Condo living has become a notable lifestyle trend in the country today. Unlike before when most buyers are focused on house and lot, current real estate shoppers find themselves swamped with offers on Condo for sale in the Philippines. Whatever the reasons behind the country's flourishing condominiums sector are, as seen by property analysts, condo life has risen indeed as the latest lifestyle goal for singles and families alike.  With condo in the Philippines taking the shape of modern Pinoys’ residence, all the more that general cleaning in condo becomes essential to keep homes healthy.  Below is more than a handful of general cleaning tips for you to remember before launching that major action against household filth.

Safety First

When planning for a general home cleaning, try to prepare safer and healthier tidying alternatives to hazardous chemicals. You could opt to create your own, natural cleaning solutions applicable for a particular household fixture or appliance.

lemon and honey

Create your own natural cleaning alternatives.
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Let The Air In

Just as when cleaning can’t be somewhat enjoyable, more so that you wouldn’t want to feel uncomfortable doing it.  Keep your windows open and room ventilated so you wouldn’t suffocate with all dirt gathered from inside an area.

open the windows

Open windows and let the air in while cleaning.
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Single Storage For All

Cleaning materials should be stored in one location, ideally away from common passage or in locked cabinet.  This makes it easier and faster for you to locate them when needed.  It also comes as a smart move for keeping them away from reach of kids.

What’s The Plan?  

It’s certainly wise to plan. Drawing up a cleaning plan efficiently allows you to cope and manage with all home cleaning requirements.  Decide which task is required on a daily, weekly, monthly, or even, seasonal basis. Doing so guards you from spending time on unnecessary cleaning chores, and thus, reduces your time on cleaning. Actually, there’s no common cleaning scheme so take the time to study specific factors contributing to your household mess when you develop a general cleaning schedule.

cleaning schedule

A general cleaning schedule makes cleaning time more efficient.
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Don’t Miss The Vacuum

It’s a must you include in your cleaning schedule some time for vacuuming.  Fine, porous items like carpets and couches can catch dust and allergens that pose as health hazards.  To capture tiny particles, consider a hand-held vacuum to do the work.


Don’t forget vacuuming as part of your cleaning schedule.
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Far From Sight, But Not Out Of Mind

There are certain areas at home that shouldn’t be excluded in your cleaning list. Unpleasant surprises may await you at places you're probably forgetting to clean so take some time out to check on these spots as well. Particularly, cleaning the ceiling fan appears dreary at first, but there are actually tricky ways to do it.

Give It Some Time

Finishing quickly your general home cleaning sounds most appealing. Undoubtedly, you’d rather spend time on more fascinating activities. However, remember that certain cleaning solutions work best after given some time.  Try some multi-tasking by permitting your spray-on for household surfaces stand while you accomplish other tasks like brushing off sink, toilet and tiles. Also, bear in mind other cleaning errors you should avoid so your precious efforts and time won’t get messed up.

time management

Give some time for cleaning solutions to work their way through.
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Go For Regular Maintenance

Attend to repair jobs as soon as leaks or cracks happen to prevent them turning into bigger problems. At best, make a maintenance check list that charts which item entails check-up and until when the job should fall due to keep away from putting things off.

plumbing maintainance

Attend immediately to home repair jobs.
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Not All Water Is Good

Unwanted water at home can lead to daily nuisances and at worst, even health problems. Don’t allow leaking or standing water throughout your home and throw away water found in gutters and pipes. Ill-placed water may serve as breeding ground for insects, home for moths and triggers for wood rotting.

idle water

Water left idle for long may serve as insects’ breeding grounds.
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Freshen Up The Air

Install screens and air filters to shut out allergens and pollutants from your condo.  Clean vents and air-condition/heat filters regularly after every 3 months at most.

Know When To Job Out  

There are some repair jobs better left to the experts.  Mending broken furnaces, air-con and heating systems by yourself should be a NO-NO.  Also, ask professionals to test your home for presence of dangerous gases like asbestos, radon and carbon monoxide to avoid injuries and damages.

leave it to the expert

Job out to experts tasks you aren’t sure about.
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House Sealing

Tight seal your doors and window panes from any emerging openings like holes, gaps, or cracks to likewise eject allergens and other poisonous substances.  Seal with caulk or weather stripping.

Think About Repainting  

Houses built prior 1978 may have been painted with lead, which could also cause cancer.  If your house was constructed around this time, better have it lead–tested and repainted.  Maintain good condition of house paint and don’t wait until it chips out, peels off and generates dust.

Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow

It’s inevitable but you need to rid some stuff at one point. To facilitate decluttering, sort out your things into 4 boxes: Trash, Donate or Sell, Store and Put Away.  Though the process of parting with some of your emotionally- attached items may be hard, decluttering could prove to be the easiest way to cleaning your home.


Go on and get rid of some stuff.
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 The Handy Caddy

To save time, why not devise a carry-all or caddy for your cleaning tools?  Having one provides you an easy and quick reach for your supplies and eliminates backtracking on missed items. If you have several rooms down to go or have numerous cleaning aids to use, you may consider owning several carry-alls. But remember to put labels on them to avoid time spent in looking. 

Put In Some Order

When you’re about to clean, step back and think how to work best with your task. Just as with any job, there can always be a better way of doing it.  Smart cleaning directions within a room may move from top-to-bottom, or from back-to-front.  Both movements facilitate a catch-basin effect for dust collection from the most part to the least part possible.  There’s also the dry-to-wet option which arrests the further spread of dust by trapping everything in with a wet cloth for the finale.

general cleaning

Inject some work order when cleaning the room.
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Enjoy Yourself

Since cleaning can be the least enticing thing to do, why not try to cheer up  yourself while you’re at it? You could play your favorite upbeat songs for an energy boost. Admittedly, music can dampen any frail mood and quicken your moves while fostering an air of fun. Try also engaging your family members to join in the cleaning task for some bits of joking around or chit-chatting for a moment or two.

have fun cleaning

Learn to enjoy, too, while cleaning.
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