Many college students in recent years have begun to save for their college expenses earlier than expected. As a result, they are now more able to afford living in top condo living spots in the Philippines while they attend college, thus giving them a higher lifestyle quality that they otherwise would not have gotten by living in a dorm.

Global property guide reports in International Business Times dated August 2012 that high-end residential real estate prices, including the rental market, are likely to increase by another 9.9% in the next 12 months. This trend has been observed with younger and younger generations, and that include students.

Over the debate between dorms and condos, know why condo wins.

Safety Issues

An important benefit you’ll get head on when you lease a condo rather than if you were to rent a dorm is being able to have all the security that you’ll ever need in your home. Problems in relation to faulty electrical set-ups, the non-existence of safe fire exits and fire extinguishers, and sanitation have become common in many dormitories around Metro Manila. 3,700 out of the 4,850 fire incidents in the Philippines in 2010 include incidents in dorms around Metro Manila, as reported by Jaymee Gamil in Most of these fire incidents were ignited by errors in electrical installations.

Maricielo Villas, DMCI Homes

Maricielo Villas, DMCI Homes

Living in a condo gives you the assurance that the admin’s maintenance properly takes care of every aspect of your safety throughout your entire stay. This is because condo developers usually have the financial means and manpower resources to make sure that your safety comes first, above everything else. DMCI Homes is just one example of a condo developer in the Philippines that makes sure you get the safety assurances you need, whether you purchased or are renting a unit.

Missing Home-Cooked Meals

One of the top amenities when seeking the best condominium is having the privilege to cook meals right at your own unit. Because the living space in a dorm is usually small, it does not allow boarders to install stoves and other cooking ware anywhere in the actual living area. Eating out every day in restaurants can hurt your wallet, if not sooner then later.

When you rent a condo, furnished furniture and appliances almost always come along with your rent. Enjoy cooking your favorite healthy food in your condo. Eat home cooked meals instead of the junk food most restaurants serve to keep yourself fit and in good shape.

Freedom from Curfew

When you rent or buy a condo, you get the freedom to go home anytime of the day you want. When you are living in a dorm, you become practically a slave of the dorm owner. You don’t get to own a key to the dorm, so naturally, you’ll have to be home either on or before the curfew at night. Your dorm’s owner definitely would not want to be bothered by having to open the front door for you in the middle of the night, while she’s in bed.

You’ll know you are fit for condo living if you’re the type of person who usually comes home late at night. You will appreciate condo living more, as well, if you’re the type of person who enjoys nightlife in bars after school, or if you constantly make it a habit to study late at night in coffee shops.

You Get More from a Condo

Condo living lets you access a good number of other amenities that you can’t possibly get from living in a dorm. Swimming pool, gym, and spa amenities are available in most condos in the metro. Save the hassle of having to go out of your living premises to enjoy the extra luxuries life has to offer. Enjoying small luxuries from time to time is the key to enjoying your life to its optimal best.

The Redwood, DMCI Homes

The Redwood, DMCI Homes

You won’t have to worry about having to take long journeys to your nearby country club or spa in separate occasions. Experience contemporary living in a condo.

Legalize It

One of the perks that condominiums offer is legality security. Because most condos in the country are located in high-end neighborhoods, most condo developers and owners make sure that written transactions are notarized. Many dorms around the metro observe leniency when it comes to legalizing the transactions with its residents. As a result, legal complications surrounding dorm living have become common.

Real estate properties have undergone complexities in construction and development. All the efforts invested upon these properties won’t worth be anything if lawful transactions are not maintained between the developers, owners, and other residents.

Perk Up with Great Home Designs

Expect your real estate developer to allow you to design your own unit according to your preference. When you are living in a condo, the unit becomes your property, thus allowing you to alter its structure in a less restricted manner. Living in a dorm technically means your home still belongs to your dorm owner.

This means that your dorm owner is constantly the one who decides how things go with regard to the structure and design of your home.

A Quieter Place to Live

Because commercial real estate properties around the metro are located in high-end, urbanized neighborhoods, expect a quieter place to live around. Rowdy slum areas are clearly invisible around the neighborhood of most condos in the country. Many dorms around the country are near the vicinity of accident-prone areas.

Rosewood Pointe, DMCI Property

Rosewood Pointe, DMCI Property

Transact with the best condo developer in the Philippines when making your home selections. Remember, you will likely make it a goal to live in your condo for the long-term. With this said, you need to make sure you are going to get the best of your money’s worth.