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Best Summer Event Venue Ideas in Manila

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Summer in the Philippines means a time together with family and friends. Next to Christmas, this season is not complete without big and small parties involving good food, overflowing drinks, lots of catch up sessions, videoke battles, and of course, an ambiance that will make each summer party event a Facebook-worthy one.

Truth be told though, getting out of Manila can sometimes mean losing an arm and a leg, thanks to the morbid traffic during weekends be it down south or all the way up north. So, a good number of Manila homeowners would rather spend their long weekends and breaks in the city as they find spots that give off a vibe of relaxation, bliss and enjoyment. This guide will give you some party event ideas alongside venues that are budget-friendly and guest-friendly, too.

A Summer Movie Night Roof Deck Batch Reunion


Summer movie marathon idea
Photo from Babble via Pinterest

Party Essentials:
DIY Summer Lanterns, Bean Bags or Big Throw Pillows In Vibrant Colors, A 1080p Projector with a Decent and Sturdy Screen, Ample Speakers, A Good and Nostalgic Movie

Tips for Party:
The venue can conveniently hold 30 persons, so make sure that you have ample spots to sit on. The movie to be viewed can be the theme of the party. Having a tough time to pick out a movie? Then, dig the movies you and your batch mates loved back then. Never mind if the hairstyle and wardrobe feel traumatic or painful. Blame it on being one of the cool kids mentality. Blame it on adolescence that makes you do things you can’t imagine doing, but you did anyway.

Batch reunions these days are also venues for fundraising or charity work. If you happen to have a classmate or schoolmate who might need financial or medical assistance, then by all means, this party is the perfect way for you to give back as you look back at your own high school or college days.

Food Suggestions:
Potluck Meets Finger Food: hotdogs on stick, popcorn, bacon bites, mini pizza, ice cream sandwiches, healthy chips with gourmet dips, cheese, wine, marshmallows

Whatever is in during your high school or college days; and oh, you might want to bring either a CD player, a cassette player, or even a turntable to get the nostalgia right on track

The Iris Observatory is located 42 floors above Tivoli Gardens in Mandaluyong. With rates starting at P8,000, you and your batchmates could even stargaze and view the metro’s lovely night lights in between movie breaks. Did we mention that the place has floor-to-ceiling glass panels too? Now, that’s definitely a grown up party coming at you.

Rustic-Filipino Inspired Summer Wedding in the City


Filipino wedding idea theme
Photo from Charlene Reyes via Pinterest

Finding the one means hunting down an event place that will nail down the Pinterest boards you have been lovingly keeping all these years. Getting a summer wedding event to be Instagram-worthy and utterly memorable is largely determined by how you put elements and tiny details in a fun and tasteful way.

Rustic Filipino weddings are gaining traction especially among couples who are balikbayans or those who found love in a foreign country. There’s an unexplainable ripple of joy and sheer excitement on the thought of having DIY projects that involve old wood, kalesa wheels, sinamay, abaca, and paper drenched in barako coffee. Even when it comes to weddings, the “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” slogan is very much applicable.

Party Essentials:
Abaca Fans For Accent, Typical Filipino Home Plants for Centerpiece, Alibata Invites, Homemade Sweets or Fridge Magnets as Souvenirs

Tips for Party:
Head over to Divisoria for affordable yet very stylish-looking Filipino DIY finds. For those who have been abroad for too long, a Divisoria trip is a story on its own. This place has everything you need: from masks from Bacolod, shell curtains, to bamboo fashioned in all ways imaginable, even lampara and capiz window-inspired wedding invites. Divi never fails to weigh you down without denting your pocket.

Food Suggestions:
Authentic or Fusion Filipino Food such as Kilawin, Pako (Fern) Salad, Spicy Tuyo Pasta, Adobo, Sizzling Sinigang, Gourmet Isaw, Calamansi Muffins, Buko Pandan Sorbet, Palawan Honey Ice Cream, Philippine Mango Inspired Dessert

Get a rondalla band with blind members and mix kundiman with pop songs. The rustic tune of yesterday always brings the kid inside any grown man or woman.

The old-meets-modern Casa Real marries the influences from the Spanish, the Americans, the Chinese to bring a signature Filipino feel to a house reminiscent to the ones that line up famous Sociego Street in Manila. Located in Acacia Estate, this spot is designed to welcome some 70 to 130 guests who don’t mind revisiting the Philippines in the 1930’s era.

Superb Summer Family++ Get Together


Summer Family Reunion Venue
Photo from DMCI Homes

Family get togethers is a summer party event highlight for Filipinos. Since Filipinos are big on inviting the third cousins, or the tita of the lola’s apo to such parties, expect that you need a lot of legroom for the infants, the toddlers, the teens, the titos, the titas and even the elder bunch.

To keep everyone happy, plan games and activities that would give fair chances and fun times to every age group. Should there be foreigners joining the hub, consider conducting the party using English. Plan the party space in such a way that there’d be a corner for kids to do crafts; for the adults to wine and dine; and for the elders to feel comfy and cozy. It might be challenging, but doing so saves any host from having to deal with party booboo’s.

Party Essentials:
Family Tree, Family Photo Session, DIY Photo Booth with Props, Generous supply of tablewares, Corner for Kids, Adults and Elders, Slip-proof Mats for Protection

Tips for Party:
Keep the kids busy with art that they can own and bring home. This lessens the chance of combating tantrums. It is best to have a space where kids can take a nap should they feel tired or simply in the mood for a nap.

Food Suggestions:
Spaghetti, Chicken, Barbecue, Corn On A Cob, Carbonara, Signature Family Favorites

Change the playlist hourly so that everyone has their turn to dance and sing to the songs they swear by. EDM for an hour then kundiman on the next sounds interesting, right?

Heliconia Function Hall is also located in Tivoli Garden Residence in Mandaluyong. If you’re a huge clan with about 70 to 100 members, then pinching P6,000 is a really good deal in exchange of a grand view of the city on a late afternoon or a warm summer night.

Asian-Inspired Birthday Party


Kiddie Party Idea KPop JPop
Photo from Sherry Glass via Pinterest

Whether you’re celebrating independence and sending an ode to your Big 30, or cheering on your kid’s first birthday, a Balinese-inspired party is always a good option.

Hosting an Asian-inspired party is a step closer to a much deserved Asian trip. If you have already gone to these places, you can even use the souvenirs you brought home as accents or conversation pieces for the party’s setup.

Party Essentials:
Key pieces that spell out “I Love Asia” such as batik table runners, sepak takraw balls, paper lanterns. Just remember not to keep the look too busy or overdone.

Tips for Party:
Stick to one cuisine or if you plan to mix it up, make sure that the dishes don’t clash. Asians are known for their love for food, so this is the highlight or pitfall of your party. For a safe yet sumptuous feast, go for Japanese and Korean dishes.

Food Suggestions:
Kani Salad, Sushi Platter, Gyoza, Chapchae, Gohan, Korean Chicken, Tonkatsu, Green Tea Ice Cream

This would depend on the birthday celebrant. The playlist should reflect the stage of his/her life. You may also ask guests to dedicate a song for them before the party starts.

Make this summer party event a worthwhile and worry-free one. Birthday parties need not blow your budget or max out your credit cards. Book East Raya Gardens Clubhouse and get to enjoy resort-like amenities such as the pool, a playground, and an Asian-inspired clubhouse at a very affordable price.

All-Day Team Building in the City

Summer company teambuilding theme
Photo from Shantell Hernandez via Pinterest

Got no holidays because of an overwhelming stream of deadlines? Then, a team building right in the city is your best bet. This saves you the hassle of summer traffic and buys you and your officemates a bit more time to rest and de-stress.

Party Essentials:
Team building facilitator, Game Plan, Budget Approved by the Higher Ups, Fun and Collaborative Games, Agenda for the The Next Quarters of 2015

Tips for Party:
Use motifs that bear the color of your team or company. This instantly brings the company’s vibe to the place sans being too stringent or corporate-y.

Food Suggestions:
Healthy Yummy Snacks With 300 to 500 Calorie Count -this a good way to promote healthy lifestyle especially for those who tend to sit for long hours in front of their computers

Set the mood when the games begin. Plug in a playlist that brings out the competitive and collaborative side of people.

Located a few minutes away from BGC, the Sky Lounge in Cypress Condominium lets you see the whole view of Fort at night. This penthouse can accommodate 40 people who can be grouped on the lounge chairs that come with tables. All in all, there are 7 tables that groups can utilize as they move along their team building sessions.

Any Summer Event, Well Spent
Summer events in the city are best spent in places that bring comfort and luxury at an affordable price tag. Remember, a party is not only a gathering. More importantly, it is a chance to get closer to people on both a personal and professional level. Planning your event with this aim in mind would bring you a step closer to summer parties that mean more than just loud laughs, and great food.


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