“I can totally live here.” What do you even mean by that? When people look at a home or property, they either say: I can live here or I don’t see myself living here. But what makes a place livable or uninhabitable? When in search of a condo in Metro Manila, how exactly would you define livability?

For people planning on renting a condo, this is an important factor to consider during the search. Livability should not be limited to just one room or corner in the condo. It should not be limited to the perfect parking slot or the best view of the city skyline. Livability is about meeting your needs and complementing your lifestyle.

This is what makes Riverfront Residences a livable community. At whatever point of your life, this DMCI condo in Pasig is just the perfect fit. A mid-rise community composed of nine low-density buildings, Riverfront Residences is one such example of how beauty and function can harmoniously co-exist. While the buildings were designed with modern contemporary aesthetics, the 3,000 sqm linear park by the scenic Marikina river balances modernity with a natural breathing space.

You could be single or starting a small family and this DMCI property would still be perfect. That’s how livable it is. It caters to everyone’s needs.

Convenience for the on-the-go young professional

on-the-go young professional

Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

Located at the heart of progressive Pasig City, everything that matters is very near Riverfront Residences. It is in close proximity to business hubs such as Ortigas and Eastwood. If you are a single, young professional struggling with work-life balance, renting a condo here can drastically change your life. Never again will you waste time stuck in traffic or wake up really early just to avoid the rush hour. With a home close to work, you have more time to do more important things and have more hours to sleep or rest.

The clubhouse is fully-equipped with Wi-Fi so checking work emails is now made easier. Aside from being a fully-serviced community, this DMCI condo development assures its residents of a no-frills condo living. There’s a convenience store, water refilling station, laundry service, and bakery at the clubhouse. Everything you need is just outside your doorstep.

Nurturing individuality of couples and partners

When couples decide to move in together, most people warn them of the things they have to sacrifice or the risk of losing themselves in the process. It is true that there are many ways life changes when partners decide to live together, but these do not necessarily need to be all about the bad stuff because in reality, the change could be really good.

What is important is you both work on your individuality. Sure, there are adjustments but you are still two different individuals. Riverfront Residences encourages residents to nurture their uniqueness, even their peculiarities. Newly-married couples can identify their own corner where they can be alone with their thoughts. Women always want “me” time and a healthy, well-rounded condo lifestyle will give them just that.

For the men, there’s a half-covered court, basketball court, and game room. After a long day at work, they can unwind or chill here. Women can take a stroll down the 3,000 sqm sunset view park with a viewing podium to enjoy the scenic view. They can also find the planting area for herbs and spices rather therapeutic. Together, couples can have a relaxing night cap at the bar.

One of the reasons to rent in Riverfront Residences when you decide to get married or move in together is because it encourages individuality as much as it supports the importance of spending quality time together.

Well-rounded environment for raising children

Well-rounded environment

Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

When you are starting a family, the first concern that you naturally raise is how kids will fit in the picture. Will your children be comfortable in your condo unit? Will your small family be able to live fully in a condo community?

Riverfront Residences in Pasig understands your needs. Your children will not be chained to a couch or glued to a screen growing up. There’s an expansive lawn where they can play catch. There’s a playground where you can schedule play dates with other children in the community. And lastly, there’s a pool where you can host fun kiddie pool parties.

The units are significantly bigger than most condo units in the market. Depending on the size of the family, you can rent a one-bedroom, two-bedroom, or tandem units. Space is not going to be an issue.

Helping seniors stay fit and healthy

seniors stay fit and healthy

Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

Our beloved seniors lived in a different time. They lived at a time when lands are undeveloped and concrete homes were few. Backyards, porches, and streets were their playground. It should come as no surprise that they have reservations about vertical living in general.

But it is a matter of making them understand that they are not living in a box and that there is absolutely no reason for them not to be connected to nature. Renting a condo in this DMCI property is in so many ways favorable for the elderly. Jogging path and walkways are perfect for those early morning run. There’s a tree court where they can breathe fresh air and a pergola or a shaded passageway for leisurely walks. The landscaped atriums inside the buildings are also a refreshing addition as they allow natural air and light to come in. Corridors are single-loaded so they won’t feel like living in a cramped and overcrowded building.

Fun times with friends and roomies

Fun times with friends

Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

Co-workers and friends sharing a condo unit is very common these days. It is not only practical, but it also gives a sense of mobility compared to owning one. At Riverfront Residences, this practical move is also made enjoyable.

The pool area is complete with gazebos and grill pits for those barbecue parties. A scenic water feature is also perfect for a selfie. Roomies can set a gym or workout schedule to make staying fit easier and more fun. A workout buddy helps keep you motivated.

When looking for a condo to rent, make sure you pick one that matches the condo lifestyle that you intend to sustain. Make sure that it can be there for you at various points of your life. That’s what makes a condo truly livable.