In personal finance, it doesn’t matter how much you’re earning but how you’re spending. Whether you’re a rank-and-file employee or an executive in a company, you can give yourself the life you deserve if you know how to spend wisely. Take for example your choice of residence. It is true that rent in far-flung towns are significantly cheaper than those near business districts. However, if you’re spending more than two hours traveling to the office every day, you’re wasting a resource more valuable than money — your time. Imagine the productivity you’re losing while stuck in traffic on a daily basis. Flair Towers in Mandaluyong City is a cost-efficient accommodation option for city dwellers.

Flair Towers is a one of the premier DMCI properties for rent strategically located at the heart of the capital region. It is a few minutes’ drive to Boni MRT station, EDSA, Ortigas, and Makati CBD. Malls, schools, banks, and other establishments are within walking distance, making commuting unnecessary in most days. Living near a major highway can be one of the keys to your financial freedom.

Here are 7 finance-friendly reasons to rent near a highway.

You can save on transportation cost

Condo Rent Save Transportation Cost

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A person spends more than 100 pesos on tricycle, jeepney, MRT, and bus fares to travel to work or school every day. This doesn’t include taxi fares whenever roads get flooded. You save a lot if you live in a condo near a major highway. You can take a tricycle or jeepney, or even walk, to the nearest MRT station. You can also take a bus traversing along EDSA. Saving up to at least Php 70 per day is equivalent to Php 1,400 in a month!

You can do away with your car

Maintaining a car for personal use can be costly. Aside from fuel costs, you also have to consider parking fees, mortgage, and maintenance. Unfortunately, the public transport system is not yet equipped to accommodate millions of commuters in Metro Manila. Living near a highway like EDSA offers a viable alternative. You can take a cab or bus to Makati or Ortigas without spending a lot. You save on fuel costs, parking, not to mention the reduction on your carbon footprint.

You can take part-time jobs

Condo Rent Can Take Part-time Job

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It is said that the Metro Manila traffic is costing the Philippines Php 3 billion every day. This is equivalent to lost productivity every day. Imagine the money you could be earning rending extra working hours or taking part-time jobs. An online job you can do at home after work can shoulder part of your monthly rent or utility bills. The opportunity cost is so high that it’s time to rethink your accommodation choice.

You can go to leisure spots with no hassles

Condo Rent Can Go to Leisure Spots

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Being a city dweller can take a toll on your health. You’re exposed to various stressors such as air and noise pollution, overcrowding, and the fast-paced lifestyle. Unless you learn how to manage your stress levels, you’re risking yourself to serious diseases including cancer. Living in a condo near EDSA or any other major highway makes it easier to travel to leisure destinations. You can take an afternoon stroll to your favorite bookstore in Shangri-la Plaza or SM Megamall, or restaurants in Boni Pioneer and Ortigas Center. Getting stuck in traffic defeats the purpose of going out to relax.

You can stay at home and relax

Condo Rent Relax

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Flair Towers, a condo in close proximity to EDSA, offers lifestyle amenities that can save you the hassle of going out on weekends. You need to decompress, but do you always need to spend for relaxation activities? Definitely not! Relax at the leisure pool or enjoy a friendly basketball match with your neighbors in the playcourt. You can also bring your tablet and watch Netflix in the sky park or gazebo.

You get time for much-needed exercise

Condo Rent Time for Exercise

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There is no magic pill to keep your body in good shape. You need to sweat it out. However, since of your time is spent on commuting, going to the gym remains an unfulfilled task. Who has the energy to hit the treadmill after hours of sitting in traffic? Live near a highway and have the time for cardio exercises, weight lifting or yoga. Experts say that an adult needs at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic activity per week. Condos like Flair Towers provide tenants free access to a full-equipped gym, saving an easy Php 2,000-3,000 on monthly gym fees. No need to travel to the gym or spend on membership and trainers’ fees.

You can spend time on other aspects of your life

Condo Rent Time on Other Aspects

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The most important resource you’d be saving if you live near a highway is time. Time well spent leads to a better lifestyle. Remember that your job is only part of your life. It’s not your entire life. It doesn’t define you. You need time for your family and friends, your fitness program, and your hobbies. How can you attend to all of these if your daily travels consume 10 to 20 percent of your time? Aside from choosing to live near EDSA, it’s also important to decide on the right accommodation. Renting a one-bedroom apartment costs as much as a studio unit in a resort-style condo. The latter has 24/7 security, energy-saving facilities, and lifestyle amenities.

Many of us were raised with the mentality of earning a college degree, getting a good job, and staying in the same company until retirement. This is not an incorrect formula, but there are ways on how to accelerate your financial freedom. If your current salary is just enough to pay the bills, you should consider taking part-time jobs or starting a small business. Save and invest. It’s never too early to build your retirement fund. Most importantly, assess your lifestyle. How are you spending your time? If your daily commutes makes it impossible to seek other income-generating activities, then it’s time to move to a home near a highway.