The year is almost ending. Your fourth quarter calendar is likely full of yearend events, Christmas parties and family reunions in the coming weeks. For event organizers, hunting for a venue for rent can be a serious challenge. Discover a top-notch venue for rent in Taguig City perfect for both intimate gatherings and large corporate events.

DMCI’s The Tent, conveniently situated at Acacia Estates, has three halls—Halls A, B, and C—with floor areas that can accommodate 300 to 1,000 people. Each hall is equipped with an air-conditioning system, house lights, and clean comfort rooms. The rates, which vary per season, include security, electrical and maintenance services during your event.
Here are 10 events to host at The Tent.

Business conferences

business conferences

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The Tent is located at the heart of the metropolis, surrounded by business districts and commercial centers. It is an ideal venue for your next business conference. Hall C, which has a floor area of 1,909 sqm, accommodates 1,000 people. You can hold your annual awards ceremonies, product launches, and summits there.



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One of the top considerations in organizing any type of event is the cost. The cost is influenced by a number of factors including the season when you’re holding your event. The months of November and December are within the peak season when demand for an event venue is especially high. Thus, it’s recommended that you plan your events months ahead.

The Tent is a cost-efficient option for your financial literacy, business start-up, and other types of seminars. The 891 sqm Hall A is available for Php45,000 during the regular season) and Php55,000 during peak season for the first five hours. The rent includes access to pay parking slots for seminar attendees.

Fashion show

fashion show

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Location is a key success factor in any event. Traffic jams in the capital region is notorious and no one would want to spend hours traveling to attend a gathering (unless attendance is mandatory then, in this case, one has no choice).

If you’re in the hunt for a venue for a fashion show, The Tent deserves to be in your list. This event venue is located in the 150-hectare Acacia Estates in Barangay Usasan, Taguig City. It is a few minutes’ drive from Fort Bonifacio Global City, Makati CBD and C5 Road. Your guests don’t need to worry about traffic congestion and all the stress that comes with it.

Networking events

networking events

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You may have noticed small groups of people gathered in restaurants, coffee shops, and parks talking about business ventures. These networkers are everywhere, proving that face-to-face interactions remain relevant in this Internet age. Why not level up your networking events and hold it in The Tent? Hall A, which can pack 300 people, can be rented for Php55,000 in November and December. Impress your guests with the resort-style architecture of Acacia Estates and inspire success with the outdoor amenities overlooking your event venue.

Team building events

team building events

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Studies suggest that team-building activities facilitate effectiveness and boost organizational performance. More companies are recognizing the benefits of these interventions, thus the inclusion of out-of-town planning and social events in company calendars.

Hold your annual team-building event at The Tent. It is conveniently located near business districts, yet secluded from the noise and congestion of the metropolis. You can book Hall A for five to 10 hours. There are pay parking slots available to employees.

Trade expo

trade expo

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Between November and December, commercial establishments are busy accommodating cash-rich consumers. This is the period when employees receive bonuses and incentives, which are mandated by law and/or freely handed over by companies. This is the perfect time to organize a trade expo. You can hold a Christmas-themed expo featuring small businesses that produce goods in demand during the yuletide season such as decors or corporate giveaways. The Tent’s Hall C can pack 1,000 people at any given time for a lease of Php80,000 to 100,000 for five hours.

Themed parties

themed parties

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Whether it’s a Halloween party of a Christmas gala, The Tent suits any type of themed party you can think of. Why? First, the venue is accessible from main roads; second, it can fit 300 to 1,000 people, depending on your requirements; third, any theme is accentuated from the existing design of the venue; and finally, it includes security, electrical and maintenance services. The only thing you need to think about is the event itself.

Have a 30s-themed Halloween event or a Rock of Ages-inspired Christmas party complete with a live band and overflowing refreshments.



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A wedding is a milestone in a person’s life. No wonder brides and grooms go under immense stress preparing for this one-day event. If you’re in the middle of preparations, whether it’s your nuptials or someone else’s, The Tent is worth your consideration for venue.

The Tent is surrounded by Catholic churches including the Sto. Niño Church, Saint Ignatius of Loyola, and Saint Michael Parish. The Acacia Estates, where this superb venue lies, is home to resort-style condo communities where your guests can rent short-term accommodations. Inquire with the leasing office of Cedar Crest or Verawood Residences.

Debut and birthday parties

debut and birthday parties

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In recent years, young women are bending traditions in planning their debut, or 18th birthday celebration. Many are doing away with the cotillion and the formal dress code. The Tent can accommodate whatever theme you have in mind. You can go all-out with a fantasy world-inspired party or an 80s disco event.

Family reunions

family reunions

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The fourth quarter is nearly upon us. You better start scouting for private party venue in Manila before the competition for reservations tightens. Make this year extra special for your family by holding your annual reunion in The Tent. Hall A can accommodate as many as 300 people so there’s no worry making your large family comfortable during your event. You can invite a full band or organize a talent show for your uncles, aunts and cousins.

Whether you’re planning for an educational conference for your company or your sister’s wedding, The Tent is a venue you should consider. It is a cost-efficient option for different kinds of events for big venues such as trade expos and product launches. This DMCI development is also a grand choice for social gatherings like reunions and debuts. What are you waiting for? Book a hall today!

The rates for leasing The Tent have been updated. See the updated rates here:

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