People have different ways of celebrating Christmas. Some prefer to spend it in their hometown, while others prefer to go somewhere else and have a holiday condo staycation. The latter has been a growing trend - just taking a trip to a nearby hotel and having a laid-back yet fancy celebration.

Those who prefer going home to their hometowns have less to worry about other than transportation costs, then probably a pasalubong for the family members they haven’t seen in a while.

For those who choose to go somewhere new, expenses are usually a huge consideration. Lots of other families are booking accommodations, and this results in higher hotel rates and few vacancies.

You better watch out, and you better not cry! Condo staycations are now available as your fun and cost-effective holiday celebration! The right condo for rent will offer you a resort-like experience without having to go over budget.

Everything you need within reach

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With all the accomplishments you have done for the entire year, you deserve to just relax and unwind with your loved ones during the holidays. Some time away from the bustle and hustle can be just the boost you need in preparation for the new year.

If you want to still enjoy without having to worry about expenses and hassles, there is nothing more perfect for you than a celebration that can easily rise up to your expectations - a condo staycation! Since a condo lifestyle brings you closer to almost everything, anything you will be needing for the celebration will already be at your fingertips! A holiday staycation in the Philippines may be exactly what you need.

12 reasons why you should choose a condo staycation

Still undecided how to spend the most wonderful time of the year? Finding the balance between wanting to have a special holiday celebration and not wanting to spend too much for it can be hard. But good news! You don’t have to choose between the two with a Christmas condo staycation.

Here’s a list of reasons why you should consider DMCI Homes leasing for your holiday accommodations.

1. Renting a condo will save you money

Given all the perks that you can get with it, condo leasing is surprisingly affordable. For the price of a hotel room - or sometimes even lesser - you get to book the entire condo unit. If you consider the number of people it can accommodate and compare it to the limited capacity of a hotel, the savings just shoot up even higher.

Some condominiums come with multiple bedrooms, a spacious kitchen and living rooms, All these perks of a spacious condo further add up to the savings you make, justifying that a Christmas condo staycation is really a steal. You’re also not only renting a studio, but a whole private house instead.

As if these are not enough proof of a condo rental’s value for money, owners usually offer discounts and promos especially for extended stay. The opposite happens when the high demand in the holiday season often causes hotel rates to increase. These hotel prices declared by huge corporations make the expense for condo leasing pale in comparison.

2. Condos will give you more options in the busy holiday season

Hotels are often fully booked during the holiday season. Thankfully, you’ll have condo rentals to run to. They are often located in key areas so you won’t have trouble getting around. This strategic location can benefit you instead, and you will just thank your lucky stars that you got a condo leasing over a hotel.

For example, condominiums are usually in close proximity to places that people frequent during the holidays. This means that if you prefer to roam around after resting in your room for a while, you can do so without having to brave the holiday traffic in your car.

Condominiums are often also a destination on their own, with halls bedecked with Christmas decors!

3. You’ll have more space

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Gone are the days when you all have to get crammed in a small hotel room. Now you can simply have a condo staycation in Manila, and have more room to move!

Your dad could be in the living room watching the news while your mom could be keeping herself busy in the kitchen, all while the sibs are busy swimming at the pool or hanging out at the veranda.

You’ll have more room for yourself. Maybe you’d just like a little peace and quiet to do some reading, or just have a moment of silence while you do some reminiscing. Whatever it is that you enjoy doing, the extra space will allow you to indulge yourself and have the best staycation!

4. You can keep the whole group together

When staying in a hotel, large families or groups of friends often end up being spread out among different rooms. If you’ve run out of luck, these private rooms can be located on opposite sides of the building.

One of the reasons you are traveling is to bond and spend time together. Having separate rooms located far apart will be self-defeating. It would just be much nicer if everyone could huddle in late into the night talking about everything and nothing.

With more space and a little less restrictions, a condo will be able to accommodate everyone in one place. Through condo leasing, you can all easily find a comfortable place to hang out together as a group — be it in the living room, the veranda, or even the kitchen while you’re trying to get the cooking done. You can choose to sleep beside each other, or just not sleep at all! You have control over how you and your loved ones can stay together, just be sure to not break things - and rules!

5. Easily accessible to guests

Condominium rentals are usually in prime locations, so your guests wouldn’t have a hard time looking for the venue of your Christmas celebrations.

Whether they decide to bring a car or commute to the location of the condo staycation, both will be fine. There are usually parking slots for tenants that the owners will let you use for minimal additional charges. If they prefer to commute, public transportation usually passes by the condo areas. They can also be easily accessible through ride-hailing apps.

6. You’ll be able to take your pets with you

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If you are like most, your pets are a part of the family. And of course, they must go with you to your Christmas celebration. It will just feel wrong to leave them alone at home.

But not all possible staycation establishments allow pets. This could keep you from having a holiday outside your home altogether. Who has the heart to leave behind their furry family members, right?

Luckily, you can count on condo rentals! Although they have all the comforts and conveniences of a hotel, they feel every bit like a home with the freedom of movement they allow. You get the best of both worlds!

7. You can use the amenities as party extension

With all the available amenities in a condo rental, you have a lot of options on where to take your celebration.

Choosing a condo for rent overnight with a pool should be enough to keep the brood entertained. A playground is also provided so your kids could really enjoy their stay. Even thinking of belting it out over karaoke? Just coordinate with the owners, and they’ll be happy to accommodate you.

8. You can follow a theme

Unlike when celebrating in a more public area, a condo staycation in Manila will allow you to design the place whatever way you want. You have a whole room to decorate - and that activity in itself can already be a way to bond!

Your theme can be as unique as you want. Dress up! You don’t have to worry about what other people will think or say, you have your private place after all. Your guests don’t even have to go through the hassle of traveling with their costumes. They can change and play dress up at your rental place!

9. You’ll be able to cook your own food

cooked food on white ceramic platePhoto courtesy of Jed Owen via Unsplash

One of the many joys of Christmas is all the delicious home-cooked food made even grander. Especially for Filipinos, no Christmas celebration is complete without the sumptuous meals you’ve prepared together as a family. It’s just hard to imagine celebrating Noche Buena with only take-out food.

Fortunately, you can now spend Christmas with a vacation and still have all the festive home-cooked dishes you look forward to! With a kitchen that will allow you to cook to your heart’s desire, renting a condo would still feel like home.

You’ll still be greeted by the aroma of caldereta, hamonado, embutido, and basically anything you are looking forward to having this holiday season.. Beyond just treating you with good food and further proving condo rental’s cost-effectiveness, being able to cook at your condo staycation will also let you save more money.

10. You get to immerse in the local neighborhood

When you rent a condo for the holidays, you will be living among locals in the area. Those living in the units next to your rental place are most likely homeowners. This will make you feel less like a tourist and more like a purpose-driven traveler.

If you take the time, you will be able to learn more about the locals and the neighborhood. You could wake up on Christmas morning, step outside your unit for a bit, and find yourself talking to the homeowner next door. You’d just as soon learn from someone else’s life, and even earn a friend or two.

11. You can relax right after

After a day - and night - of festivities and catching up with your family and friends, a good sleep is what you will be needing at the end of the day.

Contrary to celebrating your Christmas in public places, staying in a condo rental will allow you to just have a clean bath and go to sleep right after your celebration. No need to hail a ride and brave the holiday traffic!

You can clean the place on the same day or do it the day after, no pressure! Do your own thing at your own pace, at your own private place.

12. You know you are safe

It will be a little hard to enjoy the Christmas season if you are worrying about your safety and that of your family. Thankfully, you do not have to worry about these in a condo staycation. Condominium units usually have security checkists to ensure your safety at all times.

Most condominium units have guards who are equipped to not just simply let random people in. You can be assured that your guests are exclusive and there’s no party intruder in the way.

Even inside the towers, there are CCTV and fire alarms and sprinklers to keep you safe if unplanned instances happen after playful celebrations.

DMCI leasing condo for your Christmas staycation

Now that you can already imagine how great a condo staycation can be, it’s time to choose which condominiums will suit your preferences best.

DMCI condominiums are known for creating quality real estate properties that can cater to the changing needs of the market. So whichever condo rental you choose from this list, you can be assured of a great Christmas staycation!

1. Tivoli Garden Residences

If you’re looking forward to reconnecting with yourself and meeting new people with a strong sense of community this Christmas, Tivoli Garden Residences in Barangay Hulo, Mandaluyong City is the best staycation for you.

With its community-style of condo living, you will have the perfect venue for mind and body exercises including Tai-Chi and Yoga.

If you would like to extend your stay indefinitely and be a full time condo renter, a professional group handling resident concerns awaits you!

2. Lumiere Residences

Holiday traffic is real, and a condo staycation in a strategic location can easily be your game changer.

Lumiere Residences is located at the corner of Pasig Boulevard and Shaw Boulevard, conveniently bringing you closer to everything your family might need.

So, if you’re looking for a modern, stylish, and private place close to top central business districts, this DMCI condo is definitely the one for you!

3. Sheridan Towers

In this digital era, almost everything has to be “instagrammable” or following a certain aesthetic. Looking forward to filling your feed with holiday photos? Sheridan Towers located in Mandaluyong got you.

DMCI Homes’ proudly uses a distinct design technology for high-rise structures - Lumiventt® Technology. This highlights Sky Patios and breezeways that are not only instagram-worthy, but also an exciting touch to the structure of the building.

Sheridan Residences’ Lumiventt® Technology also ensures that you will feel at ease during your holiday staycation. It allows natural light and airflow inside the units, while also maintaining air circulation in hallways for a wide open and comfortable feel.

4. The Atherton

It is perfectly understandable if you prioritize a strong internet connection when booking a venue for your Christmas staycation. After all, almost everything is now online. In this case, you wouldn’t have to look further with The Atherton.

The Atherton in Parañaque is only the second condominium nationwide to offer subscription-free, unlimited, built-in commercial-grade fiber internet service after DMCI’s Prisma Residences. This means that you can enjoy the community internet service both in your rented unit, and in the common areas!

5. Fortis Residences

While it is common to have multiple activities and trips during the holiday season, it is also perfectly acceptable to just use this time for recreation. And there’s no better place to have this than in the middle of Makati City with Fortis Residences.

This upscale development by DMCI has open areas and a basketball court you can use for a little bit of sports.

All throughout your condo staycation, you will be surrounded by beautiful landscapes and lush greenery. You can also visit their sky lounge for a relaxing panoramic view of the Metro!

6. Mulberry Place

You can now have your much-awaited vacation feels without leaving the Metro with DMCI’s Mulberry Place! This mid-rise development’s Vietnamese-inspired architecture theme will make you feel like you’re somewhere else.

With a low-rise building, air flows easily throughout the development, providing you a fresh and cool ambiance for you and your family. Units are also well-lighted and spacious - it wouldn’t feel like you are in the busy streets of Manila.

Located in Taguig, Mulberry Place is also surrounded by nature and atriums, giving you the private getaway you need without the expenses and hassle you are avoiding!

Celebrating Christmas wherever you are

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Christmas celebrations change over the years. From singing Christmas carols, completing Simbang Gabi, all the way to traveling out of town and preparing your favorite Noche Buena, you have the freedom to choose how you will spend Christmas.

At the end of the day, the holidays are about who you spend them with. Either you spend it in an expensive yacht or in a budget-friendly condo, what’s important is that you feel the most delightful during the most wonderful time of the year.

Key takeaways

If you want to spend your Christmas with the best staycation with your family, friends, or significant other, a condo rental is a budget-friendly yet enjoyable way to do it. With a condo leasing, you can do the following with just little budget:

  • Maximize the space - When you rent a condo, you are not just renting a room. You will also have access to a living room where your guests can stay while waiting for activities. There is also a kitchen to cook that Noche Buena you’ve been longing for!
  • Enjoy diverse activities - Condo staycations come with a lot of amenities even outside the unit. With these, you can choose to have a pool party, or just chill at the lounge! If you want to just relax at the verdant gardens, you are also free to do just that!
  • Relish convenience and accessibility - You can fully enjoy your holiday getaway without having to worry about time that can be wasted in traffic! With condo staycations in Manila strategically located near major establishments, you will be just a stone’s throw away from things you need and places you want to visit!


Whichever might be the main reason why you would want to finally pursue a long overdue condo staycation in Manila, DMCI Homes have properties that will best suit you and give you the lifestyle you deserve.

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