Casa Real is a gem found in Taguig City where engaged couples can get married in the luxury of Filipino, American, Spanish, and Chinese architecture boasting the glamour of the 1920’s. This art piece is one of DMCI’s venues for rent and was launched by Acacia Estates and DMCI Homes beautifully showcases the interiors and architecture promoted by the Filipino’s rich and vibrant history and culture. Getting married here is like entering a time machine and enjoying the elegance, allure, and charm that the bygone eras once showed off. Fortunately, it is possible to get married at Casa Real.

Enjoy the enchantment the past can provide for your wedding and consider these nine stunning wedding tips and ideas if you host your wedding at Casa Real.

Bask in the glory of the roaring 20’s

Bask in the glory

Photo courtesy of DMCI Leasing


Casa Real houses unique wedding ideas, but it’s ultimately perfect for vintage-themed weddings. Because of the venue’s authenticity to the wonders of the past, it’s so easy to integrate lavish decorations and themes taken from The Great Gatsby.

When you rent Casa Real, you can play with some of the best wedding ideas for extra glamour and style. Think of beaded curtains and an elevated stage – conveniently provided by the venue – on which a band, a singer, or a alluring saxophone player can play on.

Your wedding’s art deco is crucial to creating the wedding vibe you would want to project and receive. If you rent Casa Real for your wedding, you can add to the beauty of the venue by focusing on table design. The roaring 20’s is all about feathers, confetti, and sequins. Your color theme should be close to the naturals – some browns, blues, and greens – which are best contrasted with a dramatic flair of red, white, and black. Accessorize your decorations with what the roaring 20’s stood for: gold and silver.

Spice it up with jazz, ragtime, and blues

Imagine getting married at Casa Real and experiencing the magnificence of the Philippines’ rich history embedded in the walls and ambiance of the venue. Spice up your wedding with jazz, ragtime, and blues – definitely the go to music dazzled with men in dashing suits and women in pearls. You can hire a band or a soloist, as long as it includes a piano and a saxophone. Some bands can truly capture the atmosphere Casa Real projects by going on a full 1920’s theme, characterized by the “jazz rage” of the Roaring Twenties.

You can also consider renting an old phonograph that still works and have it play legitimate 20’s tunes that will definitely bring everyone back to the glory of era’s past. But if you truly want to experience the flair of found in the Filipino culture back then, make use of the many balconies and windows of the venue and let the groom swoon the bridge with a classic harana.

Lace, dropped waist, top hats, feathers, and pearls: go vintage

go vintage

Photo courtesy of MelanieFHardy via Pixabay

The overall color and theme of the venue prides itself with authenticity and boldness. Imagine your guests wearing double vested suits, dropped waist, pearls, and everything vintage. Imagine the spotlight you as a couple will get as you dash through the ballroom in a lacy gown, a feathered veil, a smashing top hat, and a luxurious cane?

Enter and leave with a vintage car

vintage car

Photo courtesy of via Pexels

When you host your wedding at Casa Real, renting a vintage car is a must. A white drop down or a classic Ford model A car can magically create a lasting effect for your guests. You can also get creative and tie cans behind a vintage Beetle. The classic “Just Married” sign at the tail of the car will also add a hint of cuteness to your wedding.

Or maybe a kalesa

maybe a kalesa

Photo courtesy of pcdazero via Pixabay

Better yet, do how it was actually done. Hire a kalesa with a horse driver so that you get to enter in style. Casa Real’s stunning entrance provides a good cue for a ride by a kalesa. This touch adds to the richness of the venue and the culture it represents. Definitely an idea worth pursuing for couples who are aiming for an elegant wedding everyone will remember.

Cocktail hour never has been this appropriate

cocktail hour

Photo courtesy of Salo Al via Pexels

Of course, nearly all kinds of wedding serve cocktails after dinner. But it has never been this appropriate. At Casa Real, you can enjoy cocktails while dancing to a live jazz band – we are talking about cellos and saxophones here. Set up the martini and the olives as you bask in happiness throughout a night of celebration.

Photobooth? How about a 1920’s photograph studio?

Who needs the typical photobooth when you can obviously set up a 1920’s photograph studio complete with the dashing photographer, popping light bulb effects, costumes, set up, and 1920’s photo editing? All it takes is a little creativity, and you’d definitely go back in time to rediscover the magnificence of the past. Setting up this studio doesn’t even require you to bring props. The whole venue is already the studio.

Get creative and use a vintage typewriter

Yes, typewriters still work. Instead of opting for an average guest book, find a working typewriter and have your guest type in their messages. After the wedding, you can collect and bind the notes together for a cool and nostalgic remembrance you can go back to years ahead.

Prepare a silent movie for your guests

Prepare a silent movie

Photo courtesy of skeeze via Pexels

Sure, different themes can adapt to all sorts of wedding video ideas. Inevitably, going for Casa Real will make it so easy for your documentation team to produce an incredible film showcasing your wedding. Let’s go beyond these videos. Because the venue fits, you can create different sets of silent films which you can play during reception, while guests are waiting, or during any idle moments of the event. This will keep your guests entertained and happy during your wedding.

Creating the perfect setting for your wedding is certainly a challenge--you only get one chance, after all! Casa Real’s vintage elegance sets the mood to the T, and by taking advantage of your venue’s commodities to the fullest, you’re sure to have a wedding that’ll be the talk of the town.