Without a doubt, living in a condo with elders poses some challenges you can’t ignore. As the population of younger people in the Philippines increases, individuals available to care for the elderly grow in numbers, too.

In fact, abs-cbnnews.com reported that a Moody’s Investors Service study revealed the Philippines was included in the top 23 nations in the world with low elderly population. Experts expect this study result to be effective until 2030.

Therefore, being aware of what to do when living with elders will save you some serious troubles in the long run. Implement a security check for safe condo living before letting elders move in with you. Learn from these helpful tips to ensure a productive condo living for you and your elderly loved ones.

Independence Matters

You can still secure elder protection without being overprotective. Let your elderly loved ones learn to independently care for themselves. Of course, you need to go out of your condo sometimes. Teach them the basics of using the intercom in your condo during emergencies when you’re not at home. Elders need to have the ability to think out-of-the-box when nobody’s around to tell them what to do.

Make elderly people feel more at ease in asking for the security team’s help when they need it. Make time to acquaint elders with your condo’s security guards.

Patience for Repetitiveness

Rests assure people’s brains degenerate as they get older. It can get annoying sometimes. But you need to accept that forgetfulness commonly accompanies ageing. Extend your patience whenever there’s a need to remind elders repetitively about the safety essentials in your condo.

Give Elders Responsibility

Maintaining privacy does not mean your grandma is free from any accountability. Give elders a sense of responsibility. Many elderly people survive from receiving a monthly retirement income. So, don’t put pressure on them to give a chunk of monetary share for daily living expenses. But, do allow them to pay for their share of bills in your condo to the best of their ability.

Kids Can Care for Elders, Too

Kids can pitch in to help you care for your aging parents, even at a young age. Give simple tasks to your kids to help you care for the elderly. Secure your home and elderly loved ones by requiring your kids to remind their grandpa to lock your condo’s front door whenever he gets home.

Leave a Note for Reminder

Yelling when you get frustrated at the weaknesses of your elderly loved ones doesn’t do anything good. Take a deep breath and relax, even when you’re stressed out.

Monitor elders’ behavior. Don’t get irritated when your aging mother constantly forgets to take her medications prescribed by his/her doctor. Instead, leave a note by her bedside to remind her to take her essential medications before going to bed.

Mind Their Health

Be aware of the nature of seniors’ weaknesses in implementing an effective safety guide for elders. Protect elders better. Be in the know if your elderly parent is suffering from a physical health problem, cognitive and emotional stress and dysfunction. Get the appropriate professional help for the elderly by being knowledgeable about this important issue.

Meditating Helps

Let elders remember the basics of condo security better by encouraging them to meditate. Sometimes, meditation can refresh minds of older people who tend to be forgetful. Meditation will also let the elderly indulge in the moments of relaxation that they need to rejuvenate both physically and emotionally.

Open up to Your Spouse

Sometimes, elders are more comfortable in opening up to someone else about their flaws. Open up to your spouse your desire to let him be your aging mother’s confidante. Let your spouse know that your elderly mom might be more comfortable in opening up to someone who is not that close to her, rather than to her own daughter

Your husband might just be the person your mom will turn to for tips to ensure her security away from dangers on a daily basis.

Elderly people need to be protected in a special manner throughout the remaining years of their lives. Prioritize caring for elders’ safety above that of your own.

Cherish the short-lived moments you’ll get to spend with your elder loved ones all the time.