Some say summer is overrated. Well, what’s wrong with having a little fun? Summer is a good time to hit the beach, relax your mind, get some rest, and bond with friends and family. Summer is also a good time for fashion - from bikinis to colorful dresses. But aren’t you forgetting something? If you are beach-ready, then your home must be ready to welcome the summer vibe, too. Isn’t it fun if you try to give your condo a cheerful makeover this time of the year? Whether you’re a fan of summer DIY projects or an advocate of store-bought, these 20 easy summer projects will surely liven up your condo.


condo summer flower arrangement

Photo courtesy of Kelysy Wade via Pinterest

The Flower Power

Let’s start with something really cheerful and charming. Care for a sunflower? Adding a vase of flowers, even just a stem, will lighten the mood in any room. Try adding lemon to the vase to prolong the life of the flowers. The acid-based substance improves water flow in the stems and reduces the amount of fungi build-up while the sugar helps open buds. Make it your centerpiece and have your condo smelling nice, too.


Summer Potted Plant

Photo from Amanda Manzella via Pinterest


Add Some Greens

Adding some indoor plants is one of the easiest tricks to make a condo looking fresh. No green thumb? No problem. Most indoor plants can thrive on low sunlight. If one day, you forget to water them, they won’t really mind. Most herbs are low-maintenance so why not try growing your own herb garden today? You can use recycled cans or jars.

Summer Plant Condo Glass Bottle

Photo from Judy Fauth via Pinterest


Garden In A Jar

Assembling bottle terrariums is a fun summer condo activity to do with your kids. You can use some herbs or plant seeds and watch them sprout. This is a good way to extend learning in the kitchen. They are easy maintenance and really fun.

Summer Condo Table Runner

Photo from Linda Woods via Pinterest


Run With It

One cheap summer décor is placing a colorful and printed runner on your table. Choose patterns that remind you of flowers or the beach. If you don’t want to pick one at the mall, you can make this your DIY summer project. Do you still have those colorful bandannas? Sew a few pieces together and get yourself a table runner.

Condo Summer Sofa

Photo from Amy Logan via Pinterest


Pillows And Patterns

You don’t need to change your couch. Just give it a re-touch by changing the covers of your throw pillows. Enough with neutrals and plainness. Summer is a perfect time to go a little wild with mixing and matching colorful throw pillows. Choose lightweight and soft fabric. They don’t cost a lot but they have great impact.

Summer Condo Balcony

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Comfy At The Balcony

If your condo has a balcony, summer is a good time to use it often. Dress it up with comfy chairs or daybed and again, patterned pillows. Add a plant, too. It is nice to prepare your balcony this summer because you can hold intimate summer condo activities here like grilling barbecues or drinking cold beer with a few friends.

Summer Lighting for Condo Shells

Photo from Monique Yarwood


Lighting With Shells

Bring home a touch of the beach or the sea with oversized shells. You can put a candle or battery-operated lights inside them to give you that romantic summer mood. Smaller shells are perfect for string lights.

Summer Shell Centerpiece for Condo

Photo from Nancy Reiser via Pinterest


Make A Shell Vase

Aside from lighting, big shells and clams can also be turned into plant and flower vases. Choose the ones that are stable and can lay flat on a surface.

Summer Candle in Your Condo

Photo from Maddi Bruno via Pinterest


Bring The Beach Home

Since we are already talking about shells, why not place a beach display in your condo? Creating a beach centerpiece or display is another cool DIY summer project. Just throw in different kinds of seashells and sand.

Condo Photo Wall Summer Vacation

Photo from Leanne Rendell via Pinterest


Hang the Memories From Your Summer Vacation

Get yourself even more excited to go to the beach by hanging pictures of you and your family’s times at the beach. It is always nice to add a personal touch to your home.

Condo Summer Sofa

Photo from Shelly Feirclough via Pinterest


Seascape On Your Wall

Hang a seascape canvas on your wall to give your condo an instant summer feel. There are plenty of summer paintings to choose from. Pick the one that goes well with your wall paint and your furniture.

Summer Colors in Your Condo

Photo from sfgirlbybay/victoria smith via Pinterest


Flirty Fabric on the Floor

Don’t forget your floor. Adorn it with flirty patterned area rugs or carpets. They will go well with patterns on your wall or your furniture.

Nautical Bedroom Theme For Condo

Photo from morgan conrad via Pinterest


Stripes And Summer

Summer loves patterns, especially stripes. Adorn your condo interiors with striped fabric and decorations for that cool and fresh look. You can also use some colorful tape to create stripes on some furniture like the dresser or storage cabinets.

Condo Summer Wreath

Photo from Pam Reile via Pinterest


Welcoming Summer

Welcome summer at your doorstep by pinning a summer wreath or burlap at your door. Just like a Christmas wreath, making your own summer wreath is an easy condo project. Just a few flowers and ribbons would do. Seashells and wood are also great. Even those cute umbrellas on fruit juices would be nice.

Summer Chairs in Your Condo

Photo from Angie @Echoes of Laughter via Pinterest


Update The Paint

Don’t worry, you don’t need to paint your whole condo. You can just update old and tired furniture by using high-gloss spray paint. Consider a facelift of dining chairs, your old dresser, or tired night stand. Choose beach blue, grassy green, or some other flirty colors. Take note, don’t forget to prime for paint to stick really well and for the surface to be fine.

Condo Summer Coffee Table

Photo from Nienke Westra via Pinterest


Make Good With Wood

Natural elements like wood are also good for summer-looking interiors. Adding decors made of wood boosts a nice touch. Turning tree stumps into a center or coffee table is also a great idea; it is another way of bringing the outdoors in.

Condo Curtains For Summer

Photo from Katarzynaa Pa... via Pinterest


I'm Livin' On Sunshine

Summer is a good time to pull back the drapes and thick curtains to let some sunshine in. This is also a good way to lower your electricity bill this summer. But if you still want something hanging by your window, choose a see-through fabric or lace to make your room feel light and airy. But if you want to keep the sun out, drop cloth and cottony-soft fabrics are also nice.

Crisp White Condo Bedroom for Summer

Photo from m nolson via Pinterest


Beach-Inspired Bedroom

Do you dream of sleeping in a beach bed like those really comfy ones at the resort? Well, why not turn your own bedroom into a hotel-resort accommodation? This DIY summer condo project just requires decorating with dreamy pillows and sheets. Hang an ocean-inspired painting on the wall and place a seashell display on the night table or pin some on the headboard. Aside from ocean blue and flower patterns, sand colors are nice too. Hanging lace curtains on the corners of the bed is an option.

Condo Summer Seat

Photo from Nichole Day


Got The Blues?

When it comes to decorating this summer, a mix of happy colors is a great idea. But for some reason, touches of blue are also hands-down winners. Summer means life at the beach that is why aqua, teal, and turquoise are nice colors to have at home this season.

Yellow Themed Condo for Summer

Photo from Amy Peruso-Lytle via Pinterest


Decorate With Must-haves

Use summer must-haves for your decorating pleasures. It could be a surfboard in a corner, boat paddles on the headboard, or summer hats and flip-flops mounted on the wall. These are all great reminders of the fun life at the beach.

Bring in the beach and the outdoors this summer by easy-to-do beach themes and summer-inspired decorations. No need to spend much. Just a touch of nature in your home can make any space summer-ready.