Graduating from college can both be liberating and scary. Most fresh graduates have this notion that getting out of college means more freedom from excessive school work and earning the money you can use to buy whatever you want.
A major milestone after graduation is finding your first job. This can be frustrating at first, given the saturated job market and since your first job will be the benchmark of your succeeding jobs.
But how can a fresh graduate like you learn to live independently in the metro? How can you thrive in the workplace? Here are some tips you can use.

Be flexible when the unexpected happens

flexible unexpected happens

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As what Murphy’s law states, anything that can go wrong will go wrong. So you better be prepared for it.
Being in the city and living independently will test your resilience and patience. There will be instances when things will not go as planned and you wouldn’t have your family to help you out immediately.
Always be flexible so you can avoid panicking in these situations by anticipating solutions such as bringing medicines, always being up-to-date with your mobile phone billing so you can always call anyone in case of emergencies, and stocking basic essentials in your condo in case you are too tired to get something to eat after work. You should also know the safety details in your area of residence. For example, if you’re staying at a condo unit in Tivoli Garden Residences, then find out where the fire exits are located and know how to activate the sprinkler system in case of a small fire.
As for finding a full-time job, get into part-time jobs that you can easily find on the internet so you can know the working style that works best for you and which jobs you will truly enjoy.

Look beyond the salary of your potential first job

beyond salary

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You will be dazzled by a big offer from the company you will work for and the possibilities of what you can buy with your paycheck. What you need to remember is that there are other aspects of the job that you need to consider.
One is how you will fit into the company culture and get along with your officemates. This is a big factor since you will spend more time with them during weekdays than your roommates, friends, and family. Employers are also considering the attitude of applicants towards the job as a top hiring factor instead of technical skills and internship experience.
There are also the opportunities for growth that you should look out for since the work experience you’ll get will be a great foundation for your future career progression. This cannot be bought with a big paycheck.

Tap into your connections to find your first job

work efficiency delegate

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Most of the well-coveted jobs are not advertised on job boards or company websites but are cascaded to the employees of the company. The way to get your foot in the door for these job openings is through contacts inside the company.
What you can do is to tell all your friends and acquaintances on what jobs you are looking for and ask them if they know any job opportunities for fresh graduates that you can apply to. Ask your parents to tap their network as well since they have a more robust professional network than you which you can leverage from.

Look for a job in line with what you love to do

look for job

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Aside from the officemates you’ll have, another determining factor of whether you’ll last long in a company is if your job will be aligned with your interests.
Some people may attest that intrinsic motivation can be used to last in a job so you can pay the bills, but this is rarely the case nowadays since more professionals are empowered to pursue their passions through their jobs.

Choose an area of residence that will be convenient for you

convenient residence area

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If you’re going to rent a condo in the area where you will get a job, consider how it is accessible to other areas in the city.
Condos for rent in Mandaluyong are great choices for your first residence in the city. The Mandaluyong area is a location where both north and south Manila are accessible since it’s located in the center of the metro. Dansalan Gardens Condominiums is 10 minutes from the MRT Boni Station. Flair Towers is near St. Paul College Pasig, University of Asia and the Pacific, and Xavier School. You can also check out Tivoli Garden Residences which is near key locations in Makati such as the Makati Medical Center, Ateneo Graduate School, and Far Eastern University – Makati Campus.

Share condo expenses with your friends

share condo expenses

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A practical way to experience living independently from your parents while saving money is through sharing condo expenses with your friends. If you know people from your batch who will be working in the same area and want to be near their workplace, then this is a good opportunity to do this. There are many condos for rent in the Philippines so the choices are endless.
Tivoli Garden Residences’ units for rent have a modern tropical design that can make you feel relaxed after a full day’s work, while Dansalan Gardens Condominiums has a contemporary architectural design that will attract young professionals.
Renting a studio-type condominium can cost up to P10,000 if you rent it on your own but will go down to P2,500 if you can invite 3 other friends to split the rental bill. Condo expenses include electricity bills, water charges, and Wi-Fi connection that you can also split with your roommates.
You can also shop together for furniture and other first-time condo renter essentials if the condo you’re going to rent is not fully furnished.

Don't take everything personally

dont take everything personal

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There are no weekly catch-ups and informal consultations when you enter the workforce. But as social beings, we somehow define who we are by and through the relationships we build. Upon entering the workforce, you will mostly interact with people from all walks of life on a daily basis. There will be people with whom you will get along really well and there are those you may find a hard time connecting with. This is why when we get feedback about our work from them, it’s a challenge to not take it seriously.
Instead of sulking and going down the dumps, recognize the feedback, reflect on where it's coming from, and maybe you'll find a grain of truth in it. Take it as a step to improving yourself rather than seeing it as a baseless, personal attack.

Go out and conquer the world

These tips will guide you as you look for your first job and live independently for the first time. Just always remember that can achieve your objectives if you plan and prepare well.