Living in a condo is probably the best place for married couples who are starting to build their own family. Oftentimes, the impulsive wife would buy things for their place, thinking it would be beneficial to them, but end up regretting the purchase. The husband, on the other hand, doesn't know what to do with that limited space they have, wondering if it’s beneficial for their kids to grow there as years would pass. Unlike usual houses where you could have space the way you wanted it and put everything you want, living in a condominium is indeed quite a tricky task to deal with.

Here are 20 ideas you might want to steal in achieving a de-cluttered space while being organized in decorating your condo the way you wanted it to be:

1. Plan

One reason while some people, even those who are living in their own houses, fail to have a distinctively organized and well-decorated place is that they forget the first step in doing so: planning. Remember that planning is the key in everything you want to achieve. This first step takes you to better judgment and more profound ideas. Take out a paper and sketch your floor plan. Jot down the details you wanted to add and study if it fits well in your design.

2. Make Use of the Space

Because the living room interior of your space is small as well as the rest of your unit, you need to maximize every space you have—from floor to ceiling. Interior designer expert Kimberly Seldom said maximizing spaces helps a lot. For instance, opt for a counter in the kitchen with spacious storage area beneath so you could store appliances such as the fridge, cook pot, oven, and microwave. This counter could also well be a dining table.

3. Built-in Cabinets

Modern space condos are distinctively designed for singles and couples building their own families. Thus, spaces are usually small, making it harder for them to fit in their things. One of the perfect design ideas for living room in condominiums is having the creativity to have built-in and floating cabinets to make use of the space in walls. This is not just a space-saving idea but also a great way to strut your creativity in home design. Figurines, books, frames, and other memorabilia’s may be displayed in your floating cabinets. In time, you may also change your displays into what suits your mood without compromising the space on the ground.

4. Mirrors

Time and again, it has always been said that having mirrors creates an illusion of wider space. To achieve natural and proper lighting of homes, mirrors designated at living rooms, dining area, and even the bathroom provide reflection of the sun’s rays.

5. Lights

Choose a proper lighting for your condo. Use nice lampshades that have luminous lights. This shall highlight a nice combination of lights that gives instant vibrant feel in your abode.

6. Containers and Drawers

Containers are the easiest trick to be organized in a cluttered area. Julia Marshden, author of Get it Together, said that containers and drawers will always be the answer in making your place look organized in no time. Just by simply putting your kid’s toys and trinkets in a drawer, voila, everything is organized and tidy. See to it that they are situated in the corners of the unit so it will consume unused corner spaces.

7. Plain, Light Colors for the Background

Paint your walls with light colors that would make it more spacious, relaxing, and cozy. Having different hues in one wall makes it distracting to the eyes. However, you may still opt for different colors but it should be of the same shade.

8. Art Pieces and Painting

To add depth to your plain walls, put art pieces that would be the highlight of your plain wall—either a large painting or a collage of pictures of the family. You may also have glass art pieces and vases with fine details. For doors, put graphic images for an artistic statement.

9. Multi-functional House Furniture

One of the helpful storage ideas for wider space is to have double duty furniture. Buy a sofa that you can turn into a bed at night, or a bed that has functional drawers beneath it. You may also have your stairs modified with drawers where you can put your shoes or other stuff. Buy an ottoman that can serve as storage of your magazines, books, and toys and have it as a center table for your living room or even a bench for visitors.

10. Bookcases

Having a bookcase is more functional than a bookshelf. With this furniture, you can put everything without compromising organization. Books can be placed in one corner while kitchen wares can be on the other.

11. More Hooks

At the back of your doors, cabinets, bookcases, and drawers, put up nails that can serve as hooks. Hang in your umbrellas, coats, accessories such as neck pieces and bangles, shawls, caps, and belts.

12. Pegboards and Wall Functions

A way to clear your working table is to make use of pegboards hanging on the wall. Put little clear jars for paper clips, fasteners, and other office tools for easier look.

13. Ceiling Fans, Lampshades, and Hanging Speakers

The use of a ceiling fan for ventilation is way more space-savvy than having an electric stand fan. Same goes with the lampshades and television speakers that are better hanged than eat spaces on the floor.

14. Go Vertical

Choose materials that can stand on their own. CD stand, bookcases, and totem poles for hanging bags are perfect to go vertically tidy. Everything that can be placed vertically is advisable to maximize the space from the floor to the ceiling.

15. Furniture with Legs

In a little space, having furniture with legs such as dining tables, study tables, and others are less heavy in the eyes than those that are completely against the floor. Having these could also mean more storage spaces beneath it. For one, you could place your things underneath a study table or shoe boxes under a cabinet. Lightweight furniture are also a must have. This shall give you the opportunity for easier transfer from one place to another when you re-decorate and personalize your living space.

16. Curtain Decoration

Drape your windows with layered curtains that add details and illusions of a blank wall.

17. Nice Floor Coverings

Give you floor extra attention and throw a nicely-detailed carpet or rag that coordinates with your curtains. This is best in living rooms, receiving, and dining areas.

18. General Cleaning

Every quarter, have a general cleaning of your possessions and see what should go. Ask yourself this question: Do I still need this? Maybe you have read those books stacked in the shelves or those old clothes that you might want to give to charity. Better yet, make some cash and have a garage sale.

19. Dispose Immediately

So you have piled up your trash and are ready for disposing? Don’t go waiting for the garbage truck to pick it up in two days or more. Every week, go to the junk shop and see if they could get that stuff. Again, this shall be of benefit for you will earn extra cash while disposing your trash.

20. Think Before Buying

Do not be a shopaholic. Do not commit your credit cards to things you’ll regret afterwards. Ask yourself if it will be really beneficial to you and your family. Give yourself time to think if it’s conducive for your living environment. For example, why will you have to buy a new set of kitchen wares when you do not have enough space for them in your unit? Will these boots have a room for my already full wardrobe cabinet? Things like these will make you less of an impulsive shopper and more of a wise mother.