Are you getting hitched soon? If you don’t want to blow the budget or invite a huge crowd on your special day, why not start planning a small, intimate wedding with your closest and dearest family and friends instead? Take a good look at these small wedding ideas on a budget that can cover your wedding reception. You’re welcome.

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Go for an outdoor/destination wedding

Do you dream of a beach or an outdoor wedding? Or perhaps you can’t afford your dream church? Did you know that you can hold your wedding outside religious venues?

Yes, imagine this: the sky will be your canopy, the sand at your feet, the sound of the waves or trees serenading you and your groom. Who wouldn’t want that?

Having an outdoor wedding can be more practical than paying expensive fees for your dream church. You can use that to set up some chairs, a red carpet, flower arrangements, and even a gazebo for your special day. Moreover, you can have it near your wedding reception to speed up the order of events and make it easier for your guests to move from one venue to another.

While some religions allow this, some could be a little bit stricter than others. For example, the Catholic Church doesn’t allow outdoor weddings because of its sacredness. But, there’s a loophole for that. You can get married in the church with just the witnesses such as your parents and a handful of relatives. You’ll probably spend significantly less doing this since you wouldn’t need flower arrangements and all. Then you can spend the rest of your budget for your outdoor wedding.

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Cut the guest list

Are you planning to invite everyone you know to witness your wedding? You might want to rethink that. One of the common horror stories at most weddings is that guests start to leave after they’ve eaten at the reception, leaving the venue an empty hall.

If you want to have an intimate wedding reception and the guests to stay all throughout, you might want to cut the guest list. Only include the people who truly love you and want to be a part of your marriage like your family and dearest friends. Limiting your guest list is also one way to make your wedding a little bit more affordable since you don’t have to spend so much for wedding invitations, favors, and catering.

But if your guest list can’t be cut, then you need to choose a bigger venue that can accommodate more people, like The Tent. It has three halls that can house 300, 500, and 1,000 pax at a time. All you have to do is make slight design and ambiance changes to make it a little bit more personal and keep the intimacy of your dream wedding reception.

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Have a brunch wedding

Another small and unique wedding idea is to hold a brunch wedding. It’s a little bit more casual than your usual wedding reception, which could mean better bonding with your relatives and friends. Think of it like a garden party. You can have this held at the stately Casa Real and its elegant garden, and then have the reception at the upper ground floor.

While some may think that you have less time for bonding, having a brunch wedding actually does the opposite if you have planned a post-reception party. The time between late afternoon and dusk will give you and your guests enough time to rest, freshen up, and get changed for a long night of partying. Who can say no to that?

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Skip on the extras

Do you really need that luxury bridal car or to stay at a five-star hotel for your preparation? Why not save money by skipping on the extras? You can still have an intimate wedding and reception even if you don’t spend extra for those. Instead of renting a luxury vehicle for your bridal car, why not use your own (or your family’s) car? There are also cheaper alternatives to get such as a vintage Volkswagen Beetle, which still has an appeal until this day.

As for where you could prepare, instead of booking an expensive five-star hotel, why not rent a condo for a day? There are plenty of condominiums with events places available on DMCI Homes’ Leasing Services such as Casa Real in Taguig, which can seat around 70 to 80 people. It costs around Php17,000 to around Php28,000, depending on the package and season you book. It is, however, probably one of the best wedding reception venues in our book thanks to its stunning 1930s architectural design.

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Go for the unconventional route or venue

Are you still searching for an affordable wedding venue in Manila? One small wedding reception idea is to hold it at home. Well, that is if you have a rather spacious house. Instead of spending on booking a venue, you could allocate it on other more important stuff such as the catering or maybe your honeymoon. Still, wouldn’t it be nice to have it somewhere special?

While there are plenty of small intimate wedding venues in the Philippines, DMCI Homes Leasing Services has quite a handful of affordable wedding venues near Makati perfect for that. The Iris Observatory seems like a romantic place to have your reception or even a proposal (if you haven’t popped the question yet). Since it’s conveniently located at the top of Tivoli Garden Residences, you can dance under the stars or inside the room that can fit 50 to 60 people for just Php8,000 to Php10,000.

In case these venues are booked already or if you need a bigger party place, you can opt to have your reception at Heliconia Function Room. This place can accommodate 70 to 

100 people with the same rate of the Iris Observatory, which is just Php8,000 to Php10,000.

If you’re still having trouble searching Manila for an affordable wedding reception, it shouldn’t be hard to choose from DMCI Homes Leasing Services’ event venues. There’s a place that fits every kind of budget and for every kind of wedding theme. And with these small, intimate wedding ideas, you’re sure to find and have the perfect night with your loved ones.