On Valentine’s Day, you’re almost always left with two choices regardless of the state of your heart: go out or stay home. The reason why traffic is terrible at this time of the year is because everyone thinks the latter is cooler. Restaurants and hotels are fully-booked and concerts are jampacked. But that doesn’t mean that staying home is less cool. In fact, with unique and creative date ideas, a Valentine’s Day staycation can be more romantic.

This is where the benefits of condo renting come into play. The space is intimate, you usually have a view, everything you will ever need is nearby, and there are common facilities you can use in pulling off whatever date idea you have in mind.

A Valentine’s Day staycation also has a lot of advantages and benefits—from lower expenses to reduced hassle. To convince you that this is the way to go, let’s run through some of its many advantages.

You won’t get stuck in traffic (and you’ll actually make it to dinner!)

valentines day wont get stuck

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Your dinner reservation is at 7:00 PM and you realize it’s 30 minutes past 7 and you’re still on the road. Unless you’re ready to spend this romantic day stuck in traffic with all cars honking around you, then you better start thinking of Valentine’s Day staycation ideas.

Among the advantages of staying in when everyone is out is that you can make sure that everything you planned will actually happen. If you intend to watch a movie and then have dinner or sip wine in the balcony, then you can do that on your own terms and in your own pace. If you stay in your condo, you’ll never miss dinner and you won’t end up on the road arguing with your partner why he or she booked a restaurant along a high-traffic route.

You don’t need to eat bad food and then be forced to pay for it

valentines day bad food and pay

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Let’s face it, some fine dining restaurants are not at all worth it. How many times have you commented something like: “My mom’s pesto is better” or “I can fix a salad just like this at one-fourth the price”?

A staycation would mean you don’t have to stress about things like these. You can prepare what you want and eat what you want. You are in control of how much you spend and you don’t go home complaining about how your dinner was not worth half of what you paid for.

In fact, cooking for your partner will never get old. The effort you put into it— from shopping for ingredients, cooking, and setting up the dinner table—will surely impress your partner. If your condo has a balcony, you can set up a romantic dinner there so it’s like being in a rooftop or sky-high bar, which as you know also cost a lot.

You get to save money

Speaking of expenses, you will save a whole lot if you just cozy up on the couch. During days like Valentine’s, you are most likely to pay extra for things that would normally cost less—flowers, chocolates, dinner, and other gifts. And girls find this a convenient reason to buy a new dress or new pair of shoes. Instead of shelling out cash, why not have a couple’s staycation and arrange your own romantic Valentine’s date. No need to spend for gas or taxi fare, expensive dinner, and other unnecessary expenses.

You can stay in your pajamas and be really comfortable

valentines day stay in your pajamas

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Are you one of those people that get stressed thinking of what you are going to wear on such a lovely, formal evening? Stay at home and worry no more.

You can stay in your condo and be in your pajamas while cozying up in bed watching your favorite TV series. Can it be any more comfortable? And think about this: you don’t have to endure watching other couples in their most awkward moment, or worse, while they’re arguing.

You get to be more creative

What are you going to do this Valentine’s Day? Let me guess: movie then dinner. Right?

During a staycation, you get to (or forced to) think of doing something really special. Because the venue is all too familiar, you feel inclined to come up with a special surprise. If you’re having a staycation, you can write sweet messages on Post-its and scatter them around the house or you can also play treasure hunt and find each other’s gifts. You can also dance or have fun karaoke-singing. You can be mushy or crazy, and that’s really all up to you and your partner.

You control the mood

valentines day control the mood

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The exciting part of a Valentine’s Day staycation is how to set up everything and make everything special. Set the mood by using warm lighting and by playing sexy music in the background. Dress up the bed with soft and hotel-like sheets, and use some aromatherapy scents too.

Also, why not decorate the condo with romantic elements? If you have been renting a condo for a long time and have not managed to change anything at all, may be V-Day is the best time to do something about it. Valentine-inspired condo decors are very personal and speak the language of the heart. A gallery of your photos together or mounting a corkboard where you can write notes to each other are perfect gift ideas for Valentine’s.

If you want to take it outside, you can also do that. Condo communities have common amenities that you can use. DMCI Properties’ Riverfront Residences has a sunset park overlooking the majestic Marikina River where you can set up a special garden dinner. For friends, there’s a pool for a night swimming party.

You get to spend quality time with each other

valentines day spend quality time

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The idea for Valentine’s Day is to be with the people you love. It doesn’t matter what you do. What’s important is that you find time to celebrate and be with one another—with lovers, friends, and family. Sit down, talk how your day went over dinner, cuddle in bed, laugh, and kiss each other good night. After all, in a world where everything is fast-paced, slowing things down has become a luxury.

Skip the hassle and stay at home this Valentine’s Day. You will be surprised at how much lovelier things can be.