Condominium investment means investing in a lifestyle where home owners live so close to each other, literally just walls apart. In this kind of setup, experiencing neighbor problems firsthand cannot be avoided. A neighborhood is never perfect. The fact that there are different types of people living right next door requires a condo dweller to become patient and flexible in dealing with such. In condo living, it does not mean that you have to pack up and leave every time a neighbor causes problems. Here are some of the most common neighbor issues when living in a condominium and how to properly address them.

When the Neighbor Becomes Deafening

Condominium dwellers and almost every person investing in a real estate in the Philippines want peace and quiet in the comfort of their own homes. It cannot be avoided that people have different sleeping times, depending on their line of work or lifestyle. Since owners are just walls apart and there are no soundproofing, noises are not prevented. If a next-door neighbor becomes too noisy, calmly talk to the owner in person and politely inform him of the sounds you hear. Communicate often and get to know the neighbor so that it will be easy for the both of you to understand the situation. Always remember that the purpose is to have a peaceful surrounding. Quarreling is never a solution to eliminate noise.

When the Neighbor’s Unit Produces a Foul Smell

Not all condominium neighbors are clean and hygienic. The limited and enclosed space in a mid-rise or high-rise building makes it easy for odors to spread and linger for days. Some bad odors may come from cooking, garbage, food, dirty laundry, furniture, pets, or the person himself. An easy step to prevent this is to spray air freshener in your condo. If this does not prevent the smell from entering your unit, ask the condominium management if there are exhaust fans or vents. In an instance where the unpleasant smell becomes frequent, talk to the neighbor and let him know about the malodor.

When the Neighbor is a Chain-Smoker

Another common neighbor problem when living in a building with limited space is dealing with a chain-smoker next door. Not all people can stand the smell of cigarette smoke. There are people who suffer from breathing difficulties and are wary of the hazards of secondhand smoke. First tip is to check with your condominium management if smoking is allowed within the premises, especially in hallways. If it is allowed, talk to the neighbor and politely ask him to smoke somewhere far from the units. Offer places like the open grounds or if there are assigned smoking areas in the condominium.

When the Neighbor Owns Stinky Pets

Living in a place with limited space does not mean you are not allowed to have pets. Living in a condominium, especially in mid-rise or high-rise buildings, requires choosing the best condo pets to match your lifestyle. There will be times when a neighbor becomes an irresponsible pet owner and neglect their animal friends. To address this, you can confirm with the condominium management if it is allowed to have animals in your area. There are some condos where pets are strictly prohibited. If pets are allowed, talk to the neighbor and let him know politely that it is causing a bad smell. If you don’t want to talk to the person, posting reminders and rules in certain spots in the condo about cleaning up after their pet’s mess and keeping them fresh is a good tip. It is unhealthy and unsanitary to the surroundings if a pet is dirty or if there are feces or urine scattered in every corner.

When the Neighbor Becomes Too Messy

One reason why condo living is preferred in the real estate industry is the small cozy space. There are no huge open spaces like houses and lots which can be used for clutter. Real estate in the Philippines offers smaller homes for Filipinos who want to have a simple home. It only becomes problematic when neighbors get messy. It is important for condominiums to be tidy, neat, and orderly. A single floor in a condo can have as many units as possible, and a messy neighbor can affect others. Types of mess can include trash, old belongings, dirty items that cannot be taken inside the unit, and additional clutter. Check the rules and regulations of the management regarding putting things outside the condo unit aside from the doormat. If it becomes a threat to safety, talk to the neighbor and relay the dangers of having things around the neighborhood. Remember that the hallway is not an extension of the condo unit.

When the Neighbor is a Party Person

The real estate industry in the country is showing growth in terms of condo investment. This is because most of the interested owners include OFWs, young professionals, and young adults who want to experience independent living. These types of owners make condo living prone to having neighbors who always transform their condo unit into a party venue especially during weekends. This saves them the time and money when going to bars and clubs. They can have all the guests they want and enjoy the private get-together. It is not really that bad to host a party in a small place such as a condominium unit. The problem comes when it becomes too often and causes disturbance in the neighboring units. To address this properly, be calm and never cause a commotion or embarrassment in the middle of their party. Find a time when you can talk to the neighbor and let him know the tips for throwing a condo party without being too loud. Remind the neighbor of the rules and regulations of the condominium management regarding letting in outsiders or making too much noise.

When the Neighbor Becomes a Trespasser

Since condo units are just steps away from each other and there are no gates to protect your home, one of the least common neighbor problems that can possibly happen is when a neighbor enters your unit without you knowing. They just open the door and get inside easily. In order to deal with this and prevent it from happening, make sure you always lock the door. Add more deadbolts or even security devices. Never leave your unit open unattended. This will prevent not only trespassing neighbors, but also criminals and robbers who might have access to your floor.

Make Life Easier by Getting to Know Each Other

There are a lot of other neighbor problems when it comes to living in a condominium. Whatever problems condo dwellers encounter with their neighbors, the most important thing to do is communicate personally and politely. According to Reader’s Digest, the number one tip in dealing with neighbors is to get to know them. It is the simplest and most effective solution to problems with next-door neighbors. Just let them know what the problem is and pleasantly offer a solution you both can agree on. Being calm and talking nicely don't just make condo dwellers a good neighbor to others. It also helps in making condo investment a better choice. But when all else fail, reporting to the proper authorities and filing formal complaints are the next steps in dealing with bad neighbors.