Living with your parents has its own perks—free food, free rent, free everything. However, you can’t live with your parents forever. Now that you are already a young professional or a yuppie, having your own condo is a big step in your being independent.

But with the vast number of condos available nowadays, renting your first condo may look like an overwhelming task. On top of that, the many deals and specials being offered by realtors make renting even more complicated. Thus, to help you out, we give you 10 tips on how to rent your first condo in Taguig City.

Create Your Budget 

Unlike your parents’ house that costs you zero peso to live in, condominiums in Taguig City will cost you money. Hence, before renting a condo unit, make sure first that you can afford the condo unit and the other condo fees that go with it. You may find yourself in hot water if you decide to rent a condo unit that you cannot afford.

As a rule, the monthly rent of your condo unit should not be more than 30 percent of what you are earning monthly. If you are running low on funds, you can consider renting a condo with other people to minimize expenses.

Check The Condo’s Location 

Cedar crest DMCI

Cedar Crest, DMCI Homes Properties

Before renting your first condo unit, you should check first the condo’s location. Furthermore, you should ask the following questions: Is the condo near my workplace? Are there public transportations nearby? Are there grocery stores, malls, and other stores that sell my necessities? You need to consider these factors first to know whether the condo you are rooting for is the right one for you.

Fortunately, most condominiums in the Philippines, especially DMCI Homes, are located in business districts. Therefore, one advantage of living in a condo is that you get to live near your work. Living in a condo near your work has many advantages. For one, it can save you travel time, which you can then use to work on your hobbies or to catch up with friends and relatives.

List Your Must-Have Condo Amenities

rosewood pointe_DMCI

Rosewood Pointe, DMCI Homes Properties

 Not all condo units are the same. Each condo unit offers different amenities depending on your budget. Therefore, before looking for your own condo, list first the things that you require from it. Some of the common condo must-haves you could look for are parking space (if you have your own car), laundry area, outdoor space, gym, and pool.

Remember though that you need to make some adjustments if you are tight on budget.

Start Searching For Your Condo

Once you have listed all the things you require in a condo, you may now start looking for a condo of your choosing. Search for properties for rent, and start going on condo tours. You may visit the DMCI Homes Leasing Services website to find affordable condo units in Taguig City.

Check The Condition Of The Unit

Going on a condo tour is an important part of your condo search. Before signing that contract and making a condo unit your home, check first whether the condo unit lives up to your expectations. Specifically, check whether all faucets are working, whether all fixtures are in good condition, and whether all power outlets are in tip-top shape. You may also want to bring a cellphone charger with you to check the condition of power outlets.

The condo unit will be your potential home so you need to be thorough during your tour.

Check Noise Level And Parking Situation

If you are not fond of noisy communities and cannot sleep if there’s loud noise, then it is important that you check first the noise condition of your condo unit. Condo living is a wonderful experience if you are comfortable with the environment you are in.

You also need to check on the condo’s parking situation if you have your own car. You may also want to ask about the rules on parking for guests, especially when you will have regular guests coming over.

Read Your Contract And Make Sure You Understand It Before Signing

Once you have found your perfect condo, the next step will be signing the lease contract. However, before signing your name on that paper, make sure that you have read and understood the contract. Not carefully reading your condo leasing contract is a dangerous act since it’s a legal, binding document and should not be taken lightly.

Prepare Your Requirements

You are almost done with your condo-renting quest. But before you are officially hailed as the new renter of your condo unit, you need to provide first your realtor some required documents. Many condos in the Philippines require their applicants IDs, proof of income, and sometimes, tax returns.

Ask Your Family And Friends To Help You Move In

Moving into your own place can be a stressful task if you will do it without help. Therefore, you could ask your family members and/or friends if they could help you move in to your new condo. You can also rent a professional moving company if you are going to make a long-distance move and have many furniture that needs moving.

If this will be your first move and have no furniture of your own, then you will not have much problem moving in. You can buy your own furniture and appliance from the nearest mall, and the vendor will be the one in charge of delivering bulk items to your new place. If you have limited budget, you can also go to a thrift store and check for used furniture.

Decide On The Essential Items You Need For Your Condo

Not unless you have a large amount of money allocated for your needed furniture and appliances, you might need to decide on which items are more essential. With a limited budget, you need to determine which items you should buy first and which can be put off at another time. For starters, you should probably buy your own bed, pillows, and other essential things that you need to survive in your first days of living alone.

If you are having a hard time knowing which items you will be needing, you may ask your parents for advice. After all, they have successfully gone through the same phase that you are in right now.

Renting your first condo may look like an overwhelming task, but it is not impossible. Just follow the above 10 tips on renting your first condo in Taguig City, and you’ll be moving to your first condo easily and effortlessly in no time.