Neighbors are almost like family, we hardly ever get to pick them! Luckily, if you are in the right neighborhood, the type of neighbors you’ll have can’t be all that bad. And if you are living in a DMCI condo, the types of tenants you’ll encounter are almost always predictable. Whether you are an actual tenant yourself or a landlord, you will be able to relate to this list of common condo dwellers.

The social butterfly

You’d recognize a social butterfly right away. He is likely the first to show up at your doorstep to introduce himself. Most probably a known socialite, a social butterfly delights in making friends, engaging in conversations, and keeping abreast of all the neighborhood news and gossips. If you want to keep up with the ins and outs of your condo community, head over to the social butterfly’s unit. He’d be more than happy to indulge you with a thorough discussion. And should you want to get the word out about your new housewarming party, just let your social butterfly of a neighbor know and the news is sure to spread out like wild fire!

The recluse

You are sure to encounter a neighbor who rarely leaves his unit. Although he may seem distant, do not mistake the behavior for snobbery. Some people simply find more joy in solitude. You’ll be surprised to find that the recluse is sometimes the kindest person you will ever meet. These people do not get involved in frivolities and tend to perceive people with deeper insight. This means they are more open-minded and are less likely to judge. So don’t get bothered if you only see them once in a blue moon. And take whatever little chance you have of greeting them. Embrace every window of opportunity, because they do come few and far between.

The green neighbor

And there will always be the green neighbor. She loves the outdoors and has a real passion for the environment and the ways we can preserve it. She’s always on a recycling drive of sorts and other such environmental sustainability advocacy. And boy oh boy, does she have a green thumb. A glance at her balcony will even get you green with envy. Its lush greenery and freshness just makes you want to switch units with her. You do love the greenspiration she gives you, not to mention the helpful recycling tips she’s been giving you. Now stop eyeing her balcony with envy, and get tips for having one of your own instead. There really is no stopping you from developing your own green thumb!

The sosyal neighbor

You see her showing up in her fancy car, then stepping out with her signature bag. She looks so elegant and fabulous, you can’t help but wish you’d be more like her. She also throws the best parties in the neighborhood, with top brass personalities showing up to join in the fun. Instead of getting green-eyed, use her as an inspiration to work harder so you could finally afford the finer things in life. That being said, keep in mind that her lifestyle is not the be-all-and-end-all of a happy life. You likely have something that is way more valuable than the fancy things she struts around with, such as your happy family and wonderful friends! Stay grateful.

The oddball

You’d probably notice them by their mediterranean and whimsical outfit. And their balcony decor is likely to have a tribal vibe to it. Don’t be surprised to find the oddball showing up at your door unannounced. Neighbors of this type do not shy away from expressing their opinion, no matter how unpopular it may be. You’d just as soon find yourself in a spirited discussion with the oddball. Although your eccentric neighbor can get wacky, you’d soon find that they aren’t out for trouble and are mostly mellow. You’d even grow to love their carefree vibe.

The yuppies

Yuppies prefer condo living because of its proximity to their place of work. Young professionals, whose lives are driven by technology, are also used to having things at their fingertips. So they are drawn to the convenience of the condo lifestyle. They are, after all, used to getting what they need quickly and instantly. And that’s not to mention the fact that they get to escape the city’s worsening traffic which could affect their productivity. Speaking of work productivity, you are likely to encounter yuppies lounging by the pool … with their laptop. They are eager to climb the corporate ladder and hardly ever stop working. They do mix in a bit of play though, and love the condo’s close proximity to the city’s nightlife scene.

The newlyweds

Condo living is a popular option for newlyweds who find a bigger, more costly house less practical now that they do not have children yet. And just like the yuppies, they consider their career a top priority and prefer the condo’s strategic location. Not having to spend too much time on commute also lets them have more quality time for each other. Plus, living in a condo feels like an endless vacation, just what newlyweds still feeling the honeymoon vibes need.

The expats

Home to a growing number of startups and multinational companies, the Philippines is becoming a second home to more foreigners and expats. Since they are usually here only temporarily, they prefer renting a condo. They love the close proximity to work and the western amenities they are used to. Condo living also lets them immerse in the local culture, as the arrangement makes meeting and befriending neighbors easier.

The retirees

Empty nesters love to settle in a condo because of the convenience it offers. They also prefer the smaller, easier-to-maintain space. Living in a condo makes it easier to leave their home to travel for extended periods of time. With a security system that helps them ensure their valuables are safe, they get to travel with peace of mind. It is, after all, during retirement when many people get to indulge in trips, not to mention that living in a condo feels like an endless vacation. A vacation lifestyle is what every retiree lives for!

If you are living in a DMCI condo, you are sure to have encountered these types of neighbors. Keep an open mind and your natural warmth, and you are sure to get along with everyone just fine. You’ll even grow to love many of them!