DIY creative projects are good for your soul. It’s like writing a poem or composing a song. The process of creating something takes your mind off your worries and puts your entire consciousness on the present moment. Whether it’s organizing your photo album or redecorating your condominium living room, a DIY activity is one of the best solutions to reduce your stress levels.

This summer, make your condo space bigger through wall decor ideas. The Internet offers an unlimited pool of ideas you can explore. You can play with color palettes, mount floating shelves or turn your condo wall into an art gallery.

Here are 10 landlord-approved wall decor design ideas for your DIY summer project.

#1: Brighten your condo with summer hues

Probably the easiest way to brighten up your condo is to apply new paint on your walls. Colors can have amazing impact on your physical and mental health. Orange and other citrus hues are proven to stir appetite and lift moods. Red, which is preferred in working spaces, boosts energy and pumps up blood pressure. You can explore a set of colors that remind you of summers in the beach or camping in the woods. Use Pantone’s spring-summer colors for 2016, which are a combination of excitement and optimism, for your beautiful murals.

#2: Let your wall decors float

Floating shelves are ideal storage and wall designs for condo homes as these don’t take up extra square footage. These are typically used for mini libraries in tight homes. Shelves also prevent you from boring holes on the wall for decors. You can stagger the shelves, use whitewashed planks, or even repurpose old drawers. Floating shelves may be installed on walls in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom.

#3: Lift up your mood with your wall decor

How can wall design ideas brighten up not only your home, but also your mood? Paint inspirational words on your wall! It may be something to boost your self-confidence, power you up or remind you of the virtues you uphold. “There’s a little bit of implicit coaching that’s happening when you’re reading it. It’s building that self-efficacy in that kind of dialogue that you’re having with yourself,” psychologist Dr. Jonathan Fader told Fast Company.

#4: A gallery of your loved ones

Redecorate your wall with things that are precious to you: your family photos. Instead of the usual small photo album sizes, why not print the images on a large canvas? Large décor pieces can provide an illusion of space and you can use photographs as stunning wall ornaments. You can avoid visual chaos by printing the photos in monochromatic colors. Finally, anchor your wall decors with an elegant sofa.

#5: Stunning wall decals

Wall decals are easy to apply, inexpensive, and simply stunning. These are perfect wall designs in any room. You can choose from a wide range of designs from geometric shapes, portraits of famous people, and nature elements. There are also motivational quotes and designs from your favorite storybook. A tree wall sticker will attract the eye and complement your green-themed living room.

#6: Gorgeous wallpapers that create depth

You think wallpapers are dull and old-fashioned? You’re sorely mistaken. Designers are coming up with exciting wallpaper designs that can turn your condo home into a gorgeous art space. Cover your living room wall with misty mountain wallpaper. The layers of colors will give the room a sense of depth, creating an impression of vastness. With this breathtaking wall design, you will not need any ornament anymore.

#7: Greens and handsome artworks in lovely frames

Greens can do wonders in any room. This touch of nature boosts relaxation and calmness, and adds an organic element in the design. Indoor plants also help clear the air of pollutants. What plants suit enclosed environments? Check out the resilient ZZ plant, the exotic dracaena, and the decorative snake plant. These are all low-maintenance plants that can survive with minimal exposure to sunlight. Liven up your condo by hanging large framed artworks on your wall and displaying indoor plants on floating shelves, coffee table, and in corners of the room. Framing paintings and sketches protect the artworks and exude an appearance of permanence.

#8: A bamboo wall for your oriental living room

Bamboos signify resilience. These are also prominent in East Asian-inspired designs. Craftsmen from China and Japan use bamboo sticks to create baskets, mats, and other handicrafts. Bamboos are quite flexible. They can be used to make a lot of things from chopsticks to beds. “Economical and sustainable due to its rapid regenerative properties, interior, product and industrial designers are embracing bamboo as an alternative to heavily processed materials that can lack a connection with nature,” according to an article in the Financial Times. You can use bamboos to design your condo wall. Complement this with other organic elements such as wooden shelves and indoor plants.

#9: Floor-to-ceiling mirror for an illusion of space

Do you know a no-sweat design hack to make your condo larger? Display a large mirror. This will give an illusion of space and highlight your design pieces. Mirrors, when placed in the right parts of the house, are believed to bring good luck. You may simply let the mirror lean against a wall or for safety measures, mount it against the wall. Choose a floor-to-ceiling mirror for your living room.

#10: Hand-painted ceiling medallions

Can’t think of anything to fill your walls aside from the usual frames? Hand-paint ceiling medallions and hang them on your condo wall. These medallions are typically used to hold chandeliers against the ceiling. You can repurpose old ones, which you can buy at flea markets and antique shops, by repainting them based on your interior design theme.

It’s time to brainstorm for your condo design summer ideas. If you have something in your mind, consult your landlord first before purchasing materials and starting work. There may be aspects of the condo that he/she prefers to keep. You can list down your ideas in the order of preference. If installing additional cabinets won’t work with your landlord, you may suggest floating shelves instead. Involve your family and friends with your DIY home projects. This is a good opportunity to bond beyond your usual social media interactions.