So you have finally moved into your new condo unit and although you are tired, you are excited about condo living and leading the yuppie life you have always wanted. Give yourself a pat on the back. Moving — especially if you had to do it during less favorable conditions — is no piece of cake. But hey, you managed to do it!

Before you celebrate in your new home, refer to this checklist to keep your unit  organized and make the transition as smooth as possible.

Make An Inventory Of Your Belongings

It can be very tempting to just plop on the bed (or on the floor because you have yet to unpack), but you have to be sure that your belongings made it in one piece. Check each and every box to see if there are any missing or damaged items. The sooner you find such items, the sooner you can do something about it.

Give Your New Condo Unit A Good Clean

If you have the energy and the time, why not start fresh with a clean condo unit? Vacuum, mop, and scrub all rooms as needed, except maybe for the area where you temporarily put your boxes. It is better that you clean this area last when you are done dusting off your furniture and appliances.

Prepare The Essentials

You don’t have to unpack and organize all of your things in one day. You can do it gradually according to your urgent needs. If you have work the next day, prepare the things that you’ll need such as toiletries, clothes, gadgets, and so on. If you cook your own food, do your grocery shopping and stock up your pantry.

Explore The Area

royal palm lap pool

Royal Palm Residences, DMCI Homes

Take your time to be acquainted with what your new home has to offer. Aside from re-evaluating your unit, step out to explore the premises. Enjoy the superb design like that of the Mediterranean-inspired East Ortigas Mansions or the Bali-inspired East Raya Gardens. Moreover, condos for rent in the Philippines cater to young professionals so you are bound to find and enjoy the amenities that are perfect for your lifestyle.

Get Your Utilities In Order

According to The Simple Dollar, give the utility companies a call to make sure that basic services like electricity, water, telephone, and the like are in your name. Check the installed wires and  the location of the main circuit breaker and water shut-offs. In addition, contact your landlord and/or condo management for assistance.

Ready Your Emergency Kits And Plans

It definitely pays off to be ready at all times. Adopt this mindset and you will be better equipped for anything that could happen. Put together a first-aid kit and know where the emergency exits are.

Relax And Enjoy Hearty Meals

While moving to a new home is a major life event, it can drain your energy  because of the seemingly endless tasks. Give yourself a much-needed boost by recharging your batteries and refuelling with good food. You don’t have to cook — it is understandable since you haven’t set up your kitchen yet. Just go and head to great restaurants near your new address. For instance, if you have moved into Acacia Estates, head over to Chef Tatung nearby to experience Filipino food with a twist.

Change Locks And Reinforce Security

You may be excited to know and explore your new  community, but you should never let your guard down when it comes to securing your home. You would not want to welcome condo rental with a case of burglary, would you?

Switch to different locks to ensure that only you have the keys. If your new place doesn’t have security tools like deadbolts or if you need additional measures like smoke detectors, install them as soon as possible.

Update Your Information

It can be troublesome to update all of your information — from your postal address to your account information to your voter registration details. Some changes can also be done by filling out online forms or by calling the customer support hotline. However, some may take more effort by lining up at the concerned office. Plan well so you can minimize any inconveniences that the change in your address can bring.

Know Thy Neighbors

It is always a good thing to be friends with your neighbors. After all, you all live in a condo community. If you don’t know where to start, take small steps to get to know your neighbors. Be a responsible condo unit owner and regularly attend condo association meetings. Be friendly and smile. Initiate small talk.

Pamper Yourself

Reward yourself for all of the hard work you have done to move into your dream home. Take a long bath with scented candles. Call your trusted masseuse for a relaxing massage right in your new condo. If your definition of pampering means shopping, then head to shopping malls that are strategically located near your condo building.

Spruce Up Your Place

Once you are done unpacking, you can start decorating your unit according to your taste. If you need new or additional furniture, you might want to repurpose old home pieces to cut down on cost. You can also do DIY decors if you are into arts and crafts.

Plan A Housewarming Party

tivoli garden observatory

Tivoli Garden Residences, Mandaluyong City, DMCI Homes

What better way to introduce your posh place than by throwing a get-together with your family and friends? Of course, do it once your condo unit is set up and ready to accommodate guests. On the other hand, you can also take advantage of great venues right in your condo building. For instance, the Iris Observatory in Tivoli Garden Residences in Mandaluyong City is a perfect spot for small parties and stargazing sessions.

Without a doubt, yuppies who rent are into convenient and comfortable real estate properties such as rent-to-own condos. Enjoy the best condo living experience by keeping in mind these 13 tips. Knowing what to do after moving in can tremendously help you adjust during this milestone in your yuppie life.