Do you dream of renting a condo in Taguig? The city is one of the hottest places for real estate investment today, and some mistakenly think that living in the area is only a dream come true for the super-rich. However, DMCI Homes shows that there are more cost options here than living in the suburbs or owning a house. This encourages more and more people to consider renting a condo in this dynamic city. Consider these 9 smart reasons to rent your dream unit in Taguig.

1. Career and Lifestyle Benefits in a Multi-faceted Landscape

career and lifestyle benefit

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Young professionals and small families are among those who understand the benefits of living in a condo for rent. An established and growing business hub, Bonifacio Global City (BGC) has abundant job opportunities, recreational diversity, and world-class modern convenience. The career and lifestyle benefits make living in the area a good value for money. Ambitious individuals who are keen on renting studio units can enjoy a multi-faceted landscape supportive of their professional and life goals.

2. Your Living Space Suited to Your Preference

suited living space

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As an all-in-one residential place, Royal Palm Residences in Taguig can cater not only to your basic home needs but to your living preferences as well. The resort-like amenities can feel like you’re having a vacation without having to leave the city. The units are designed and developed for all your modern needs. The classy and comfortable interiors are ready for occupancy, although you’re free to discuss with your landlord any minor renovations for your design inclinations. Safety is also a priority with features like fire sprinkler systems in all units and exits along the hallways.

3. Satisfy Your Cravings with Great Food Options

great food options

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One major reason why many people flock to BGC is the food finds. Renting in Taguig makes it highly convenient for you to satisfy your food cravings. Hole-in-the-walls and food markets are spread throughout the area. You also have areas like the Burgos Circle where various food options are available. Fast food restaurants can also be easily spotted. For the more adventurous, a vast selection of specialty restaurants and groceries is accessible. Delivery services are also faster because of the smart neighborhood layout.

4. Easy Access to Parks and Museums

easy access

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Walking around BGC can give the impression that you’re breathing art. Outdoor paintings and sculptures are strategically placed throughout the city. The condominiums for lease in Royal Palm Residences make it convenient for residents to live in this artistic neighborhood. For young families, they are plenty of outdoor parks to take your kids to play. Indoor museums are nearby and are frequently visited even by those from other areas.

5. All Your Shopping Needs

all your shopping needs

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The benefits of renting in Royal Palm Residences include an all-time favorite activity: shopping. Major malls have put up a business in the area, making the idea of “malling” a convenient pastime. There is Serendra, Market! Market!, SM Aura Premier, and recently the Venice Grand Canal Mall. All the malls offer a mix of retail shops, restaurants, and entertainment options. BGC is also known as having popularized open-air commercial areas. The Bonifacio High Street is one such location that is unlike any other street in the country. It’s a stretch that has upmarket shops in the midst of artwork, fountains and manicured lawns.

6. Relax in a Well-Maintained Unit

One of the best features of renting a condo in Royal Palm Residences is you won’t have to perform building maintenance or landscaping. Unlike many suburban residents, you simply get to relax in the well-maintained unit and residential location. Depending on what’s stipulated in your contract, you can have the added advantage of being free from the responsibility of interior maintenance. Things like indoor plumbing and appliance repairs can be covered by the rental cost. It’s thus important to discuss this matter beforehand with your landlord so you can have worry-free maintenance concerns.

7. Keep a Healthy and Active Lifestyle with the Amenities

healthy and active lifestyle

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One of the advantages of renting a condo is you get to you incorporate a healthy lifestyle into your busy schedule. The available amenities in Royal Palm Residences let you exercise and enjoy the benefits of being more active. From doing a few laps in the swimming pool to shooting hoops in the basketball court, you have plenty of options to exercise and do sporting activities. There is also a great outdoor area where you can jog or take a morning walk.

8. Enjoy a Commuter-Friendly Neighborhood

commuter friendly neighborhood

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Another distinction of the best condo to rent in Taguig is the commuter-friendly streets and transport system. While driving around is easy, maximizing the smartly-designed streets by taking public transportation can be enjoyable. You can also consider biking as a great option. BGC supports bikers with its open streets and well-maintained roads. BGC also has its own public transportation system. There are special buses that cover the entire city, making it convenient for commuters to go around the area or get to transportation points for travels outside the city.

9. Live in a Green Town

green town

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With all the greenery, BGC doesn’t look like your typical concrete jungle. Trees and grassy areas mark the landscape. This makes condo living in Royal Palm Residences feel relaxing. Overall, the area looks like a green town. For young families, it’s important to look at the bigger picture of green living when renting a space with your kids. Having as much green in the neighborhood contributes to an overall feeling of peace and serenity conducive to raising a family.

These nine smart reasons can give you a better perspective on renting at Taguig. It’s true that deciding over renting a condo can be challenging with all the factors you have to think about. Royal Palm Residences provides living options and benefits aligned with what many discerning renters look for in a prime location.