parking space for their car is a must. Need more convincing? Learn the 6 compelling reasons why you should get a parking space.

1. Eliminate the risk of theft

eliminate risk theftPhoto courtesy of TheDigitalWay via Pixabay

One of the worse things that can happen to you is to have your car stolen. It’s a scary thought, but it’s a reality for many car owners. There seems to be no shortage of news about stolen vehicles. Imagine parking your vehicle on the street and the next thing you know it’s gone.

There are smart ways to deal with auto theft, but the best way is still crime prevention. The parking space for rent in most condos are fenced and gated. These parking spaces also come with 24-hour security and CCTV monitoring. The risk of auto theft is practically eliminated in such a location. Because your car is parked in a space with rigorous security measures, you can feel safe in the knowledge that your car is protected. A parked car within the condo facility prevents auto thieves from harming your car in any way.

2. Protect your car from rust and the elements

protect car from rust and elementsPhoto courtesy of eugeniu via Pixabay

Having a parking lot in your condo will keep your car in a much better condition, as opposed to parking it outside. If you intend to sell your car eventually, whether to get a new car or as a business venture, a parked space will help your car maintain a high resale value.

Outdoor elements such as rain, pollution and erratic weather disturbances will gradually take a toll on your vehicle. The paint on your car’s exterior can quickly fade or chip. Moreover, keeping your car safe from the elements will prevent it from corroding. Parking your car in a covered space will significantly slow down the process of rusting. Rust and salt damage mainly come from outdoor elements. If your car sits overnight in a wet side street, or is constantly exposed to outdoor elements, you can be sure that it will look worse much faster. When your car is protected and looking its best, you save money from high maintenance costs.

3. Prevent vandalism and scratches

prevent car vandalismPhoto courtesy of Free-Photos via Pixabay

Vandalism is one the most maddening car crimes. Someone intentionally ruining your car feels personal even if the act was done randomly. Vandalism includes keyed cars, broken side mirrors, slashed tires and smashed headlights.

There will always be the danger of vandalism if you park your car outside. Often, the perpetrators do it for no reason. For being simply outside, your car is vulnerable to vandalism and many exterior damages. Parking your car indoors will prevent this from happening. If you reside in a condo, your landlord should be able to help you with the parking space rental. Take note that staying in a condo does not automatically entitle you to a parking slot. The charge for parking space is usually separate, but you can definitely come up with the right arrangement in your lease agreement.

4. Keep your car looking cool and safe from the harsh sun

car safe from sun raysPhoto courtesy of TerriC via Pixabay

Renting a condo in one of DMCI’s properties allows you to easily keep the ideal temperature indoors. But the case is not the same for your car if you keep it parked outdoors. The tropical climate of the Philippines can make your car feel like a sauna on wheels. At the peak of summer, your car’s interior can heat up to dangerous levels. Keep your car safe from the heat by renting a parking space.

We know that exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun is harmful to human skin. The sun’s powerful rays can also cause your car’s paint to rapidly oxidize and fade. Your car can look old and worn out fast. Using car visors is not enough. A shaded parking lot in your condo building remains to be the best way to keep your car cool and protected from the sun.

5. Sparkly clean and ready to go

sparkly clean carPhoto courtesy of Greyerbaby via Pixabay

How often do you wash your car? Parking your vehicle outdoors will easily make it dirty. Believe it or not, mechanics can tell if your vehicle is parked in a garage or outside. When living in a condo for rent in the Philippines, a smart thing to do is get a proper parking space. Doing so will save you money and time because you won’t have to clean your car as often. No amount of washing and waxing will be enough if you park your car outdoors. Dirt particles travel in the air, not to mention potentially harmful debris. Parking your car in a garage saves you the effort of cleaning your car often.

6. You get cheaper insurance

car cheaper insurancePhoto courtesy of MatanVizel via Pixabay

Do you find car insurance packages expensive? A good way to lower the cost is parking your car in a garage. Some companies give a cheaper premium for people who park their cars in a garage at night. Many people consider renting a condo in Metro Manila as a safe and comfortable living arrangement. But when it comes to their cars, not everyone gets an insurance because of the price. Owning an uninsured car is a bad idea because you’re compromising your safety. An auto insurance is designed to protect you from financial hardship associated with accidents. By parking your car in a garage, you can save money with the right insurance for you and your vehicle

These 6 reasons to get your car off the road encourage you to properly take care of your car. Just like condo leasing, owning a car is a major investment. While condo parking problems may arise, parking your car outdoors will likely give you more problems than relief. The bottomline is, parking your car in a condo garage ensures that your investment is better protected and safe.