Choosing a condominium may be too much to handle especially with so many things to consider. Even if it’s your first time or the nth time, there are factors and necessities, which greatly affects your decisions as a condo renter or buyer. You check the space, the location of the building to your workplace, credibility of the developers, and the like. Why do you do this? Well, that's simple, you would not want to live in a house that would take you two long hours to get to your workplace or live in a cramped up closet-like room and still pay a fortune for it right?

Before you sign that thick bundle of paper, you probably have to know what to check out in renting or buying that condo. Below is a list of 11 things that matter most condo renters and buyers so let's get to it, shall we?

1. Location is All About Convenience and Strategy

Before choosing the condo to rent or buy, consider its proximity to your work and other commercial districts. Most condo renters deem it important to have the condo at a strategic location, which means it is, near highways and main roads where transportation is available. This way, you are saving your time, money and avoiding unnecessary costs of travel.

2. A Good-sized Kitchen

Having a good-sized kitchen is essential for most condo buyers and renters. It does not need to have a big size like that of a separate room but enough space to let you move around especially if you intend to host parties for your friends. This is considered important because most often than not, the typical condo in the Philippines have the kitchen and the living room attached together. In this light, you should work on creative ideas to set-up bigger space for your condo and buy kitchen appliances of the right size enough to fit your kitchen and to cook dishes for your guests.

3. Space is Everything!

Do not settle for a cramped up condo for rent. With hard work and enough time to compare and do oculars, you may find a rent-to-own condo with the perfect space and condo layout. Do ocular visits to different condominiums within your area of choice. Do not settle for pictures sent through your email or those shown in websites. Seeing the condo layout first-hand is everything for those who want to invest in a condo.

4. Clear Condo House Rules and Regulations

Condo renters and buyers check the house rules and regulations to check if they are up to their preferences and way of life. Most of the time, renters fail to check these and learn that the different regulations are not agreeable to their lifestyle after signing the contract. This makes their condo living miserable.

5. Ask About the Fees

You may have read the different fees that come with owning a condo and it’s no joke. Ask your landlord about the maintenance fees and the other fees that come with it. Clear it out before signing the contract. Most condo owners who go into leasing their condo unit lays down a contract which states the fees clearly and is shown to the condo administrative staff for confirmation.

6. Ensure Your Insurance

Remember that if you are planning to invest in a condo, you do not have to purchase a homeowner’s insurance. It is the developer who buys and pays for the insurance. As a buyer and renter, it is your duty to ensure that the insurance policy of your association covers the necessary damages like fire and/or electrical damages, if any.

7. Security Seals the Deal

Ask the security measures within the condominium. An excellent security system and staff is the deal breaker in most condominiums.

8. Neighbor Relations May Make or Break Your Condo Lease

Neighbors are also a crucial part in choosing the condominium to rent or buy. Most buyers would want a safe and quiet living environment so neighbors play a crucial role. To avoid the nuisance of having unpleasant and rowdy neighbors, visit your prospect unit at different days and times so you may assess the types of people who live there. It’s not being picky; it’s being a good buyer.

9. Picking the Right Floor

condo rights and responsibilities 3

Photo courtesy of DMCI Homes

The right floor is also one of the things that matter most to condo renters and buyers. Depending on their age, most older condo hunters prefer lower floors than higher ones. However, it should also be noted that sometimes you are left with no choice of picking floors because some condos reserve certain floors only for leasing.

10. Do Not Forget about Parking

If you own a car, then this should top your priority. With the current set-up of condominiums in the Philippines, most of them charge a different amount for parking spaces while others have free parking slots which come with owning a condominium. Never assume that there are free parking slots, always ask first to avoid the hassle of looking for a secure parking lot.

11. Amenities Adds up to the Overall Condo Experience

Flair Towers

Flair Towers, DMCI Homes

Amenities make your condo experience to a whole new level. Ask for the available amenities like swimming pool, gym, basketball courts, or laundry services before purchasing a condo unit. You may ask for the list from a leasing agency or consult their website for the complete list with photos.

If you are the type who does not like checking and reevaluating things, well you might want to change that. Purchasing your own condominium is one major investment so you have to choose wisely. Consider checking websites online like that of DMCI Homes or check with the Property Management Office for other details regarding your condo purchase. With all these things in check, you might just get the best deal for your hard earned money and less the stress and frustrations from noisy neighbors to sky-high fees!