Want to make your Royal Palm Residences property stand out for picky Taguig renters? Consider elevating your space with a relaxing and stylish Thai-infused design. Part of the in-demand Asian trend, Thai-infused design has a broad appeal that can be effective in attracting renters. It promotes a combination of simplicity and elegance that feels calming and homey. Renters generally look for a space that sparks their enthusiasm while still adaptable to their needs. With emphasis on highlighting beauty and effective use of space, designing your space with Thai elements can help you secure tenancies and higher return on investment. Here are 6 condo design ideas to inspire you.

1. The warmth of sophisticated furniture

Thai Sophisticated Furniture

Photo courtesy of Heather Cowper via Wikimedia Commons

Complement the resort-style vibe of your DMCI property with the warmth of rattan furniture. Classified as wicker furniture, which refers to the weaving technique, rattan chairs and fixtures can help make your space feel lived in and functional. Because of its comfort and flair, rattan furniture are found in Thai-inspired designs. They embody refinement and coziness, allowing you to create an inviting interior design. Rattan pieces can snuggly fit into an average condo space, making them ideal for space-conscious renters. Choose from the various design approaches such as modern, traditional or eclectic. Apart from rattan, other wicker furniture materials to consider are paper, bamboo, and willow branches.

2. Tranquil space with a mini zen garden

Thai Mini Zen Garden

Photo courtesy of Foto-Rabe via Pixabay

Often associated with Japanese aesthetics, zen gardens are present in Thai design due to Buddhist influences. The combination of weather and tropical flora has made zen gardens ideal for many residential and commercial gardens throughout Asia. Having a miniaturized zen garden is one of the budget condo ideas that can immediately add tranquility to your space with its carefully composed landscape and low-maintenance requirements. Rocks, pruned bushes, and sand that represent water ripples make for a captivating arrangement. You can centrally place it on your living room table or make it an interesting feature of your side table. Having a zen garden in your condo is a cool way to inspire prospective renters with natural elements and rich Asian heritage.

3. Soft, relaxing illumination

Thai Relaxing Illumination

Photo courtesy of minesweaper via Pixabay

Make your Royal Palm Residences unit shine with proper lighting. Lighting is a key element in an attractive Thai-infused home design. Both Thailand and the Philippines enjoy natural sunlight already, so enhance your space with just the right amount of lighting fixtures. Adding lamps with an Asian touch is a great way to create an inviting experience. Whether it’s a floor or desk lamp, your lighting fixtures can uplift the mood of your condo. Choose warm white for the light bulbs for a soft effect since day or white lights can be too bright. Also, select the lamp size in conjunction with the color and size of your room. You want a seamless combination of functionality and style enhanced by gentle lighting.

4. Lively Thai-inspired adornment

Thai-inspired Adornment

Photo courtesy of cegoh via Pixabay

Vivid and rich hues abound in Thai design. It’s apparent in their temples and home interiors. The millions of tourists who visit Thailand are treated to vivid colors characteristic of Asian style. Inject a burst of color into your space to evoke glee. Whoever said renting a condo should feel drab? Consider a colorful elephant accessory that you can hang in walls and windows. Elephants play an important part in Thai culture and remains an enduring symbol of royalty, Buddhist principles, and daily spirituality. An elephant accessory at home can exude a mix of cuteness and élan. Just remember to accessorize moderately and only highlight key areas of the home.

5. Minimalism that fuses modernity and tradition

Thai Modernity and Tradition

Photo courtesy of annewesterhoven via Pixabay

What's great about Asian-style interiors is its emphasis on harmony and balance. Accomplish this by incorporating cultural elements and combining them through both modern and traditional approaches. For example, a white dresser can look inspiring with a Buddhist sculpture and a framed motto. The minimalist effect evokes an image of serenity and calm, which is what many urbanite-renters seek. The fast-paced city lifestyle inspires many young people to look for available spaces for rent in Taguig because of the great location. But they also prefer a peaceful abode that can provide respite and relaxation from the city rush. By adopting a Thai-infused minimalist design, you’re providing renters with a soothing space while keeping the modern and traditional vibe intact.

6. Beauty and lushness of bamboo

Thai Lushness of Bamboo

Photo courtesy of Marianne Cousineau via Wikimedia Commons

Mimic the scenic landscapes of rural Thailand by adding bamboo plants or bamboo-inspired art to your condo for rent. Thailand is famous for its Bambusa Nana, a bamboo variant with soft foliage and upright stature. Bamboos are often used in homes as an economical yet naturally stylish design component. Because of their lush color, bamboos can be pacifying and incredibly mesmerizing. Bamboo species are in the hundreds, and you can certainly grow many of them indoors. Just keep a close eye on moisture because bamboo plants need plenty of water.

7. Airy bedroom with delicate canopy

Thai Airy Bedroom

Photo courtesy of Homedit.com via Pinterest

Create a clean and sleep-worthy bedroom ambiance that radiates the ease of Thai design. A good design step is to include a soft bed canopy. An airy bedroom should reflect a restful domain where dwellers can rejuvenate their mind and body. Decorating your condo bedroom should take into consideration the comfort of the prospective tenant. Opt for natural wooden rods and soft fabrics like cotton and silk. Choosing neutral colors like beige and white can also make your space feel fresh and comforting.

The Royal Palm Residences in Taguig is a place where people can relax after a long day. Consider these Thai-inspired designs to enhance your space for renters. With a well-designed environment, you make it more convincing for future tenants to choose your condo as their next home.