Yes, your DMCI condo can be a great venue for hosting a Christmas party. Practically every DMCI condo development is located in an accessible location, so it won’t be difficult for your guests to show up. Plus, a few simple fixes are all you need to make the place look presentable. Aside from preparing good food and putting up Christmas decors, you need to get your house all spic and span for the Christmas condo party. This involves cleaning out the clutter and hiding the eyesores in your condo.

Hide those cords

christmas party hit those cords

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Of all the knots of cords and cables, we’re forced to look at, the TV cords from mounted devices are simply the worst eyesore. Thankfully, they’re also the easiest to hide. Simply place knickknacks and books in the space between the console and the TV to cover the tangles. Just make sure the knickknacks don’t create another source of an eyesore. Get creative with their arrangement. This also offers a great opportunity to display stuff that is both aesthetically pleasing and meaningful. How about adding travel books and your favorite souvenirs from your past trips? Better yet, just stick to the theme and decorate the area with some festive decor.

Fix up a charging station

christmas party fix the charging station

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If you are like most people, you’d have several gadgets that need charging at any given time. From cell phones and digital cameras to tablets and laptops, your list of power-hungry gadgets can go on and on, and they could easily create an unsightly clutter. You can remedy this by fixing up an ingenious charging drawer. Simply drill holes in the back of a desk or kitchen drawer and voila! You’ve got your own mini charging station. You’ll also love how you’ll always know where to look for your iPad.

Create your own trash bin drawer

You can never keep your guests from taking a trip to your kitchen, so you might as well keep it presentable. And trash bins are often the biggest eyesore in kitchens. This is why built-in trash drawers are a coveted implement in homes.

You don’t have to remodel your kitchen to have one of your own. A pull-out cabinet will do the trick. If you can’t find one that pulls out just as a trash bin drawer would, simply buy a cheap cabinet and change the hinges so that it opens from the top. You can repaint the cabinet to give it a stylish look. A vintage design works great for trash bin drawers. Just make sure it matches the aesthetics of your kitchen.

Bring in storage tools

christmas party bring in storage-tools

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Oftentimes it’s the knick-knacks that create a cluttered look in your home. And we don’t always have the heart to throw stuff away. There’s a quick and easy solution for this problem though. Head to the nearest department store and you’ll find mini decorative stools that double as storage. Simply pull up the top and throw in your knickknacks so you can keep them out of sight. Put back the top or lid, and you have additional seats for your guests. Not only will you be able to hide eyesores in your condo, but you’d also have more chairs for your Christmas party guests as well.

Keep that cat litter box out of sight

Your cat may be giving you life, but that litter box is not going to be fun at parties. Make sure it’s kept out of sight at all costs. A simple hack will do the trick. It’s ideal for homes that don’t have a spare closet or a basement. Simply hang an attractive curtain around a side table. The space under the table will then become your cat’s own little private space. Make sure you use a heavy fabric, so it’s not easily flipped or blown away by a light breeze. Anxious cats will love the privacy.

Give old furniture an update

christmas party give an old furniture an update

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You may have rented a fully furnished condo and don’t particularly like its outdated furniture. If you want a place that reflects your own sense of style, a little makeover will do the trick. Simply cover the furniture pieces with fabric. Choose those in colors or patterns that match your own aesthetics. Or you can shop for fabrics that fit the Christmas theme. This will allow you to give the place a quick and temporary fix that is solely for the party.

Give your appliances a makeover

christmas party give your appliance a makeover

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Don’t like your outdated counters and mustard-colored appliances? Did you know that you could give your place a modern industrial look using a faux stainless steel film? All you’d have to do is cover your backsplash, counters, and appliances with the easy-to-purchase steel film and voila! You’ve got yourself a sleek and brand new-looking interiors.

Hide switches and outlets

christmas party hide switches and outlets

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Do you have light switches and outlets sticking out of your wall like sore thumbs? Give them a quick fix by hanging Christmas decors to conceal them. How about crafting a candy cane hanger? Simply hang the decor right where the eyesores are, and you’ve got yourself a more presentable home. Your guests will surely love the festive decor!

Learning how to hide eyesores in your condo is not all that complicated. Approach your party preparations in a strategic way, so you won’t feel overwhelmed. Coming up with a plan will help you save time and effort. You can start by evaluating what needs to be done. Pretend you’re a guest and walk around your home with fresh eyes. This will help you spot clutter and eyesores. Take note of all the spots that need fixing, then add them to your party to-do list.

Divide the tasks into easily achievable parts. Then accomplish one small chunk after another. Before you know it, you’re all done and chilling at your own party. Don’t be afraid to enlist the help of your friends. Delegating will help you get things done at a faster rate. Your friends will also feel involved and will appreciate the party even more.

And of course, remember to have fun at the festive night!