There's a reason why some people keep their belongings at a minimum: it's easier to move from one home to another. But if you're among those who can't fit their possessions in one suitcase, changing residence can be distressing. Alma has every reason to move out of her apartment. She risks the safety of her car parked on the street because she doesn't have a parking space. Her village has a poor drainage system, resulting to regular flooding. She's been eyeing a condo for rent near her office. Condo living, she thought, could relieve her of the stressors in the city. However, there's one thing holding her back from moving out — the hassles of relocating to a new home.

Is it possible to make moving out a little less overwhelming? Definitely. Aside from condo relocating hacks, you just need a systematic way of doing it. Here are 9 tips for an easy move to your new condo.

Visit your new home twice or thrice before moving in

Preparations Moving Out Visit Your New Home

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Is this your first time moving to a condo? You may need to let go of some of your stuff if you're relocating to a smaller home. Inspect your new home before moving in to take pictures of each room. This will give you an idea whether your dresser and duchess chair will fit in your bedroom. Take measurements of the windows for the type of curtain treatment as well as the living room wall if you plan to install floating shelves instead of bringing your own bookshelf. Don't forget to check provisions for a home security system. This is one of the essential things you should know when moving to a new home. It's advisable to change locks and deadbolts, just ask permission from your landlord before boring holes.

Clean up your new home before moving in

Preparations Moving Out Clean up your New Home

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The actual day of your move is not the time to scrub the floor. Do the house cleaning ahead. It's very likely that the landlord will have the entire unit prepared for your move, but you may want to put your “personal touch” by scrubbing the bathroom floor or polishing the kitchen counter yourself. This is also your chance to do minor renovations, with your landlord's consent, such as the installation of hanging rods, shelves, and changing of locks.

Other errands prior the big day

Preparations Moving Out Errand Prior to Big Day

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Does your condo unit include provision for internet, landline, and cable TV connection? Chances are, you'd need to request for the transfer of your subscriptions to your new address. Transferring internet and landline from one residence to another can take at least a week. Most cable companies set a service expectation of 2 weeks to transfer to a new address. Start calling your service providers as early as you can. You wouldn't want to end up disconnected for weeks especially if you need these for work.

Create a blueprint of every room

Preparation Moving Out Create Blueprint

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A blueprint of your new home can help you relocate easier. You can do a sketch of each room on a piece of paper and decide where to place furniture pieces and appliances. Keep in mind the ceiling-to-floor measurement in case you're planning to bring large items such as chandeliers or cabinets. When Patricia was moving to her new condo, she failed to create a blueprint beforehand. She ended up unloading her extra stuff, with extra charge for the moving company, after realizing her all stuff couldn't fit her tight space.

Do an accounting of your possessions

Preparation Moving Out Do an Accounting

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It's highly probable that you won't be bringing all your belongings to your new home, unless you're a minimalist you own only a handful of essentials. To save time and energy packing and unpacking, make a list of the furniture, appliances, and items you'll be taking with you. Do a list for each room in your home. This is also an opportunity to unclutter your life. Maybe it's time to downsize your huge collection of jogging pants? Still holding on to your college notebooks? Donate books that you know you'll never get to read.

Check out the services of relocation specialists

Preparation Moving Check Relocation Specialist

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Have you ever heard of movers or moving companies? These firms usually service expats moving to another country. They offer relocation services, from the packing of items to registration of an expat's mobile number. There are moving companies that provide services within the Philippines. Try googling them. Movers are especially convenient if you're moving from the province to Metro Manila. Ask if they also provide packing services. Relocation specialists know the best way to safely pack large, heavy, and fragile items.

Pack per room and label each box

Brothers Jon and Albert made the mistake of not having any sort of system in packing their stuff. They filled their boxes with every item on which they could get their hands. Jon packed the bed sheets with the kitchen utensils, while Albert just threw in random items in the boxes. The brothers ended up with broken plates, damaged appliances and long hours unpacking and arranging items in each room.

Assign boxes for every room and label them with reasonable specificity. The “bedroom box” may include bed sheets, pillow cases, and blankets. The “kitchen box” shall have all cooking utensils, pots and pans, and cutlery. The labels should indicate the items and whether they are fragile, needing extra care.

Send away unneeded items ahead of time

Preparation Moving Out Send Away Unneeded Items

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Since you're not taking everything with you, you should have separate boxes for those you're throwing away, selling, and donating. Label these as well accordingly. Deliver these boxes to their destinations before the actual day of moving out so you can focus on relocating to your new home. If you need more time to sell items, you may bring them with you or send them to a friend in the meantime.

Designate a recharging spot

Preparation Moving Out Recharging Spot

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On the day of moving into your new home, designate a “recharging spot.” This is your special escape whenever you need time off from all the stress around you. Keep your recharging spot intact throughout this entire relocating process. You can take a nap, enjoy a cup of hot tea or just take a breath in this area.

Moving to a new home is not a walk in the park. You may need to take a couple of days off from work to finish all your relocating tasks. Make the hassles worth it by choosing an address that will be your home for a long time. Consider a condo for rent in the Philippines.