For a busy millennial, Mandaluyong City is the best place to live. The bustling city lies at the center of the capital. It’s a few minutes away Makati, Pasig, San Juan, and Manila. Stand on top of a roof deck and you’ll see several cities at one glance. A condo for rent in Mandaluyong offers all the conveniences you’d need from urban living—accessibility, convenience, and comfort.

convenience and comfort

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Tivoli Garden Residences for rent is a resort-inspired accommodation in Mandaluyong City. Its tropical condo design is an instant escape from the hustle and bustle of urban living. Explore 9 reasons why this condo community is perfect for you.

Green spaces to clear your mind

Looking for a condo for rent in Manila is no longer that difficult. Real estate developers, including DMCI, are eager to meet the rising demand for affordable condo units in the capital. The challenge is choosing a condo community that offers everything you need.

spaces to clear your mind

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In Tivoli Gardens, it’s easy to forget that you’re living in a bustling city. Its modern tropical condo design is complemented with lifestyle amenities freely available to tenants and their guests. There are pocket gardens in common areas, a gazebo/cabana and a charming sky garden. If you need quiet moments after a long day in the office, these green spaces can help you relax and clear your mind.

Staycation at its best

staycation at its best

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Not everyone of us has time for out-of-town trips to decompress. Tivoli Gardens is a relaxing condo for rent in Metro Manila that features resort-style amenities. Take a dip at the leisure pool or enjoy a good book by the pool deck whenever you want. On weekends, you can also invite your family and friends for water games in the interactive water play area or an afternoon picnic in the open lawn/picnic grove.

A tropical residence near your office

tropical residence near your office

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Where to find a tropical-themed condo in Manila? DMCI’s condo communities are found in nearly all cities in the capital region. In Mandaluyong, you don’t need to look further. Tivoli Gardens is strategically situated along the boundaries of Mandaluyong and Makati. You can spare yourself from the cost and hassles of commuting by choosing this residential community. Tivoli Gardens is a 15-minute walk to Ayala Avenue and one jeepney ride away from the nearest MRT station.

Modern tropical interior design inside your home

Studies show that living near green spaces such as gardens and parks can boost your physical and mental health. However, most areas in Metro Manila are too crowded that there are barely packets of nature anywhere. What’s the easiest solution for you? Choose a modern tropical condo for rent.

Aside from the resort-style design of buildings and common areas, you also have the liberty to execute modern tropical interior ideas in your home. You can have a mini herb garden in your kitchen or a vertical flower orchard in your balcony. Explore many condo design tips that incorporate natural elements.

Enjoy natural light and air

The benefits of natural light and airflow do not only include good health for yourself. They can also help you lower your utility bills. Who needs fluorescent lamps when you have natural light?

enjoy natural light and air

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Tropical and comfortable condo living will not be complete without access to natural light and air. Tivoli Gardens is equipped with DMCI’s Lumiventt design technology that “allows ambient light and fresh air to permeate the building and all unit spaces within.” The single-loaded hallways and garden atriums give an appearance of space and airiness that will remind you of a vacation destination.

Safe recreational fun for your kids

Your child’s safety is top priority. Due to the lack of secure open spaces in urban areas, most parents keep their kids within the four corners of their homes with a tablet in hand. One important advantage of living in a modern tropical condo in Manila is the wide range of recreational amenities for the entire family. Tivoli Gardens features a children’s recreation space in the clubhouse, a kiddie pool, and a jogging /biking path. No need to worry about letting your children frolic under the sun.

Healthier lifestyle made easy

healthier lifestyle made easy

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Tropical home decorating ideas are hot trends today. The presence of houseplants help clear indoor air and relax the mind. Elements of nature, whether in the color palettes or decors, are not only for aesthetics, but also for one’s mental health. Aside from the healthful interior design, one of the condo living hacks you should learn is adapting a more holistic lifestyle. Since you’re living near your office, you’d have more time for other things such as cooking hot meals, exercising in the gym, and hanging out with your family.

All your needs within your reach

The changing climate is putting a toll on urban living. Each year, the country is battered by an average of 20 typhoons including super typhoons. During these days, or weeks, the city is practically paralyzed.

need within your reach

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Condo living is a relief from the burdens of harsh weathers. In Tivoli Gardens, there’s no need to brave strong winds and massive flooding. Everything you need are within your reach. There’s a fully equipped business center, a convenience store, a laundry shop, a spa and salon, and a snack bar.

Celebrate milestones in your condo community

Tivoli Gardens, like other premiere DMCI projects, is more than a residential address. It’s a community that lifts one’s quality of life. The tropical design of the buildings, common areas, and amenities exudes luxury that you can easily afford.

milestone in your condo community

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Share this with family and friends by holding your events in the clubhouse or pool deck. Tivoli Gardens’ clubhouse include a lounge area, entertainment room, a function hall, and function rooms. Your guests will love the Instagram-worthy views in your condo community!

Condo living is a top housing choice for a growing number of Manila residents, Filipinos and foreigners. No wonder the capital’s skyline is being dominated by majestic condo buildings. If you’re choosing a city to live in, consider the Tiger City. In picking a new home, choose Tivoli Gardens.