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Condo-living is the representation of convenience. Condominiums make your life easier since you need not worry about the hustle and bustle of yard work, maintenance, or security. Most condominiums, especially those offered by DMCI Homes, are also located near central business districts and essential establishments.

And while condominiums are a great investment, you must still do your research before you actually purchase or rent a condominium unit. From the reason why you want a condo to the amount of annual or monthly fees that you are required to pay, you must research these things before buying/renting a condo-unit. This will allow you to be better prepared as a condo-unit owner.

The condo lifestyle

You can enjoy a vibrant social life in a condominium since they are located near central business districts and other establishments. This is perfect for an active lifestyle since you don’t need to worry about long commutes to and from your condo or office.

Condo-living also offers a low-maintenance lifestyle that is oftentimes more affordable than owning a house. Condominium corporations are usually responsible for the maintenance and repairs for the condominium. Though you are required to pay association fees, these cover a wide range of expenses including amenities, maintenance, and repairs.

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Benefits of condo living

Condo living offers you a variety of benefits. From proximity to essential establishments to amenities that help you with self improvement. Having explained what a condo-lifestyle entails, let us first delve into 5 benefits of condo-living:

Strategic location. Condominiums are often located near central business districts (CBD) or essential establishments. This strategic location means that you will always have easy access to malls, schools, and even churches without worrying too much about transportation.

Great return on investment. The close proximity of condominiums to CBDs or essential establishments means one important thing: a high return on investment (ROI). This is so because the strategic location of your property allows your property to appreciate over time. This also means that your property will be attractive to potential lessors or purchasers should you decide to sell your condo-unit in the future.

Safety and security. Condominiums offer a high level of security. To ensure that only residents and registered guests are permitted on the property, everyone who enters is vetted, and security systems are installed throughout the common areas. Some condos, like those of DMCI Homes, fit your security checklist thereby ensuring that your safety is prioritized.

Hassle-free maintenance. One of the key benefits of living in a condo is hassle-free maintenance. This means that you need not worry about the maintenance of the building’s structure or the common areas. This is so because the responsibility for the upkeep of the general facilities usually belongs to the condominium corporation. One thing you must remember, however, is that you are required to shell out association fees to contribute to the maintenance of the building.

One of the key benefits of living in a condo is that you need not worry about the maintenance and upkeep. of the building’s structure or of the common areas. This maintenance and upkeep is already covered by your association dues and is the obligation of the Homeowners Association (HOA).

Access to on-site amenities. When you purchase or rent a condominium unit, you will have open access to the amenities offered by it. You can use these amenities to live your best life or work on towards your self improvement. In fact, DMCI Homes has revitalized the amenities it offers to include a skydeck, pool, game room, fitness gym, multipurpose court, function room, and much more!

Condominium living is indeed enticing because of the plethora of benefits that it offers. And while renters may want to look into these benefits of living in a condo, sooner or later you may want to make a decision to rent. In this regard, you may want to look into these 15 factors to help you decide when looking into or choosing a condominium unit.

What are the things to consider when buying a condo?

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When choosing a condo, you must always look into certain factors that will fit your style or tickle your fancy. But keep in mind that planning and researching are your strongest tools when it comes to being prepared. This holds especially true when it comes to renting a condominium unit. That having been said, let us dive into 15 important factors that you might consider when looking into or choosing a condo unit.

1. What do you need and want in a condo?

When searching for a room or condo to rent, ask yourself how big of a space you need. Do you need a studio type condominium or do you prefer a one-bedroom condo unit? Take in mind that renting a condo means living in smaller spaces compared to living at home. And while condominium units are relatively smaller than houses, they are nonetheless less expensive than a house, depending on the area. So, if you are choosing a condo, make sure that you know exactly what you want and need.

Also, do you want a fully furnished or semi-furnished unit? Fully furnished units are more expensive, but then the moving in is less of a hassle for you.

2. How long do you plan to stay?

Now that you know what you need and want in a condo, you want to rent take into consideration how long you plan to rent. If you’re staying for a year or longer, mention that to your potential landlord and sign a more extended lease contract. This is also the best time to negotiate for a lower rent for the long duration of your stay. You can also consider a rent to own condo option if you really want to bask in the wonders and busy streets of Manila.

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3. Can you pay for the monthly rent and other additional fees?

Renting a condominium unit entails monthly rent and other charges, such as association dues. So, before agreeing to rent a condominium, you must always check your financial stability and budget. After all, it wouldn’t be too wise to alot most of your budget to just paying exorbitant rent and monthly fees. So, if you cannot find a property that fits your budget, you can always search in nearby cities. For example, DMCI Homes offers a plethora of properties. Among these are the different properties in Mandaluyong that you can rent.

Also, know that aside from the monthly rent, living in a condo means paying extra fees such as association fees and monthly dues for maintenance, security, and amenities. Ask your potential landlord if your rent fee includes all the additional fees or if it is separate. If it’s the latter, ask in advance how much additional fees cost so that you can check if the room you want to rent fits your budget.

4. What is the overall condition of the unit?

Before signing any contract and agreeing to any terms, check the condo unit you want to rent. Take the time to inspect the items inside your potential unit. This includes pests, floors, walls, sink, and bathroom. Check if everything is working properly, if things need fixing before you decide to move in, and things you can compromise. This will also allow you to imagine how you’re going to live your life in the condo you want to rent.

5. How is property management?

Since you are also paying for the maintenance of the condo, check out how the management performs. Do they keep the condo in tip-top shape? Are the halls clean? Is the garbage collected punctually? Is the security making you feel safe if you’re going to live there? Also, check out the amenities they provide since you’re paying for it too. These amenities include the gym, swimming pool, and clubhouse if your condo has them.

6. Who is your potential landlord?

Before agreeing to rent a condo, get to know your landlord. See if he or she is responsive and easy to contact in case something breaks or a problem arises. Does he or she live nearby? And most importantly, how motivated is he or she in keeping the unit you want to rent in the best condition possible?

Once you’ve met up with your landlord, take this chance to ask about the rules and regulations in advance before you see them in the contract. If you do so, you already have an idea if you need to push through with your desire for renting the condo unit or not. For example, if you have pets, ask in advance if pets are allowed or not. If they have rules and regulations that you cannot conform to, then it is wise to move to the next potential room you want to rent.

7. How much deposit are you being asked to pay?

Usually, two months deposit and one month rent in advance is required by most landlords in the Philippines. So check your savings and bank accounts if you have enough money to pay for these advance payments should you decide to move into the condo that you decided to rent.

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8. Read and examine all documentation

Before you sign the contract, read and examine the fine print in the documents prior to signing them. These include the rental agreement, condominium management, and owner’s covenants, conditions, and restrictions. If there are details that seem unclear, don’t be afraid to ask. Also, check the due dates to settle your rent so that you won’t be late in paying them.

Did you and your landlord make prior arrangements like allowing you to screw in cabinets or did he promise to repaint the unit? Put those in writing so that all arrangements made between both parties are sure to be made and disagreements are avoided.

9. Who are your neighbors?

Solid walls in between condo units are sometimes not enough to save you from the noise of your next-door neighbor. When looking out for rooms to rent in Makati, check who your neighbors are. Are they noisy? Are they nosy? If you are going to rent alone, chances are, if emergencies arise, they are one of the first persons you will ask help from. So before renting a place, make sure you’re not going to live next to a toxic neighbor and avoid being one as well.

10. Are you going to have a roommate?

Most working single condo renters opt to live with a roommate to divide the costs. Are you thinking of living with a roommate? True, finding the right roommate takes effort, but rest assured that finding the right one will make life easier for you. If you’re looking around for the right one, keep in mind the things you should discuss with your potential roommate. These points will help you assess if you should live with a roommate or live alone; after all, there are advantages and disadvantages of living with a roommate.

Makati is an ideal place to live in. If you’re planning to rent your unit in Makati or nearby cities such as properties in Pasay, choose DMCI Homes properties where you will find quality home rentals.

11. Does condo-living suit your lifestyle?

Are your finances positioned in such a way that shelling out 180,000php for a new roof significantly affects your budget? If you answered yes, then condo living might suit your lifestyle. Condo-living means less effort and maintenance. Having more free time means you can focus more on your career, self improvement, or your family.

12. How much are the association fees and regulations?

Being a condo-owner requires you to pay monthly association fees. If you are deciding to purchase a condo, it is important that you examine those fees to determine exactly what is covered. You can also ask how frequently and by how much the association dues increase each year so that you will have an idea of how much you will be required to shell out every month for these fees.

Knowing the amount of fees as well as any possible increase allows you to properly make adjustments to your budget. This foresight ensures that there won’t be any surprise expenses on your prepared budget.

13. Ask whether there are special assessments

The condo association applies special assessments as additional fees to pay for major projects. The board, if not every resident of the community, usually votes on an assessment. And while special assessments are typically implemented temporarily, it is nonetheless prudent to be aware of them. Since these entail additional costs, it will most likely impact your budget if they’re in place.

14. Check condominium policies about pets

If you are a pet lover, you might want to check whether your condominium allows pets. Some condominiums allow only a certain pet breed, whereas, some ban pets altogether. Check out the pet policies and laws for condominium owners before actually pushing through with renting the condominium.

15. Proximity to Essential Establishments.

One of the reasons why there is a strong demand for condos to rent is to lessen the time people spend on the commute from work and to be closer to other places. So when choosing a condo to rent in Makati, or in any location for that matter, consider the proximity of your condo to your school or work, your transportation options, the nearby hospital, malls, and grocery markets. Do a dry run of how long it will take you to go to work from the place you want to rent.

16. How is the parking garage?

A condo parking space isn’t usually something that people usually consider checking out. However, if you own a car, then this becomes an important factor. Since you want to keep your car close to the condo, you should check if the condo you are about to rent has sufficient parking space.

When checking the parking space, your first concern should be the accessibility and comfort of the garage from your condo unit. If you’re living a fast paced 8-to-5 kind of person, having a garage that can be quickly accessed from your condo unit is beneficial for your fast paced life.

Researching and planning are the hallmarks of a proper condo-unit owner. Taking these criteria into account before deciding on the condo-unit to rent provides for two essential benefits. First, it allows you to be better prepared financially and second, it makes you avoid making rash decisions that you would eventually regret.

Knowing is half the battle. Now that you know the essential criteria before renting, let us go into the properties that you can rent from DMCI Homes.

DMCI Homes properties that you can invest in

The properties for rent by DMCI Homes all offer general facilities that you can use for self improvement, amenities that allow you to live life to the fullest. These properties are also located near central business districts and essential establishments, including schools, hospitals, and churches. All of these factors make the condominium for rent by DMCI Homes viable for rent.

Now, let us look at the properties of DMCI Homes that are available for rent.

1. Brio Towers Makati


brio towersPhoto courtesy of DMCI Homes via dmcihomes.com

Enjoy the convenience of an urban area while reaping the comforts of a resort-inspired suburban lifestyle. Brio Tower, a high-rise building, is situated at the heart of Makati. It is a 30-storey building positioned along the major thoroughfare of Makati, EDSA.

Brio Tower’s include wonderful building features as well as useful general facilities for enjoyment and self-improvement.

2. Calathea Place – Parañaque


Calathea buildingPhoto courtesy of DMCI Homes via dmcihomes.com

Calathea Place: The manifestation of “nature’s blissful vibe”. Away from the commotion of Manila's crowded highways, nourish your soul with life's basic joys. Create a welcoming space in your house with Calathea’s “modern tropical” design which emulates the tranquil atmosphere at DMCI's expertly designed and created Calathea Place.

Calathea Place offers a prime location as it is located only within 20 minutes from Makati Central Business Districts. Its accessibility is unmatched since there is 24/7 public transportation available, such as PUJs going to the airport and Baclaran. It is likewise located near several malls and supermarkets, as well as essential establishments, such as hospitals and schools.

3. The Calinea Tower


calanea amenity core aerialPhoto courtesy of DMCI Homes via dmcionline.ph

With a Lavish resort-inspired atmosphere, the Calinea Towers will be a landmark that offers a totally relaxing and enriching home environment in Caloocan City. Calinea Towers has 48 residential floors within the thriving neighborhood of Grace Park, Caloocan. This area has now become a property hotspot because of its proximity to LRT-1, Skyway Stage 3, NLEX Harbor Link, NLEX-SLEX Connector. These infrastructures improve the ease of travel into the city.

Calatea has a luxurious space that exudes a sense of glamour and luxury from the expansive lobby and all throughout the hallways. Refined living likewise extends to the residences. Each unit in The Calinea Tower is fully functional with an elegant finish.

4. East Ortigas Mansion


East Ortigas Mansions-buildingPhoto courtesy of DMCI Homes via dmcihomes.com

East Ortigas Mansions is a private hideaway that recreates the good life of Mediterranean resort locations right in your own backyard. It is a Mediterranean-inspired condominium complex located close to Ortigas Center and the Libis Commercial Area. Dream of a weekend getaway free of bother at East Ortigas Mansions, your home away from home. This condominium offers high-rise and medium rise condominiums that are expertly crafted to suit your lifestyle!

East Ortigas Mansions, a townhouse and condominium development by DMCI Homes, is located in Pasig City, a drive from Libis and Ortigas, with rents beginning at 53,000 PHP a month. This apartment is up for sale along Ortigas Road, close to other important thoroughfares in the region like Bonifacio Avenue, E. Bank Road, and Felix Avenue.

East Ortigas Mansions offers the following general facilities:

  • Main Entrance Gate
  • Children’s playground
  • Clubhouse
  • Kiddie pool
  • Lap pool


5. Zinnia Towers


zinnia towers building North TowerPhoto courtesy of DMCI Homes via dmcihomes.com

Nearly 70% of the 1.9 hectare Zinnia Towers community's acreage is devoted to amenities and open spaces. Zinnia Towers is a two-tower community with a resort-inspired design. Consider the harmony between structure and nature. Enjoy the beautiful vegetation and bidding courtyards that balance the air and natural light.

Zinnia Towers allows you to travel anywhere at any time in just a few minutes as LRT Line 1 North Extension and MRT 3 are just a few meters away from Zinnia Towers. Since it can be accessed via a 130-meter right of way from EDSA it is located at a quiet and peaceful area, tucked away from the disturbances of the lively activities along EDSA.

Zinnia Towers has a plethora of building features and also offers a wide range of amenities. It’s also located in close proximity to commercial and essential establishments, such as schools and hospitals.

Key takeaways

When purchasing a condo, you need to do your research. This is so because there are certain factors that you might want to consider that could influence your decision to purchase. From having 24-hour security to proximity to essential establishments, such as schools, churches, or hospitals. That said, here are some key takeaways that you can carry with you should you decide to purchase a condo.

  • Always consider your location. One of the most important factors that you can consider before purchasing a condo is your location. This is so because if you are a young professional, you might want your condo near central business districts for work. On the other hand, if you are retired you might want your condo near parks or picnic areas.
  • Know your HOA fees and any subsequent increases. If you own a condominium, you are required to pay the Home Owners Association fees. The purpose of these fees is for the maintenance and upkeep of the condominium as well as the amenities. So, you must know the amount of monthly HOA fees and any yearly increase thereto so that you can be better prepared in owning a condominium unit.
  • Look into DMCI’s properties. DMCI Homes offers a variety of properties that not only ticks the factors that you are looking for, but also provides features and facilities that fit your preference. DMCI Homes’ condos are also strategically located as they are near central business districts or even academic establishments.


Browse more properties to find the perfect condo-for rent from DMCI Homes. If you have any concerns or inquiries, visit us at DMCI Homes or send an email to our contact page.