Sure, having a great experience of condo living can be fun and exciting. It’s nice to know that you’re living in a community where you always have people to talk to, and run to, during emergencies.
However, often times, developing great rapport with other people does not come without a price. As others neglect to set their boundaries when it comes to poking their nose on your business, condo privacy is something that becomes a great concern.

How do you exactly evade privacy invasion in your condo without exhibiting a negative image?

Discreetly Hide Your Valuables

Make sure your decoration ideas are landlord-friendly and that they help hide your valuables, such as jewelry and bank documents, in a subtle way. Choose to keep these valuables hidden in a closet that doubles as an office desk, in order to avoid making it obvious that you’ve been hiding valuable materials in your condo. Doing this helps you keeping your valuables invisible, without others realizing it.

Curtains Provide Confidentiality

Your window is the eye of your condo. Everything inside your condo is visible through your window. Select proper curtains that would fit your window. Condo curtains shield the stuff in your home you don’t wish others to see. Curtains help keep things private during bedtime too. Bedtime is most especially the time you’ll need privacy the most, to get a good night’s sleep.

Plants Provide a Splitting View

Of course, if you have a condo terrace or balcony, it’s only natural that you would want to spend some moments enjoying the scenic view from your unit without any observers watching your every move. In order to keep a friendly look in your condo balcony, instead of putting plants at the front of your terrace, consider putting the plants on the sides of your terrace. Doing this will create a splitting view, that hides stuff in your condo that you wish to keep private.

Living in a Higher Floor Will Help

Most condo dwellers choose to live in lower floors in condominiums. It takes quite some time to get to your unit when you get home when you live in a higher floor in your condo. Remember, though, living at a higher floor gives you more privacy by making you shield yourself away from some noises and onlookers.

Royal Palm Residences, DMCI Homes

Royal Palm Residences, DMCI Homes

Limit Short Time Visits to the Living Room

If your neighbor is only visiting you for an hour or two, entertain them in the living room. Avoid accommodating them in other areas of your condo to prevent them from prying in to stuff around your home they may not be previously aware of. Remember, you need to draw a line between the boundary of friendship and privacy.

Lock Your Bathroom Door

One of the ways to maintain privacy when you have visitors in your condo, is to lock the door when you’re using the bathroom. Give particular reminder to kids with regards to this matter, as your little ones tend to be more careless than usual. You won’t want your guests to see things they ought to not see.

Put a Hallway Divider

Sleep over is common among friends, especially, young condo dwellers. But, of course, in spite of having great bonding times, you’d still want to keep some stuff from them during a sleepover. Before you have your neighbor sleepover at your unit, have a plan for a hallway divider, separating the area where your guest room stands from the other areas in your condo. Hopefully, if you have this hallway divider, your guests will get the hint that they’re not supposed to wander in other areas of your condo due to privacy issues.

Sound Proof Your Walls

Sound proof your condo walls to drown out noises from neighbors and maintain the privacy of your conversations. You may easily soundproof your walls efficiently on your own, using wall decors and blankets. You’ll be amazed at how you’re able to maintain your privacy without going through an extensive process of doing it, upon soundproofing your condo walls.

Making others understand your need to keep some stuff private is not as difficult as you may think it is. You just need to get a feel of the situation, so you’ll be able to strategize and modify your tactics, without becoming extremely isolated from the rest of your neighborhood and other people.