Ever wished you were one of those successful yuppies in movies with all the urban adventures and career highlights? It’s nice to daydream, but it’s even better to achieve the reality. When you achieve independence through condo renting at a prime location, everything else becomes possible. 

But what’s living independently really like? Aside from the reasons that condo living is best for people starting out, yuppies who live in a DMCI unit for lease will learn how to manage their space effectively. Best of all, they will learn to celebrate their new life! Here are 12 of the best ways that yuppie renters celebrate their independence:

#1 – Yuppies renters boost their productivity

Face it—when you’re in bed at your parents’ house, you’re more likely to laze around. Independent yuppies, on the other hand, know how precious their time is. They use it to get busy and improve the little things that add up and make their life better.

responsible yuppie

Live independently; achieve more. Photo by bohed on Pixabay.

Because they are independent, they’re more responsible. For instance, they’ll make time for chores at the unit they are renting. Or do extra work even outside of the office for better chances at a promotion. Living independently isn’t all about the party life or staying up late. It’s also about doing more and being more.

#2 – Yuppies win at social skills

Becoming outgoing is necessary for yuppies. When you live alone, you realize that the wealth of your experiences rely mainly on you. Having access to different places helps. Condo living gives you access to all the best malls and entertainment centers where you can meet different people.

socializing and networking

Hone your social skills when you rent a condo. Photo by vivienviv0 on Pixabay.

Before you know it, you’ll have a new network of business associates and best friends to celebrate independence with!

#3 – Yuppie renters create their own happiness

Won’t living alone be lonely? On the contrary, condo renting helps make you happier. When you’re in charge of your life, you learn just how much your actions and thoughts impact your existence. Everything from your choice of breakfast to what time you hit the sack affects your happiness. You also become less emotionally dependent.

According to Everyday Health, emotionally dependent people look for approval from external circumstances. They need constant praise. In contrast, emotionally independent people realize that they can create their own happiness.

#4 – Yuppie renters develop their think tank

All yuppies are success-driven. They’re also aware of the expectations from society. However, it’s difficult to figure your life out when people are always breathing down your neck.

reflect on perspective

Gain a new perspective on your life. Photo by Kaboompics on Pixabay.

Being independent gives you time and space to think about what you really want. You can also reflect on how to get there. Whether you need a cup of coffee at a nearby café or just listen to some music at home to clear your mind, independence lets you do just that.

#5 – Yuppies are resource-savvy

Remember being scolded by your parents because you left the television on? Living independently will help you understand why. At the end of the day, your electricity and water bills are determined by you. Before you know it, you’ll be managing your resources like a pro. You’ll be unplugging appliances that aren’t in use and making sure none of your faucets leak. Pretty soon, you’ll master the art of managing resources!

manage resources

Being independent also means being practical. Photo by stevepb on Pixabay.

#6 – Yuppies expand their skills

Yuppies who know all about how to rent a condo also know it’s not healthy to always eat out. Condo living is the best opportunity for you to learn how to cook. It doesn’t have to be gourmet, either. Learn easy recipes. Convert leftovers into new meals. Then invite your friends over to eat! They can even help you shop for ingredients at the nearest grocery shop. 

#7 – Yuppie condo renters have an inner designer 

How will you arrange the furniture? How many appliances do you need? These are some things that every independent yuppie renting a condo has to figure out. Learn what works best for you and your lifestyle. After that, designing your condo will be the easiest and most fun thing you do!

upgrade your condo

Keep it simple but pleasing to the eye. Photo by 829264 from Pixabay.

#8 – Yuppie condo renters adore the city 

In the Philippines, it’s important to find a condo for rent in the city. This will help boost your career and make life easier. Beat traffic by living closer to work. Shop for a last minute birthday gift. Take a client out to a new restaurant. You’ll know the city like the back of your hand in no time.

enjoy city living

Experience city life to the max. Photo by PublicDomainPictures on Pixabay.

 #9 – Yuppies know self-care 101

Living independently means taking care of yourself. Yuppies are goal-oriented, so they can get stressed easily. To calm down, drink some tea. Take a sick leave when you really need it. Stay in pajamas the whole day. Independent yuppies are able to take care of themselves much easier and better.

take some R&R

Sit back and relax at the comfort of your own condo unit. Photo by Jill111 on Pixabay.

 #10 – Yuppie renters say yes to fitness

Condo renting gives you easy access to a variety of fitness centers. Want to try yoga or Pilates? According to the Mayo Clinic, exercise is not just a matter of managing weight, but also energizing yourself and improving your mood, too. If you don’t have enough time to hit the condo gym, start by walking more or scheduling some exercise over the weekend.

stay fit and healthy

Fitness is a reality through condo living. Photo by 532Yoga on Pixabay.

 #11 – Yuppies make and take their decisions

Living alone hones your decision-making skills. Whether you decide to wash the dishes later or let the laundry pile up, you will deal with the consequences. This can motivate you to make the right decision. Best of all, you’ll reap the benefits of calling the right shots in the end.

decision making

Make sound decisions in career and daily life. Photo by StartUpStockPhotos on Pixabay.

 #12 – They learn about the “you” in yuppie

People are social animals. We are shaped by our contact with others. But perhaps the best thing yuppies can take away from living independently is learning about themselves. Would you rather spend the weekend at home, or out of town with friends? What chores are especially difficult for you? What makes you happy when no one else is around?

There are no wrong or right answers. The important part is to learn them. Yuppies who avail of a DMCI condo for rent will soon learn valuable lessons about themselves that they will treasure for life. And that’s definitely worth living independently for.