There’s something about Baguio City that looks and feels so familiar. It could be the chilly winds and the reassuring smell of pines. It could be the good food or the warm locals. It could be the city conveniences amid mountain ranges. Oh, if only you can have these for good.

Guess what? You can.

It might take more than just a leap of faith, but you’d be lying to yourself if you’ll say leaving Metro Manila and all the hassles that come with it never crossed your weary mind. Baguio is a perfect place to hit restart, but of course, you know that already. The country’s property developers also realize the city’s potential and that is why they have introduced condo living in the city up north, not just as a rest house for frequent visitors or investment for some, but to provide a comfortable living arrangement for those who have decided to relocate and are looking for a condo for rent in the long term.

Quadruple A builder DMCI Homes offers a leisure residential development set against the pines but provides all the modern conveniences at the same time. Outlook Ridge Residences is perfect for those who are looking beyond Metro Manila for options. It is perfect for people who like some peace and quiet after a long day at work or those who take delight in nature or works of art when the world seems too much to bear.

Are you thinking about possibilities now? Let us make things easier for you.

Comforts of proximity

Baguio Life Comforts of Proximity

Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

Regardless of who you are — a single millennial, a young couple or a small family — Outlook Ridge Residences has considered it all. Its distance to key areas of interest are not more than three kilometers. You need a school? Berkeley School and Brent International Schools are just two kilometers away. The University of Baguio, St. Louis University, and the University of the Philippines – Baguio are not so far away, too.

You are also just three kilometers away from the freshest produce from the public market. SM City Baguio and Baguio Center Mall are also within a few kilometers.

And yes, if you are feeling like a tourist, notable spots such as Burnham Park, Camp John Hay, Mines View Park, Wright Park, and The Mansion are within walking distance. Everything you’ll ever need is right outside your doorstep.

Geek mode on

Baguio Life Geek mode on

Photo courtesy of suayyip via Pixabay

Baguio City isn’t only a place to go to if you are craving for some strawberries. It is also the perfect spot if you go on a geek mode. It is home to several museums and galleries, which offer a better look into the local culture and history. If you are a fan of the arts, then you have more reasons to live in Baguio. The thriving art scene in Baguio is a feast for the senses and will truly awaken your sense of national pride.

The BenCab Museum is already one of the hottest tourist destinations. It is the home of National Artist Ben Cabrera. It is where you will find his artworks and personal collections. The museum also has an organic farm, mini-forest, and café. If you want to see artists at work, head on to the woodcarver’s village, where businessmen and traders go looking for potential exports and where you could also commission an artist to create an artwork for you. The Tam-Awan Vilage, meanwhile, will give you a glimpse of a traditional Cordillera community with Ifugao houses and Kalinga huts.

There are also several other museums, galleries, and art centers in Baguio that deserve to be discovered. You probably won’t be able to squeeze them in into your travel itinerary, but if you already live there, you can just visit anytime you want.

Good food, good times

Baguio Life Good Food Good Taste

Photo courtesy of LubosHouska via Pixabay

If you have ever been to Baguio at least once in your life, then you know that it is a paradise for foodies. The lists for the best food spots go on and on and they certainly give you more reasons on why you should live in Baguio. You wouldn’t have to pick just two or three from the list anymore, you can take all the time you need, visit them one by one, and frequent your favorites as you wish.

For one, you can eat strawberry taho or strawberry sorbetes every day. You can devour lomo ribs at Canto, experience Mongolian buffet at O Mai Khan, try southeast Asian specialties at Chef’s Home, go Japanese at Chaya, grab dessert at Hill Station or a local beer at Baguio Craft Brewery.

Quest for fitness

Baguio Life Quest for Fitness

Photo courtesy of Skeeze via Pixabay

Keeping fit and healthy may sound off-track after drooling over food options, but Baguio will give you enough reasons to get up and sweat it out. Just put on some gear, get out of your condo unit, and start running. In Baguio, you will never run out of parks where you can brisk walk or run. Imagine running while smelling the scent of pines and breathing in fresh air.

With a condo for rent at Outlook Ridge Residences, you would also have access to an indoor fitness gym for times when you want to exercise at home.

Keeping you warm

Baguio Life Keeping you Warm

Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

For the most part of the year, you will be looking for things to keep you warm: hot shower, cup of coffee, bowl of soup or a glass of wine. Coats, scarfs, boots, and jackets will always be fashionable. But do you also fancy a fireplace? Who’d think you will need one of those someday?

At Outlook Ridge, there’s a sauna, a fireplace in the common seating area and a fire pit at the roof deck. For once, you could feel like you are in another continent, rubbing your palms together while feeling the warmth of your coat against your skin.

Close to nature

Baguio Life Close to Nature

Photo courtesy of bones64 via Pixabay

You have a view of the mountains from your balcony and condo window. How’s that to greet you a good morning? Outlook Ridge Residences is also set against a backdrop of the city’s pine trees and you can relax and just stare at them on lazy afternoons. There are also landscaped gardens in the community and a roof garden for night hang-outs. These are of course on top of the many parks where you can just walk around or go biking while feeling close to nature.

The night is always young

Baguio Life The night is always young

Photo courtesy of Trinity Kubassek via Pixabay

You can forget about all the hip party places and clubs in Metro Manila. The night is also always young in Baguio City.

Just head on to Session Road at night and you’ll see bars and hotels that offer live music and booze.

Living in Baguio City could be nothing but a silent wish for now, but once you come around with the possibility, knowing that condo living can make starting over easier is a relief. Living in Baguio is probably one of your “what ifs” and “could have beens” and you should not live your life not having answers to these questions.