What does “feels like home” mean to you? A place that is comfortable and has everything you need, perhaps. Or probably a place overflowing with love and the feeling of warmth. That is all good of course, but if you can have a sauna and a lotus pond at the same time, then that would be great too, right?
Well, now you can.

Royal Palm Residences in Taguig is nothing short of that dream home you’ve always wanted. It is nestled in a four hectare property and in close proximity to Bonifacio Global City and Makati. This DMCI condo is a true feast for the senses with its strong Thai and tropical resort-inspired setting. With 23 leisure and 12 active play amenities spread across a hectare expanse of land, you will never run out of things to do, see, and experience. From themed gardens to integrated water features, Royal Palm Residences has you covered.

A standard of DMCI properties, Royal Palm Residences gives residents a sense of community. It is masterfully planned to house eight medium and two high-rise residential buildings, while maintaining medium density occupancy. At the heart of the complex are the relaxation and recreational facilities that show just how this development is a cut above the rest.

Thai-inspired architecture

Thailand is known for its bustling shopping scene, exotic cuisine, rich cultural traditions, and its unique and world-class architecture. Thai design is reminiscent of an old world charm, something that is familiar, but very elegant and soothing. Clustered homes in Royal Palm Residences are adorned with finial roof finishes, suggestive of traditional Thai homes and temples. In the grand clubhouse is a pavilion that seems to be balancing on stilts. Organic earth colors dominate the community and there are unique Thai ornaments that are spread out throughout the complex. A leisurely walk around the community will make you feel like you are on a Thai vacation or walking around a luxurious 4-hectare Thai spa.

Life is a beach

Like most tropical countries, Thailand prides itself as home to some of the world’s most beautiful beach destinations. Living up to that reputation is Royal Palm Residences. The typical condo in Metro Manila would normally have a pool, and a separate kiddie pool if you’re lucky. But this DMCI development in Taguig is offering its residents 1,000 sqm. of various water amenities. Aside from leisure pools, it also has interactive water play and cascades. This surely exudes the ambience of a really luxurious tropical resort, making families feel that they are on a holiday, even on a Monday.

Every day is a picnic

Picnics have a special place in our hearts. They are fun and heartwarming. They get families and friends together and they make it so easy to share good stories. Consistent with the resort-themed community, Royal Palm Residences allotted an expansive open area for those nostalgic picnics. There are picnic huts and a deck just beside the pool area so parents can watch their kids take a dip. There’s also an expansive picnic grove where you can leisurely sit on the grass or lay out a picnic blanket. Of course, there’s a barbecue area to make the experience more authentic.

Waking up to a scenery

Renting in the Philippines could be a letdown if you have to settle for what’s typically available. You are lucky if you get a balcony or a view or even just window, but most of the time you just wake up to the wall facing your unit. But that’s not the case when you go for a condo unit at Royal Palm Residences for rent. You are not only certain to get a view (all units have a balcony and a view) but a majestic scenery. Within the complex are several ponds and themed gardens. There’s a koi pond and a lotus pond. There’s also a flower garden, aromatic garden, and an orchard shade. If you ever wondered how it is to live in a fairytale-like cottage, then this is the closest you can get. There is a lot of evidence on the benefits of having ample contact with nature, so it’s only a bonus if your condo living gives you access to relaxing natural environments.

An ode to fitness

pool royal palm

Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

It’s not just an indoor fitness gym and a pool. Well, they have those too. But the community has surely taken the pursuit of fitness goals to a higher level. One of the best features of Royal Palm Residences is its generous open spaces where you can enjoy a leisurely walk on the lawn or sweat it out on jogging and biking paths. For families with seniors and elderly, there’s an outdoor exercise station. And yes, tai chi grounds. For the younger ones, there’s an indoor dance studio to brush up on those hip hop moves. At Royal Palm, there’s an opportunity to get fit at every turn.

Life at the spa

life at the spa

Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

Just when you think only Hollywood A-listers can have a sauna at home, think again. One of the reasons why you should rent at Royal Palm Residences is because it is the only condo development that gives you access to your own spa. If you love those Thai spas and massages, you would surely drool over the community’s own sauna. Imagine relaxing at a sauna after a long day at work anytime you want and without stressing yourself out about traffic.

Revisiting outdoor fun

royal palm residences playground

Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

Parents have this notion about condo renting as not being conducive for raising children. The traditional backyard and porch is compromised and there’s little chance to play outdoors. But at Royal Palm Residences, kids will rediscover the fun of playing in the real world, not off the screen. Aside from the children’s playground, there’s an expansive open playfield where children can be active and play ball in a controlled environment. There’s also a skating rink where they can roll around in their skating gear.

Balance of fun and business

Balance of fun and business

Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

Royal Palm Residences surely knows what the condo lifestyle is about. It’s about achieving the balance between business and pleasure, work and fun. For busy dads who want to unwind after a long day at the office, there’s an indoor recreation room where they can play a round of pool, while moms can have the entertainment room or the bar and kitchen to themselves. For small business gatherings, there are function rooms and an open-air function hall. If you need to take home some office work and do not want to do it in your living room, head on to the business center.

Natural light and air flow

Natural light and air flow

Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

Sustainable living is central to DMCI properties. A single-loaded corridor layout makes sure everyone has a view and that the floor is not too crowded. A central hallway lounge and central light court adorns the corridor building outside to facilitate natural lighting and ventilation. Inside is a landscaped atrium, which serves as a garden outside your unit.

Sophistication comes alive at Royal Palm Residences. Thai architecture and design exudes a relaxing vibe and its indoor and outdoor features provide a balance of leisure and function. Living in a condo has certainly never been this good, making you feel like you are on a holiday every single day.