It feels like January was just like yesterday. Now, everybody’s favorite season is here: summer! We’re sure most of you are looking to do some summer home maintenance so that your condo stays in tip-top shape even with the arrival of the sunny summer days.

Doing some home maintenance will not just benefit you by making your space cooler, you also get to lower other health risks such as heat stroke. After all, double-checking everything at home to be summer ready is one of the effective ways to beat the summer heat.

The Philippines is a tropical country and with the summer season, it is best to make sure you can keep the house cool. Use this checklist to help you in your summer home maintenance!

  1. Make sure your air conditioner is properly working

aircon condominiumPhoto courtesy of Pedro Sandrini via Pexels

Technology makes our lives easier, and air conditioners sure make our lives easier and cooler. But of course, machines will have its setbacks. That’s why it is important that all summer home maintenance projects give ample attention to air conditioning units.

Call professional help and get an air conditioning technician to inspect your unit. If they spot something, do not hesitate to pay for the necessary repairs. Aside from this, make sure to also have the filters of your air conditioning unit cleaned out to avoid putting strain on the unit.

If you find yourself having a hard time contacting a technician, you can talk to the property management officers in your condo community for assistance.

  1. Keep windows clean

windows flower cleanPhoto courtesy of Wery Shania via Pexels

Similar to air conditioners, windows contribute to how cool your condo is going to be come summer time. Since windows play a huge part in ventilation, for your summer home maintenance make sure that your condo’s windows are kept free of obstructions.

Make sure that the window screens are clean, inspect window hinges for damages, and even clean the window itself. The famous homemaker Martha Stewart suggested cleaning windows at a time where glass is not directly hit by sunlight. She also recommended an effective and all-natural window cleaning solution by using half-part water and half-part vinegar to clean windows.

All of these will definitely help prep your condo to be summer ready.

  1. Check your kitchen equipment

It is common knowledge that summertime brings about record high temperatures. It is the time where the kitchen is one of the hottest places in any home. When you mix the two, things can take a turn for the worse. This makes checking the kitchen vital in any summer home maintenance checklist.

It’s best to inspect the range hood (if you have one) above your stove since this will help bring down the temperatures inside your kitchen. Another thing you should pay attention to are the various types of equipment you are using. Many kitchen appliances are powered by electricity. It should be a habit to check the socket and wirings of these appliances to ensure no accident or damage will take place.

  1. Inspect faucets and showerheads

bath bathroom shower headPhoto courtesy of Pixabay via Pexels

The best way to combat the heat is through water. Some go to the beach, others indulge in long cold baths. Given this, it is best that you include inspecting showerheads and bathroom faucets for your condo’s summer home maintenance.

Upon inspecting, you’ll need to check for mineral deposits in both the shower heads and bathroom faucets as this can lead to several problems in your water drainage system. If ever you discover leaks in your water faucet, tighten the packing nut at the handle as it may just be loose. There is also a possibility of having damaged O-rings that just needs replacing.

If more problem ensues, don’t hesitate to call your DMCI Homes landlord to address the issues right away.

  1. Inspect and clean your refrigerator

In the kitchen, a lot of people tend to gravitate towards the refrigerator. May it be for food, drinks, or other snacks, the refrigerator is one place most people turn to for relief. In the summertime where cold drinks are necessary, your refrigerator should be in tip-top shape.

For your summer home maintenance, take time to inspect your refrigerator — is there anything unusual with the sounds coming from the unit, are the different settings functioning properly, are there leaks present, and so on.

It is also best that you organize and declutter your refrigerator every now and then so as to not put too much strain on the equipment.

  1. Inspect your smoke detectors

smoke detectorsPhoto courtesy of PublicDomainPictures via Pixabay

Since we are on the topic of gadgets, another device that you will need to pay attention to are smoke detectors. With the season turning towards the hotter side of the thermometer, there will be an increased chance for different accidents, specifically fires.

This is why you should also inspect your smoke alarms for your summer home maintenance. Since these devices are usually out-of-reach, it is also best that you clean the dirt build-up in your smoke alarms.

  1. Dust the fans at home

art ceiling fan colorPhoto courtesy of Amber Lamoreaux via Pexels

Another important gadget that helps keep your condo well ventilated are the fans — wall or ceiling. Since air conditioning units will eat through your bill if you decide to leave them on all the time, fans are a cheaper alternative in keeping you cool.

For your summer home maintenance, check if your fans are still operational and are free from defects — a loose bolt or a broken blade. It is also advisable that you maintain the direction of your fan so that it keeps your condo cool.

Some fans also have the option to change blade directions so if your fan has the option, change it to counter-clockwise to allow better circulation.

  1. Inspect fire extinguishers and fire alarms

container door emergency fire extinguishersPhoto courtesy of Oluwaseun Duncan via Pexels

This item in the checklist won’t really be found inside your condo unit but it still should be included in your summer home maintenance checklist. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

If you live in a condominium, you will notice that each floor will have its own fire extinguishers by the hallways. Check them out for any signs of damage and if you see anything unusual like dents, broken nozzles, missing or unsealed locking pins, or any sign of wear and tear. The same applies for fire alarms but make sure you do not accidentally set it off!

Though the heat continues to creep in, nothing beats the preparation you will have with the help of this checklist. So when summertime comes, your condo remains cool and comfortable. Even if it’s not summer, you can use this checklist to keep your condo in good condition.