There comes a point when you feel like you owe it to yourself to be financially smart, responsible, and independent. After all, you are a hardworking professional trying really hard to make it in the world. But it takes more than just a hefty paycheck to be in control of your finances. Lifestyle and spending habits matter. Where you live matters.

Your choice of city and residence plays a big role in being a money-smart professional. There are just some areas that make you spend more, and you don’t even know about it. The top cities in the Philippines may seem a bit intimidating at first, but they can make wonders for your finances. Their supreme location, wide range of living options, comforts, and conveniences can have significant impact on your financial journey. Renting a condo in these areas, the most popular residence of choice for young professionals, may seem luxurious but it surely has financial benefits of its own.

If you want to be wiser about money matters, living in these cities might make things easier for you.

Flexible living in Quezon City

Professional Finances Flexible Living

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Quezon City is huge and very flexible. There are areas for the well-to-do and there are areas for those who have less in life. But it is largely for middle-income professionals who want easy access to business districts but cannot afford to live posh and luxurious cosmopolitan living. Condos for lease in Quezon City are usually cheaper. You can get one-bedroom condos in QC for Php10,000 to Php15,000 per month, the same price for studio units in other cities.

Quezon City is home to a lot of shopping malls frequented by the “masa.” The biggest public markets can also be found there such as Nepa-Q Mart, and Balintawak and Kamuning markets, which sell produce at a fraction of standard mall price. Working professionals also have more options for public transportation. Everything from pedicabs to buses, tricycles to trains, and jeepneys to Ubers are easily accessible.

The one thing Quezon City offers is flexibility made possible by a variety of options for everything that a working professional needs to be in control of his or her finances.

Manila’s economical way of life

Professional Finances Economical Way of Life

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The City of Manila we know today is crowded, busy, and swarming with people and opportunities. But it hasn’t lost its charms, thanks to the city’s rich history and colorful culture.

A lot of working professionals start here because most of them went to school in one of Manila’s colleges, usually within the University Belt. It is a city familiar to them. They also know that living in Manila wouldn’t break the bank and they have 40-peso student meals to back it up.

A condo for lease in Manila is also usually more affordable than condos in other locations. Condo dwellers are also presented with countless food options and are not limited to fast food. You can have home cooked or lutong-bahay dishes to-go from eateries and carinderias along the street. Transportation isn’t also a problem and you could get to one city to another by any mode you so desire. Manila remains unimposing and unassuming. It is definitely not intimidating to a working millennial who has just started her or his journey toward financial stability.

Rise to the top in Mandaluyong

Development and progress has a new address. It’s called Mandaluyong. The city has grown exponentially over the last decade with the rise of real estate and infrastructure. Mandaluyong is now home to a lot of BPO companies, multinational corporations, retail hubs, and other commercial establishments. Condominiums are being built left and right, making it one of the best areas for condo living in the Philippines. DMCI Properties, for example, has been aggressively building condo communities within the heart of the city.

Mandaluyong is also slowly introducing itself as a hip, cool place for all those Friday night and after-office parties. Bars in Mandaluyong do not rave about exclusivity but about being relaxed, fun, and affordable. They are perfect for those nights when you want to celebrate with your team after a successful presentation or for nights when you just feel like catching up with a college best friend.

Living the life in Taguig

When you talk about posh and stylish communities to live, Taguig is top of mind. With Bonifacio Global City there, the city is easily one of the most popular locations for working professionals. But can a middle-income earner afford it?

The good thing is that condos for lease in Taguig shouldn’t have to make a huge dent on your budget. There are a lot of condos in the city that are within short distances to BGC. That makes it possible to live close to work and enjoy the BGC lifestyle without having to worry about paying a monthly rental fee that eats up all of your hard-earned salary. Living close to work also mean more savings from gas and commute as well as more time for a balanced life.

The good old Makati

Professional Finances Good Old Makati

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When you speak of top cities in the Philippines, it is impossible to miss Makati. It is the center of all economic activities. It was the primary business district then and it still is to this day. But while Makati impresses with all the skyscrapers and multinational companies that have been there for decades, it does not discriminate. There are areas in Makati that are perfect for young professionals who are trying to invest and save up. Condo renting in Makati isn’t as expensive as you’d think because of the wide range of options you will be presented with in different locations. Makati, being an economic hub for decades, has also adapted to the middle-income earner’s lifestyle and budget.

The city you choose is important in trying to manage your finances. You have to re-evaluate your lifestyle and your needs in order to pick the one that suits you and your budget the best. Do not be intimidated by big, modern cities. For all you know, living at the heart of the metropolis and near city conveniences will make wonders in your financial journey than you ever realized.