Summer in the Philippines is like no other--it’s a lot of fun with the outings and the parties, but is it ever so hot! No one can ignore the rising heat that strikes the country every time summer comes around. In a report by the Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA), Metro Manila hit 36.3°C in early April, the highest it has reached as of press time. In other parts of the country, the heat index has risen to as much as 51°C. It’s no surprise that even this late in the summer season, the heat is still oppressive. Cleaning the condo for the summer may not have been enough to bring that chill ambiance that we all need to get through the day in comfort.

1. Open windows and doors to maximize airflow

What better way to say goodbye to summer than to open your doors to let in the cooling breeze? It’s metaphorical and poetic, but it also serves a practical purpose as natural airflow is important if you want your unit to have a lively feel. Opening your windows and doors throughout the day will help a great deal in air circulation. That way, warm and humid air won’t remain stagnant in the rooms.

2. Change your window shades and bed linen to a lighter hue

One of the most effective tips for dealing with summer heat is to replace the dark elements in your unit with lighter alternatives. For instance, you can do away with wool blankets and heavy duvet sheets and instead use lightweight bedding that are also cool to the eyes. Silk and satin sheets will do well for this purpose, as long as you choose lighter colors. You will also benefit greatly from replacing your dark, heavy curtains with white window shades or blinds which are sure to give your condo a breezy feel.

3. Adorn your condo with indoor plants

White-sand beaches and lush greeneries bring back memories of summer, and you know you’ll miss it once it’s gone. Why not take that same summer feel home with you by putting beach paintings and green houseplants in your condo? Houseplants can be natural air filters while also serving as a great display pieces. Among the best plants you can leave in your bathroom sink are English ivy, spider plants, and snake plants. Put them in terracotta pots for a more natural look.

4. Go for colder treats

One great thing about summer is the good selection of cold, delectable foods you can consume. As summer nears its end, there’s no reason to stop sampling these cool treats! To combat the waning heat, store cold drinks, salads, smoothies, and cold fruits in your refrigerator along with ice cream and popsicles in the freezer. When the heat becomes unbearable at around noon,  grab a cool snack from your stock and enjoy the treat.

5. Take cool showers in the afternoon

Sometimes the best summer tips are just plain common sense, no matter what the season. Nobody has to tell you to take a shower when you’re all sticky and hot from the humid weather. Go ahead and take as many showers as you need — nobody’s voting against it. Just take note that the word here is need and not want. You can’t take a shower all day just because you feel like it; you still have to think about your water consumption. That’s why it’s probably best if you take your little showers in midday or in the afternoon, when your body is most exposed to heat.

6. Give your pets a good bath

Don’t forget about your pets when you’re splashing in the water now. Like you, they too need to feel refreshed. Fortunately, DMCI condos for rent allow pets, so you can give your little pals a bath in the shower room anytime you want.

7. Tune up your air-conditioner

There’s no easier way to keep your house cool than to open the air-conditioner and give your condo the chilly draft of an artificial cooling system. If your air-conditioner is highly efficient, it can effectively get rid of high humidity in the air. Even so, you still have to clean it often to keep it functioning at peak performance. If you don’t dust it off every month, the airflow will decrease by 1% every week. Your AC probably went through heavy use when the heat was at its worst, so do yourself a favor and do a maintenance run so you can be sure it won’t konk out at you at a bad time.

8. Mind your energy consumption

In the Philippines, summer can easily mean higher electricity bills. When the temperature rises, appliances use more energy to perform regular tasks that would require less effort on cooler days. As a result, energy consumption spikes and electricity bills double up. This is why, as the weather cools, you need to watch what appliances you use and how long you use them so you can be sure that you’re not consuming as much energy as you have been at the peak of the heat. Your bills are not the only concern here because by saving energy, you also reduce your carbon footprint.

9. Conserve water

Saving water usually goes side by side with saving energy, but water conservation is also worth giving its own section. Summer can be so hot you may sometimes forget to save water as you stand in the shower for hours on end just to stay cool. The worst is over, so it’s time to cool off with the water abuse. Be mindful that you shouldn’t shower for as long as you did when it was so hot. If you can’t comprehend the importance of saving water on a global scale, then just think of how your water bills will go down if you don’t waste too much of this precious resource.

10. Keep your ceiling fan open

Yeah, yeah, it’s the Philippines so it’s still hot no matter what. Surely, this next tip will help you out: keep your ceiling fan open. No matter how you look at it, it’s a win-win in terms of banishing the last of the summer heat from your condo while also saving on energy costs. It may not be as blissful as an air-conditioner, but it sure does the trick at a fraction of the utility cost.

11. Choose which appliances to use and when to use them

Some appliances consume more energy than others. The washing machine, air-conditioner, and refrigerator are among the most notorious in this list. Nonetheless, there are still others that are still somewhat impractical to use even when the weather is not so hot, like the oven and the dishwasher. The oven, most especially, is an appliance that you must think twice before using. It can create heat in your home that is difficult to dispel especially when the air is humid. As much as possible, just keep the oven in a corner until the rain comes in and it becomes irresistible to whip up a batch of cookies. In the case of the dishwasher, it uses up more energy when used during daytime, so you might want to delay using it until the evening when the temperature is not too high. If you want to cool your indoors, you have to be smarter with your appliance use.

12. Go window shopping in a nearby mall

Malls in the Philippines get packed with window shoppers during summertime and this remains true until the rain outside traps them in their condo units. When you feel like going out for a walk on a hot afternoon, the nearest mall is probably number one in your list of destinations. It’s a good thing that DMCI Leasing has strategically built its condos near major establishments like malls, removing the need to travel far for window shopping.

13. Take a dip in the swimming pool

Summer condo living is not complete without a swimming pool, and guess what: the pool doesn’t close up when summer’s over! Remember our tips about taking fewer, shorter showers while keeping water conservation in mind? Well, a dip in the swimming pool solves both problems at once. You’re in luck if you live in a DMCI condo because almost all DMCI properties are designed with at least one swimming pool.

14. Use peppermint essential oil

Another way to escape from the last of the summer heat is by sprinkling a peppermint solution on your skin for instant relief. All you need is peppermint essential oil mixed with distilled water.Just be sure to to avoid accidentally spraying some on your eyes.

15. Dress for the summer, even when it’s over!

Keep the summer vibe going strong by dressing up for it. Light-colored clothing is always recommended during summer because it absorbs less heat from the sun. Wearing light clothes is always an effective way to keep your body cool during those final hot, humid days. Take this last chance to flaunt your summer wardrobe because in a few weeks, it’ll be pouring non-stop, and you’ll need to cover up!

16. Restock your shelves with summer food

This is the ultimate way to say goodbye to summer in your condo. Remember that delicious summer barbecue you had? Relive the memory with a cookout now, before the weather becomes too wet for it. Is there room enough for ice cream and popsicles in your freezer? If not, then make room! You still need those chillers before the weather turns around completely.

There are so many ways you can wave goodbye to summer without squirming in the heat. Be smart and practical now because the dog days are over!