Are you looking for a way to escape the stress of the bustling city life? Living in Tivoli Garden Residences is the best decision for your condo living. Enjoy the splendor of a community that combines resort-style amenities with spacious living areas offered by DMCI Leasing Services.

It's easy to forget you're in the middle of a bustling metropolis when you've secured a unit in Tivoli Garden Residences for rent. Its sophisticated tropical condo architecture is complemented by the convenience of city life. Expect high-quality facilities that tenants and their guests can use. Enjoy the small gardens throughout the property, as well as a gazebo/cabana and a lovely sky garden. If you need to relax and clear your mind after a hard day at the workplace.

How to escape stress in your Tivoli Garden Residences condo for rent

DMCI Homes offer ways for you to destress while you're having the best condo unit in Tivoli Garden Residences. Here are the 9 ways how renting a unit in Tivoli Residences can help you escape from stress:

1. Sleep better

A condo with excellent amenities and fully-furnished spaces can actually improve your sleep. Rent a fully-furnished unit and you’ll definitely be in for a treat as this also gives you a good night’s sleep and even improved memory.

Tivoli Garden Residences’ Heliconia and Hibiscus units are fully-furnished and designed to give you a healthier and more relaxing environment for the duration of your stay. A fully-furnished unit already offers two bedrooms. We make certain that our clients experience a hassle-free move-in with convenience, safety, and comfort.

man on a treadmillPhoto courtesy of William Choquette via Pexels

2. Exercise

Having access to gym equipment and other recreational activities can help your mind and body ease into total relaxation. With daily exercise and a condo unit that provides complete gym amenities, you get to boost endorphins and distract yourself from more stressors.

Tenants have access to a fully equipped gym at the Tivoli condo. What’s even better is there are no additional fees for membership or transportation. You won't have to deal with the sun or rain throughout your commute because it's right in your condo neighborhood.

Amenities include, but are not limited to:

  • Badminton Court - Where you can play badminton other sports activities
  • Multi-purpose Court - For gathering people; event purposes
  • Lap Pool - For swimming
  • Fitness Gym - Where you can exercise


Charming woman doing lotus pose in naturePhoto courtesy of Monstera via Pexels

3. Breathe easy

Meditation helps in finding your inner serenity. With the tranquil view and comfort of the open lawn, you can definitely seize your inner peace throughout the day.

If your morning routine includes meditation, the Tivoli Garden Residences have an open lawn and a gazebo that you can bask in. The goal is to breathe more efficiently by slowing your breathing, taking in more oxygen, and reducing the use of shoulder, neck, and upper chest muscles while breathing.

4. Spend time with friends and family

One great way to escape from stress is by having quality time with your friends and family. Living in a modern tropical condo in Manila with lifestyle amenities has advantages, including a wide selection of recreational options for the entire family.

The clubhouse at the Tivoli condo has a children's recreation area, a kiddie pool, and a jogging/biking route. Whether you are an adult with kids or a professional who’s always on the go, you won’t have any excuses to spend time with your friends and family in your unit.

Woman in Yellow Long Sleeve Shirt Lying on CouchPhoto courtesy of cottonbro via Pexels

5. Read books and get lost in the story

With a sky lounge and picnic grove, bookworms will surely love the units in Tivoli Residences. If you’re a bookworm yourself, you get to enjoy the serene environment that stimulates your brain and increases your relaxation.

Prepare a list of literary authors and books to binge on as you revel in the Sky Lounge area. These green spaces are also great if you are working on something or you simply just want to get lost in a great story from the book you’re reading. Whatever enjoyment it is, Tivoli Residences are perfect for you.

Person in White Long Sleeve Shirt in Front of Vinyl RecordPhoto courtesy of RF Studio via Pexels

6. Listen to music

Music can be used as a therapeutic tool to not only reduce stress but also promote healing and improve your overall emotional well-being. Listening to music provides additional benefits for people with anxiety and can overall reduce stress.

Here at Tivoli Garden Residences, we offer a music room studio that will let you play and listen to the music you like to help you calm down and relax from all the tense feeling of stress that has been eating you all week.

Chill and relax at Tivoli Garden Residences’ music room and listen to the music that speaks to your soul, to upbeat music and dance away the worries, or to a slower tempo that can quiet your mind and relax your muscles making you feel soothed while releasing the stress of the day.

7. Take time to enjoy and just watch movies in your condo

Take time to enjoy and watch movies in your condo’s entertainment room. Playing video games is known to increase the part of the brain associated with muscle control and improve your decision-making ability that you can also use in real life! Faster decision-making is beneficial in real life especially when faced with the everyday hustle and bustle of work life.

At Tivoli Garden Residences, spend time with your loved ones, children, and family by playing video games in the comfort of your condo home.

men resting on boulder with computerPhoto courtesy of Armin Rimoldi via Pexels

You can also watch your favorite movies whether it be a horror movie to rile up your nerves, an action movie to amp up your adrenaline, or a slice of life movie to relax and enjoy with your loved ones. All of these can be done in the comfort of your condo home.

8. Write everything down in a journal

Are you fond of keeping a journal with you? With journaling, you can write down your thoughts and manage your stressors. The Tivoli Garden Residences units have a roof deck and sky patio where you can let your mind run free with a beautiful backdrop.

With a calm space and a quiet environment, writing down your ideas and feelings seems more enjoyable. Journaling gives you a better mood as simple as putting down your ideas and feelings to better comprehend them. Keeping a journal is beneficial if you suffer from stress or anxiety. It can assist you in gaining emotional control and improving your mental health.

Get to enjoy the wonders of journaling in Tivoli Garden Residences. In fact, the picnic grove is perfect to have a friend come over for a pizza as you write.

9. Accessible to the city life

Sure, you’re looking for a place to escape the bustle of everyday life, but Tivoli Residences are also about bringing closer opportunities to you while you relax into your being and live the best out of Tivoli condo life.

In recent years, Mandaluyong has grown into its own commercial powerhouse. Located in Mandaluyong City, Tivoli Residences is accessible to center of the city's major economic districts such as Makati, Ortigas, and BGC. Since malls and other businesses are close to your position, you don't have to think twice about shopping or doing your groceries.

With DMCI Homes Leasing, renting in Tivoli Garden Residences means you'll get to enjoy a laid-back atmosphere with access to all the amenities you'll need for a worry-free, fast-paced life.

Making the most out of a staycation does not have to be going outside and driving for hours and hours away from home. In Tivoli Residences, you can get the best of a vacation with excellent amenities at affordable rates.

Are you ready to escape from the confines of urban spaces? Rent a condo in the Tivoli Residences now. Tivoli Gardens is a tranquil Metro Manila apartment for rent with resort-style amenities.

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