As senior citizens age and their children move out to have a family of their own, they would no longer need as much space as they have in the ancestral home. Downsizing becomes a much more practical and convenient option. This is where the advantages of condo rental come in. Choosing the right senior living option for you can be a difficult decision, what with a myriad of things to consider. Learn more about Acacia Estates, a condominium property development in Taguig City, and the many advantages this residential option offers.

Great condo rental benefits

Senior-friendly Great Condo Renal Benefits

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Condo renting has several benefits for senior citizens. For one, you won’t have to work yourself to the bones trying to maintain a yard and such, and you can always contact property management in case something breaks or if there is a problem with the wiring or the plumbing. Condo renting also brings you closer to key amenities, such as stores, recreational spots and parks. Senior citizens, in their old age, need as much convenience as they could afford.

Condo renting provides flexibility, as it does not entail long-term commitment. You can live near one of your children for about a year, and near another the next year or so. After your children have moved out, living in your old, larger house can be impractical. A smaller space is a much more convenient and practical option.

You will find great condo rental options in Taguig. DMCI Properties features the Acacia Estates, a 150-hectare residential community made up of first-rate developments, namely, Cedar Crest, Verawood Residences, Rosewood Pointe and Royal Palm Residences. Cedar Crest has minimalist design concepts combined with Neo-Asia features. A resort-living-inspired community, Verawood takes pride in its tropical island vibe. Rosewood Pointe features a Neo-Asian theme that offers modern comforts, while Royal Palm has a distinctively Thai-influenced, tropical resort-inspired design theme.

Amenities that promote a healthy lifestyle

Amenities that Promote Lifestyle

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Health concerns are of paramount importance to senior citizens. One of the major advantages of condo rental is that you get to easily incorporate a healthy lifestyle into your daily routine, with key amenities found right within the condo premises. From the pathways designed for walking and jogging to swimming pools great for taking a few laps, you will have plenty of opportunities for sporting and exercising activities.

A green town that promotes serenity

Senior-friendly Green Town that Promotes Serenity

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Having as much green in the neighborhood as possible promotes an overall feeling of serenity and well-being. In Taguig, the greenery goes beyond just the condo property. Not your typical concrete jungle, the nearby BGC is marked with trees and grassy areas. Living in a green town will do senior citizens a whole lotta good.

Easy access to leisure

Senior-friendly Easy Access to Leisure

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BGC is an artistic neighborhood. Outdoor sculptures and paintings are strategically placed throughout the city. There are several outdoor parks and indoor museums frequented even by those who are not from the area. Taguig is also known for its great food finds. Food markets and holes-in-the-wall are spread throughout the city. You may also go to food hubs like the Burgos Circle, and gain access to a wide variety of food options. For the more adventurous palate, several specialty restaurants and groceries are accessible. Plus you can always count on delivery services to bring your cravings to your doorstep. The smart neighborhood layout allow the delivery guys to show up at your door faster.

Local government policies

Senior-friendly Local Government Policies

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The Taguig City local government has its own policies and ordinances that benefit its residents. They have an anti-dengue program and eight types of scholarship programs for students. In the Philippines where grandparents often shoulder the health and education needs of their grandchildren, these can come in handy. Not covered by the number coding system, the city is convenient for senior citizens who no longer have the energy to battle strenuous commutes.

The city government has programs that are specifically for senior citizens. They conduct house-to-house delivery of free maintenance medicines for asthma, high blood and diabetes. Called the TLC Home Care Service, the program was established in 2015 to provide nursing services to Taguig residents right in the comfort of their own homes, with senior citizens among its top priorities. They also have the Oplan Linaw program which offers free eye checkup and prescription glasses to senior citizens. Beyond just health care, the city treats its senior citizens to free movies at cinemas every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, plus cash gifts on their birthdays! The city government is also working on a five-story building with a park that will serve as a recreational area for senior citizens.

World-class hospital

Senior-friendly Condo World-class Hospital

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The older we get, the more medical attention we require. Taguig City boasts the St. Luke’s Medical Center, an institution known for its state-of-the-heart healthcare services, industry leading technologies, and locally and internationally trained medical professionals. The world-renowned hospital has 10 institutes for the heart, neurosciences, cancer, eyes, digestive and liver diseases, pathology, orthopedics and sports medicine, pulmonary medicines, pediatrics and child care, and radiology. It has also been listed as one of the world’s top 25 most beautiful hospitals, ranking alongside hospitals in London, Austria, Vienna, Switzerland, and Zurich.

A club for senior citizens

Condo Club for Senior Citizens

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The St. Luke’s Medical Center - Global City features the Grandma and Grandpa Club, a daycare program designed to address the needs of the elderly and their age-related medical conditions. Senior citizens gather every Friday morning at the hospital’s second floor Piano Lounge. They engage in various social and mind-stimulating activities, such as learning arts and crafts like painting and origami, ballroom dancing, bingo games, and exercises like Pilates and yoga. The club practices holistic approach and is committed to improving the elderly’s quality of life. The club asserts that daycare is not just for children. Regular activities encourage the club members to continue living an active, healthy and sociable life. Members are commonly those who suffer from conditions related to aging, such as osteoarthritis, urinary incontinence, depression, vascular dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease. Before joining the club, every participant goes through a Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (CGA), which gives doctors an idea of their health condition and lets them determine suitable activities for them.

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