As city life becomes more widespread in our fast-changing and modern society, it is no surprise that people nowadays turn to condo living as a reliable alternative to a more expensive house and lot. Among the many groups of people doing this, millenials who opt to rent condos reign more than anyone else. Whether it’s a rent-to-own condo or short-term condo rental, millennials are becoming a target audience that a condo owner should consider reaching out to.

Taking Advantage of Social Media for Your Condo Rental

Since millennials are a different generation on its own, effectively reaching out to them means exploring new ways to advertise condo rentals. One of the most effective ways of doing this is through social media.

We all know how connected millennials are with their various social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. By advertising a condo rental in Manila through these avenues, you can quickly get in touch with many potential tenants to occupy your condominium in a smooth and simple manner. To help you take advantage of this platform, we give you several tips on maximizing the use of social media to advertise your condos for rent.

Show Everyone Your Condo

Although putting your condo on traditional print listings can still attract potential tenants, a strong visibility on social media these days is a more effective way of telling everyone that you have a condo for rent in Manila. In fact, 90% of searches for apartment rentals start online; this means that your prospective renters are consulting social media websites to look for condos. For this reason, a huge online presence on website like Facebook and Google Plus is crucial in guaranteeing that a large audience can see your condo rental advertisement.

Share Photos that are Clean, Sharp, and Beautiful

When someone searches for a property online, one of the first things a potential tenant looks at—other than specifics like prices and amenities—are photos of your property. Rather than posting random shots with poor quality, it is always a good idea to invest the time and money to get high-quality photos of your rental space.

Remember that looking for condos for rent in Manila to live in is just like searching for commercial spaces for a business, where professionalism is the key to sealing a deal. For example, DMCI residences provide high-definition photos that highlight the unique amenities their condominiums offer. Great photos not only attract potential tenants, they are also more likely to be shared on social media.

Give a Virtual Tour of Your Space Using Quality Videos

Give a Virtual Tour

Photo Courtesy of huweijie07170 via Pixabay

Just like photos, posting a high-quality video is a great tool to advertise your condo rental. With quality videos, you can show people the key features of your condo that potential tenants are looking for. A short clip of your property posted on YouTube or Facebook also saves you from doing exhausting and time-consuming showings every week, while still telling curious and interested people what your apartment for rent has to offer.

Tell Them What Makes Your Condo Special

What Makes Your Condo Special

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No one, especially millennials, likes to have a newsfeed flooded by the same boring advertisement every single day, so you should casually remind your followers about your place and the many benefits of condo living. These could be local events, nearby hangouts, and other perks of living in the condo.

If you’re offering a condo rental for vacations, a great idea would be to post scenic beaches and picturesque sunsets unique to your property’s location. Highlight any amenities that easily set your property apart from your competitors. By doing this, you can easily attract any potential tenants by taking advantage of their need for a more exciting condo living experience.

Keep Your Posts Interesting and Creative

When advertising on social media, bear in mind that most of your target audience have a very short attention span. You need to be straightforward about the benefits of your condo while remaining friendly and creative in your posts. When sharing anything online, it’s always a good idea to post something that will catch people’s attention and keep them wanting more.

When you have mastered doing this, you can make your apartment for rent something that a potential tenant would love to live in. Another tip is using social media wisely by limiting your posts to anything that’s useful or relevant to your condominium. Make your readers want to visit your condo as soon as possible and make them feel that your place is exactly what they are looking for.

Offer Great Deals and Sales

Offer Great Deals and Sales

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Since you’re not the only one looking to rent out a condo, differentiating yourself from your competitors is integral in attracting tenants fast. To do this, another trick in taking advantage of social media is advertising affordable deals.

Everyone, especially millennials, loves to save some money, and offering discounted rates on any short-term condo rental is a great way to make tenants come looking for you. There are many ways to effectively sell these deals. For example, a condo rental for vacation can be offered at a lower price when it’s not peak season. Be wise in doing what you can to attract renters so you can maximize using social media.

Keep In Touch with Your Tenants

Perfect for those offering short-term condo rentals, using social media to keep in touch with tenants, past and present, is a sure fire way to develop a good relationship with them. When you have a solid relationship with a tenant, you increase the likelihood of getting great referrals for your condominium. Moreover, you can also encourage them to share their experiences on their social media accounts, allowing you to expand your customer base and ensure that you have loyal clients who will keep coming back to you.

Spark Conversations and Communicate

If you want to succeed in offering condo rentals in Manila, you need to be seen as a trusted source for valuable information. How do you do this?

By using your social media presence to connect with others and establish yourself as a reputable property owner. Start engaging and relevant discussions about condo living, such as how a renter can maximize space or network with local businesses to set up useful partnerships—anything you can do to make you recognized is a great way to ensure that people will remember you and your condos.