The battle of engagement photo shoots is really a thing these days. Couples are really in it to win it. From traditional and classy to the offbeat and quirky — name it, it’s been done before. But there is no stopping couples from coming out with the most unique and creative prenup photoshoot concepts. After all, every love story is unique and every couple is special.

As important as finding a theme or idea for a prenup photoshoot is finding the right venue. You want the venue to be flexible, one that can go from subtle to elaborate. You want to have the flexibility to go indoors or outdoors for a wide-range of shots. Of course, you want it be accessible and within your budget.

Casa Real Pre-nup Photoshoot

Photo courtesy of DMCI

It is a welcome bonus if the venue itself has a story — a story as special and as extraordinary as yours. Casa Real, an events place for rent within the Acacia Estates community in progressive Taguig, is one such venue. It is a three-story structure patterned after the ancestral home of the Tuason clan in Manila. Progress happened and DMCI Properties got hold of the house, but instead of abolishing the property, the developers decided to preserve its architecture. It is technically a new structure, but it got all of the elements of a grand old house during the Spanish and American eras. Casa Real stands tall amid modern dwellings, showing the grandeur of colonial architecture with the perfect blend of Filipino, Spanish, American, and Chinese components. This is heritage and nostalgia at its best.

Couples will have a blast coming up with ideas for a prenup shoot at Casa Real. They can go indoor or outdoor, classic or punk, simple or grand.

Party like Gatsby

Oh, the 1920s. It was a decade of style and glamour. The tailored tux, silk dresses, funky headdresses, jewelry, lights — the glitz of it all. And if there is one who put flair to the decade, it is Gatsby. The Great Gatsby, while a fictional character borne out of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s imagination, was a style icon and a party virtuoso. No one threw a party like Gatsby.

It isn’t a surprise that Gatsby is one of the most-loved themes for a prenup photoshoot. After all, it tells the story of a millionaire’s passion and obsession for a pretty debutante. So if your love story is filled with desire and passion, Gatsby is a perfect concept for a venue like Casa Real.

It is Gatsby with a unique Filipino twist. The interiors are elaborate with chandeliers on the ceiling and huge glass windows. The halls are spacious and the wooden floor and furniture add to the colonial glamour of the place. You may also go outside, in front of the Casa’s iconic staircase, and pose in a Cadillac.

The devil is in the details. Pick a color scheme that is glitzy such as gold, silver, black or white. Add a touch of glass, crystals, pearls, and feathers. Silk and chiffon linens, flowers, candles, and a lot of sparkle will add drama. Dress up in vintage glam and don’t forget a headband to match.

Way back in the 50s

When it comes to fashion and style, it can’t get better than the 1950s. There’s so much effort in putting things together then, not just put on what is comfortable. Pleated skirts, pencil skirts, and petticoats were prominent among young women. They wore full skirt dresses, stylish hats, feminine coats, and carried cute little bags. Gentlemen wore suits, leather shoes, fedora hats, and suspenders. If you’ve seen the musical Grease or the tearjerker The Notebook, then that’s basically what 1950s fashion is all about.

If that is your idea for a prenup shoot, Casa Real will surely deliver. You don’t have to do much else because it’s got all the right elements for a vintage photo shoot. Make sure to have a few shots taken at the staircase at night, when all the lights are on, in your chic 1950s get-up. Be bold with make up too. Strike a romantic pose in one of the windows or sip some wine in one of the wooden tables.

May the force (of love) be with you

Casa Real Pre-nup Photoshoot Star Wars

Photo courtesy of Webster2703 via Pixabay

If you and your fiancé are sci-fi freaks, a Star Wars-themed prenup shootout is the coolest way to go. There is obviously no starship or Millennium Falcon in Casa Real, but all you need is actually a lightsaber and full on drama.

Depending on how quirky you are as a couple, you can go stylish Star Wars or comic Star Wars. Put on a white dress, twirl your hair on each side a la Princess Leia, and confidently swing a lightsaber. For the gentlemen, channel your inner Hans Solo complete with an edgy vest, tight pants, and knee-high boots. Or you can both just dress up as Jedis if you are up to it.

Use warm lights, or extra laser lights if you have budget to spare, and mimic a space battle. Use the spacious halls or the walls. You can also go outdoors as if you are in the woods. If you choose to do this, just make sure you are game for anything to pull it off.

Stay at home

Casa Real Pre-nup Photoshoot Stay at Home

Photo courtesy of StockSnap via Pixabay

There are couples who are relaxed and laidback. They would rather chill at home on weekends, than party all night. Why not be yourselves during the shoot and capture your would-be life together?

The good thing about this vintage events place for lease in Taguig is that it does feel like home. The doors, window treatment, and furniture feel like living in your own hacienda. Go casual in your attire to provide a contrast to the place. Sip coffee, play video games, cuddle, bring in a tub and get into it or just eat pizza out of a box.

All that jazz

Casa Real Pre-nup Photoshoot All That Jazz

Photo courtesy of Boboshow via Pixabay

In the late 19th century, jazz was born. It remains to be one of the most gorgeous prenup photoshoot concepts to this day.

A flowy dress for the lady and white long-sleeves with suspenders for the gentleman. Put on a flower accessory under one ear and a fedora hat to complete the look. The lady could be the jazz singer while the gentleman could be playing the piano in an empty hall of Casa Real. You could set up an empty bar where there is only the two of you, a glass of wine, and a spotlight. Print some photos in black and white and you’re good to go.

Whimsical and steampunk

Another creative concept for sci-fi geeks is going steampunk. A historical setting, such as Casa Real, is a must if you want to pull this off. There might not be a steam-powered or industrial machinery here but with the right spunk, this is perfectly doable. Dress Victorian and be elaborate with your wardrobe. Bustiers, bodices, extravagant head pieces, and dark make up are important components for women. Jackets, tailcoats, vest, and a funky hat define the men of this fashion genre. Use the stairs, empty halls, garden, and wooden furniture for your shots. And don’t forget the attitude.

In planning your prenup photoshoot, remember that finding the right venue is as important as the theme. The venue must provide a backdrop that is as compelling.