Metro Manila’s traffic needs no introduction. Instead of discussing things that we already know such as the economic impact of traffic, let us find ways on how you can save more and make your daily commutes a little more bearable. People working in Bonifacio Global City in Taguig have two options: rent in the posh business district or live in the more nearby Mandaluyong City. The choice is primarily a financial matter. Dansalan Gardens and Flair Towers are premier DMCI properties in the Tiger City that are worth your consideration.

Here are 8 cost-efficient reasons to rent in Mandaluyong.

#1: Accommodations are affordable

Mandaluyong Affordable Rent

Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

Mandaluyong offers more types of accommodations than Makati or BGC. You can find houses, apartments, and condos for rent in the Tiger City that even a new office worker can afford. The rent in Mandaluyong is a bit higher than in the northern cities of Quezon and Caloocan, but lower than in southern CBDs. This is because of the higher valuation of properties in Makati, BGC, and Ortigas Center.

Dansalan Gardens will suit bachelors/bachelorettes, young families, and retirees. It features high-end facilities and amenities that are not offered in houses or apartments, for the fraction of the cost of renting in a condo in posh BGC.

#2: Lower utility bills and association dues

Mandaluyong Rent Lower Utility Bill

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Living in an expensive residential condo in a high-end district means higher bills and association dues. Association dues are monthly fees paid by condo tenants for the maintenance of common facilities. This covers the electricity, water, and other utilities in the lobby, and lifestyle amenities. Premier condo communities may require higher maintenance cost unless they have eco-efficient technologies like DMCI’s Lumiventt Technology. Lumiventt is a pioneering design technology that allows the natural flow of light and air in buildings and common areas, helping reduce tenants’ association dues.

#3: Easy access via main highways and MRT

Why rent in Mandaluyong? The city lies at the center of the capital region. A roof deck view will give you a glimpse of the towering buildings in Makati City and BGC, the green spaces in Pasig City, the chic restaurants in San Juan and the iconic roads of Manila. You can easily travel to surrounding cities but can live in a residential condo insulated from the noise and congestion of the metropolis.

Your office in BGC is a few minutes’ drive from Mandaluyong via Makati Avenue or EDSA. Others take the route traversing Boni Pioneer and C-5. If you prefer to commute, you can also take a bus along EDSA or the MRT at Shaw or Boni stations. Save on fuel or fare, not to mention your precious time.

#4: More commuting options

Mandaluyong Rent More Commuting Option

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Driving a private vehicle is not an option open to many Filipino employees. Car loan approvals are quite restrictive and buying one in cash is exclusive to the privileged few. Despite the conveniences of having a car, more people are opting for cheaper public transport. Car owners are riddled with mortgages, rising fuels costs, parking fees, and maintenance costs. Fortunately, more property developers are bringing quality and affordable accommodations nearer to office areas so people can save on travel costs.

There are few commuting options in BGC including taxi cabs, vans, and shuttle buses. There’s no issue if your home is right across your office, otherwise commuting can be expensive within BGC. In Mandaluyong, you can take tricycles (manually pedalled, motorized or electric), jeepneys, vans, cabs, and even boats (on Pasig River to Makati). Many areas are also bike-friendly.

#5: Less commercial exposure, less spending

BGC, also referred to as The Fort, served as a military base for colonial Americans before it was turned over to the Philippine government in 1949. The 25 sqm property had been a barren open space until it was developed into a business district in the late 1990s. Today, BGC is one of the leading financial and IT districts in the country. It is home to malls, high-class stores, and condo communities.

Living in a community surrounded by expensive restaurants and shops can harm your finances. Dr. Kit Yarrow, a consumer psychologist at the Golden Gate University, said that retailers use colors, textures, sounds, and smells to influence consumer behavior. “Our senses bypass our conscious mind. So, we smell something like baby powder, we feel all warm toward babies, we just happen to be in the baby department, and we spend a little more money,” she explains in her book Gen BuY: How Tweens, Teens and Twenty-Somethings Are Revolutionizing Retail.

Choose a residential home that’s accessible to essential establishments, but with minimal exposure to factors that encourage a consumerist lifestyle. This is one of the compelling reasons for BGC employees to rent in Mandaluyong.

#6: Cheaper food options

What is the typical diet of a young office worker in Metro Manila? Perhaps fastfood pancakes in the morning, convenient store rice meals for lunch, and greasy burgers for dinner? If you’re living alone, you may think that dining out saves you money and time. However, the risk on your health is greater than any amount you claim that you save. Health experts warn that dining out can result to calorie and salt overload that can lead to obesity, heart problems, and other series of diseases. There are more public markets surrounding Mandaluyong than BGC for your supply of fresh produce. One tip is to plan your meals a week in advance. You can pre-cook your foods, store them in the fridge, and heat them up each day.

#7: Unique leisure experiences

Mandaluyong Unique Leisure Experience

Photo courtesy of 2goldi via Pixabay

Although a highly urbanized city, Mandaluyong residents still practice many traditional customs and traditions. Fiestas as celebrated in barangays with entertainment shows, fun games, and the customary food sharing among neighbors. During Holy Week, Catholic devotees visit the old churches and/or join the Senakulo. The streets of Mandaluyong turn festive from September until early January in celebration of the Christmas season. The city hall is surrounded with bazaar stalls selling clothes, house accessories, and other items perfect as gifts. The Tiger City offers various entertainment and leisure experiences that barely require you to spend, except for a few pesos for a delicious serving of bibingka outside the historic San Felipe Neri Church.

#8: Free concerts and foreign film viewing

Mandaluyong Rent Free Concerts and Film Viewing

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Free quality entertainment? Only in the Tiger City! Shangrila Plaza, a high-end mall in Mandaluyong, screens critically acclaimed films from various countries. Indulge in the genius works of Federico Fellini, Akira Kurosawa, and Park Chan-wook for free. These foreign film festivals run for a couple of weeks. You just need to line up with other film enthusiasts. The city government also hosts public concerts during the city’s foundation day and other festive events. A couple of years ago, it hosted Filipino folk band Asin, drawing in fans from all over the capital.

#9: Condo communities that have everything you need

Mandaluyong Rent Everything You Need

Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

Mandaluyong is home to affordable condos for rent. Flair Towers, Dansalan Gardens, and Tivoli Gardens provide the comfort and security you deserve. These DMCI properties are well-equipped with 24/7 security, electric generators, and reliable maintenance staff. They also feature a fitness gym, leisure and lap pools, landscaped gardens, and a selection of restaurants, salons, and other essential establishments. With everything you need within reach, you’re able to spend your time on things that truly matter.

Traffic brought by congestion and poor urban planning is everywhere. One solution is to choose an accommodation wisely – an accessible home that’s within your budget. If you’re working in BGC, consider an affordable condo for rent in Mandaluyong.